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  1. I didn’t watch every play of the game, but what I was seeing was all coverage sacks. The line was giving Ryan the 2-3 seconds he would need to pass if someone was open. He was holding the ball a ton.
  2. I think the lesson with Terrell is don’t let one highly watched game affect how you view a player’s entire career. It seems way too many people allowed what happened in the national championship game color their entire evaluations of Terrell and that was just not the whole picture.
  3. I think you may be reading too much into that. I would guess the Falcons have spots for people like Webster and Emery because they need some stability and those guys have already been to a higher place, they aren't looking to go any higher anymore, and are just going to do their jobs. You need some old timers who aren't looking for the next gig to keep things going once your younger staffers start moving around. You can't have all 30-year-olds because they're going to bounce around once someone else offers them another $1,000 per year. I would think for hiring a new GM and not just middl
  4. I didn't know the name George Paton before right now but Minnesota is a personnel tree people haven't talked about much and they have been a good drafting team for a while.
  5. Ryan may have a nice familiarity with Koetter's passing game, but he has to recognize he needs more out of the running game that is probably never going to come from Koetter.
  6. Not every player in a rebuild is a keeper. The 76ers didn't keep Nerlens Noel nor Jalil Okafor. Collins is obviously better than both them, but he's in line for a significant raise and might not be worth it.
  7. Overall I'm glad it seems the Hawks stuck to their board and selected BPA. I don't know if John Collins is a keeper or a goner but the team hasn't won anything so no one's spot is safe. You have to keep acquiring talent. I'm also really glad they didn't trade the pick for established low ceiling veteran help.
  8. Jenkins was lousy, Trufant had a 2nd round career as a 1st rounder, and I'll ride or die Weatherspoon was awesome in 2011-2012 but was never the same after the 2013 injury.
  9. Obviously every team misses and as I said the Saints are overall doing an excellent job. I'm mostly pointing out how the Saints misses have been compound misses that involve 2-3 picks and not just one. They do so well with their other picks that staying put and using all their picks would have been smarter.
  10. But longevity doesn't help you win a championship. You're better off with someone like Demarco Murray who is capable of singular monster seasons than Ingram who peaks at "solid" but is consistent.
  11. I know no one wants to talk about how good the Saints are. Obviously they're a really good team and have been one of the best and most consistent teams in the NFL the last 4-5 years. What's kind of amazing to me is how good they have been despite making some really idiotic draft trades that seemed doomed from the beginning. 2011 The Saints draft Cameron Jordan at #24 overall with their own 1st round pick. He's had an excellent career. But then they got greedy and traded back into the 1st round to select Mark Ingram at #28. They traded their 2011 2nd round pick (#56) and their 2012 1
  12. The Saints played him at CB as a rookie but it was fairly widely discussed by the draft community before he was drafted he would likely need to move so FS.
  13. You don’t always know who is a true safety in college. You may have a mid level or lower quality team where you have a NFL caliber safety and a bunch of future UPS drivers in the DB room and the coach decides his best option is playing the NFL safety at CB because everyone else is worse than him. Not every team is LSU and Alabama where players can play their natural positions.
  14. I don’t follow all the current NFL players the way I used to but not long ago I would have named Devin McCourty, Eric Weddle, Jairus Byrd, Tyvon Branch, and Malcolm Jenkins. Of new players rookie sensation Julian Blackmon played a lot of CB at Utah.
  15. A lot of NFL safeties played CB in college. Most just convert before they ever really play in the pros so you don't think about it.
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