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  1. He deserves a high five if he suits up this week. That's a painful injury.
  2. Was it his choice to actually wait until Monday to go speak with them? I just assumed that they told him to show up on Monday. If that's the case, he probably should have went straight there. Either way, he has still been in Baton Rouge so they could have picked him up at any time if needed. The article posted above also claims that Collins was in New Orleans when the crime occurred. But I agree, it does suck for him. If he is in fact innocent, I hope the NFL does right by him.
  3. This whole situation is messed up. At this point in time, Collins isn't even a suspect. If the police aren't treating him as a suspect, why not wait until after the draft to put his name out there instead of basically ruining this kids life. He could have been drafted in the first round and because of this, the kid is untouchable. Unless the NFL knows something that the general public doesn't, I don't understand how or why they won't make an exception for this very unique situation and allow him to re enter the draft next year since he didn't get picked. His only chance to enter the 2016 draft was if someone took a chance on him and he refused to sign, and that didn't happen. His only option now is as an UDFA. I think this is going to cause him to lose a lot of money. The Baton Rouge PD and the NFL did this kid no favors and in my opinion, this is pretty sh¡tty thing to do to someone. All this, of course, is if he is innocent of this terrible crime. I've read that he has taken some type of lie detector test and passed. I guess we will find out more after he talks to the police on Monday and after he takes a paternity test.
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