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  1. The average offensive line is stuffed 18-19% of the time, which is better than 21%, but not much. Defenses get paid, too. Failure is a part of sports.
  2. I don't normally get bent out of shape about these kinds of rankings but Armstead is the one questionable decision that jumped out at me.
  3. I was agreeing with you in response to the post you quoted.
  4. On the one hand it's no guarantee Fowler gets more than the 8 sacks Beasley had last year, so if that is all you're looking at you could be disappointed. But Fowler is a real football player who plays hard every play so on all the plays he isn't getting sacks he is still going to be doing something where Beasley pretty much does nothing on the plays he doesn't get sacks.
  5. How many other teams have missed the playoffs the last two seasons and aren’t a serious favorite to do it a third season?
  6. This thread is not saying that running the ball isn’t important. If you are able to run the ball, keep running the ball and you’re probably going to win. This thread is about not “committing” to the run even when it isn’t working. That’s a waste of time.
  7. I think this is kind of the point. For the most part teams that are good at stopping the run in the 1st quarter remain good at stopping the run in the 4th quarter and teams that are bad at stopping the run in the 1st quarter remain bad at stopping the run in the 4th quarter. There may be random games here and there where everyone's favorite narrative of wearing down the defense comes out, but most of the time you are who you are.
  8. The biggest factor in rushing attempts is 3rd down conversion. If you don't convert 3rd downs, you punt and can't keep running. The most important factor in 3rd down conversion is your QB and OC. You can be running the ball well but all it takes is one stuffed run and it's 3rd-and-5 and you need your QB to bail out the run game.
  9. No. A lot of players who are solid but no @$$ kickers playing at an elite level like a Jason Kelce/Trent Williams type. Blocking scheme and coaching is also very questionable.
  10. Never mind I thought this thread was about Harris.
  11. He literally does have bottom tier explosiveness. To become a 7-8 sack player, he is going to have to become a master of his technique.
  12. Treadwell was never a freak. That's why he couldn't break 4.6 in the 40. He's always been a player who "knows how to play the game".
  13. I think fans have very unrealistic opinions on how much defensive linemen "help" each other via blocking and gameplanning. The vast majority of the time the offensive line blocks just like they would against any other players or any other team. The OTs blocks the DEs and the Gs and C block the DTs. Both Brown and Davidson were good players and did good jobs beating the players trying to block them. It's not like opponents would put all 5 linemen on Brown and then Davidson would just have to beat a slot WR.
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