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  1. While Beasley did really well in the Combine benchpress (35 reps) he clearly didn't play very strong on the field. Players of a similar size like Von Miller did much worse (21 reps) but are obviously significantly stronger on the field. I don't know how that relates to Chaisson but whatever he did on the bench at the Combine is meaningless.
  2. Campbell is not the type of player you "replace" with a 1st round pick. If you want to replace Campbell, you just go with Foye or use another mid round pick. In the ideal circumstance, Chaisson is like Beasley at his best.
  3. For most teams a mediocre base DE is a decent pass rushing DT.
  4. At this point there's no argument against Julio. He's been on two teams good enough to win the Super Bowl separated by 4 years.
  5. I agree with whichever posted said something about teams that got close. One can argue that most seasons there are 3-5 teams good enough to win the Super Bowl but then one teams gets hot or catches a break and then wins it. As a matter of team building, you should basically be striving to be one of those 3-5 teams and hope you seal the deal. Trying to draw huge conclusions off one team that may have gotten lucky isn't always beneficial. I don't feel it's terribly meaningful to look at players on one team one season and make conclusions. Any one player can be on one team for one season and be really good. If you're talking about 1st round picks and winning, what you want are multiple good seasons on good teams. Lots of 1st round running backs have one good season which his team rides him and they go far. But what you so rarely ever see is that happen two times. That's where you see the differences between running backs and other positions. When you start looking at year after year, you see other positions where the same players on the same teams keep winning, but the running backs cycle through every few years. That's why it is a poor investment.
  6. If a DT gets double teamed, it’s most often by the C and a OG. If an edge rusher gets doubled, it’s most often by the OT and either TE or RB. They don’t really have that much to do with each other. They play in different parts of the field.
  7. I've generally not been impressed with Fowler's career and concede he's definitely not a true front line player. But he's still only 25. It's possible he's still learning and just starting to figure things out. If he were a former mid round pick people would be a lot more forgiving of his trajectory.
  8. Considering the Bengals just franchised AJ Green, it would appear they are trying to keep their veteran players and not be too terrible this season.
  9. This is pretty common knowledge among anyone paying attention. However, when writing this in the context of not having the money to pay Hooper or Campbell, why is anyone so sure neither of them wouldn't be the next Beasley, Trufant, or Freeman?
  10. Tannehill has much more playmaking ability. My question is why spend big $ for a bottom 1/3 QB? Why not spend $5m for a Ryan Fitzpatrick type and use the extra $15m on other positions?
  11. Another former high pick whom Chaisson has a lot in common with.
  12. 5 years seems a little long for a player his age.
  13. I don't like trading picks this high when you're a team that hasn't made the playoffs in two years and you have no cap room. But at the least Hurst is under his rookie contract through the 2021 season.
  14. This should make everyone feel better when was the last time the Browns made a good free agency decision?
  15. I’m still not against Epenesa but would not want him at #16. I’d feel better about my risk by trading down and picking up extra picks.