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  1. Julio Jones was a 5-star prep recruit who went to the best college program in the country, was a top 10 draft pick, was a star as soon as he entered the NFL, and when his rookie contract was set to expire, he signed the richest ever extension for a player at his position. He has now made over $60 million. Ricardo Allen was a 3-star prep recruit who played football at a Big Ten engineering school no one else other than its alum cares about, was a 5th round draft pick, didn't play a snap his rookie season, made a position change, and has now has established himself as a solid-to-good starter. In his four years in the NFL, he's made about $2 million total.
  2. Someone who is ungodly talented and has been recognized as ungodly talented his whole life.
  3. This is why I don't like it when players of privilege like Julio Jones want more money. Those types of players had it easy. Guys like Allen have had to fight for everything they got.
  4. Meh I don't care about muscles. I want my safeties in the right place to begin with rather than having to blow up receivers who beat them.
  5. I normally side with players on money issues, but not this time. Julio has been treated really well. He was a top 10 draft pick so had a nice rookie salary and then when he got his extension he became the highest paid player at his position. So what if a few players have signed bigger deals since then? That is the sacrifice you make signing a long term deal. If he wanted to keep getting raises he could have signed 1-2 year deals and takent the risk of a career ending injury and getting nothing else. That's the trade off. Someone brought up Antonio Brown, but he's not a good comparison at all because he was a mid round pick who no one expected to be a superstar. He didn't really take off until his fourth season. He signed a very under the radar 5 year $40 million deal in 2012. He's closer to Ryan Schraeder, easily the most underpaid player not on his rookie contract on the team. Julio has no reason to complain. There are a lot of players on the team who have made a lot less than him that need to be taken care of.
  6. Letting Horford go was the right call. The Hawks had a good run with him but started to regress and it wasn't going to get better after having no high draft picks for close to a decade and not being a realistic destination for any big time free agent. It was time to start over. They weren't going anywhere with Horford being one of the highest paid players in the league into his mid-30s. The bigger problem for the Hawks was not trading Horford (and Millsap) for assets rather than losing him for nothing.
  7. He's gone in 2019. You can't pay everyone.
  8. Back to the original post, if the Falcons had the 3rd or 4th best draft in the NFL, I'd put it at a B+ or A- over a straight B.
  9. I always thought he was overrated, but you have to give it to him for playing this long.
  10. You're right I was looking at bad info.
  11. The biggest problem I see is the Falcons don't have a legit fat a$$ at DT on the roster. Last season they had Poe and Rubin. Jarrett and Senat are both on the smaller side for DT's and Crawford is just a big DE. I would like to see one player who goes more than 310.
  12. Maybe so but there's still a difference between JAG's who still get on the field and play and undrafted free agent/practive squad players.
  13. I don't see what Jarrett has done to move so far beyond Jernigan and Linval Joseph. One thing to consider is how later draft picks are just never seen in the same light as successful 1st rounders. Think about how surprised we all were at the very team friendly deal Ryan Schraeder signed for. If he had the exact same career as a 1st rounder, he would have gotten twice that.
  14. Randy McMichael is one of the best former football players on radio I've ever heard.
  15. I don’t think you can be a championship team with two rookies at DT. I assume the plan is to sign a low level vet.