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  1. He's in my top 5 for prospects I would pick at #14 without trading back.
  2. I wouldn't pay him more than I was paying Derrick Shelby.
  3. I’ve yet to study him but none of the Alabama offensive linemen have been as good in the NFL as in college.
  4. I’m thinking Preston Smith would get a Sanu level contract that would seem slightly excessive and then in a few years of cap raises would seem like a good deal.
  5. I like Fowler ok but I worry as a former top 5 pick he’s going to get overpaid and I don’t want to overpay him. I like Preston Smith as someone just as young but who will likely be paid the right number relative to his production.
  6. 5-foot putts are easy but professional golfers miss them every day. There is still error involved in easy things.
  7. This is a great point. I'm generally against spending big money on running backs, but Freeman got extended in old money during a time when the salary cap was rapidly rising. His deal was pretty affordable, especially since he was a mid round pick and didn't get a 1st round premium.
  8. The 2016 Falcons had plenty of games they didn't run very well. They lost most of them but won enough to stay above water. Week 4 vs CAR: 21 rushes, 76 yards (Falcons win 48-33) Week 8 vs GB: 17 rushes, 81 yards (Falcons win 33-32) Week 14 at LAR: 25 rushes, 66 yards (Falcons win 42-14) That's the basic difference between a good season and mediocre. You win a few games where you're not playing your best. Additionally, few of the good rushing games were built on 30-40 carry 4.5 YPC grinders. Most were built on 10 carry 70 yard days by Freeman or Coleman where they just busted a few long ones.
  9. While those numbers in the original post are legitimately terrible, the best defenses are the best defenses because they're really good and shut down everyone. The Falcons definitely need to upgrade the running game, and offensive line in particular, but they are still going to struggle against the top defenses. The best strategy rather than building the biggest hammer you can is to use playcalling to run in more favorable situations and pass in more favorable situations and additionally use your defense to make plays so running the ball is less important.
  10. But but but Gurley!!!!
  11. Long story short coming out of Penn State everyone thought he would be best at RT or OG. The Bucs have played him at LT and while he hasn't been great, they haven't had to move or bench him. So if the Falcons were to sign him, they're getting a player with the size to play RT or OG and good enough feet to be a lower level starting LT, which is very good for a RT or OG.
  12. Sure but it's extremely likely the Suh/Donald combo was a one year thing. They can't keep paying both of them that much. If the Falcons sign McCoy it's likely for two years max until Neal and others start needing extensions.
  13. That's kind of what I'm thinking. He turns 31 in a few weeks. I'm thinking his market is roughly 3 years $30 million and completely cuttable after 2 years.
  14. I don't like this at all. All the players I want are already selected and I'm not too excited about anyone after the Falcons pick. If I were running things, I would trade down like a mother to the range that Erik McCoy, Elgton Jenkins, and the next bunch of offensive linemen start getting picked.
  15. You are correct it's about athleticism more than size. Mike Shanahan drafted Trent Williams #4 overall and he's huge but extremely athletic. It's extremely common to say colleges don't teach offensive linemen anymore but many of the best blockers have come from college spread offenses and been good quickly in the pros. Urban Meyer has been producing some of the best linemen for the last decade plus. Most of the Alabama linemen have been disappointing. You are correct there is a cost factor. With the salary cap and slotted draft picks, you simply can't afford premium resources into every position group on your team. The ZBS allows you to save your high picks and big money for other positions by not using them on interior linemen. But obviously at a certain point if it gets to be enough of a problem you have to do something.