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  1. It was an any given Sunday loss. The 2016 Bucs went 9-7. This Vikings team is coming off a 8-7-1 season. That Bucs team may not have been quite as deep as this Vikings team, but they had a lot of top end talent who all had great games against the Falcons. Jameis Winston was the #1 pick for a reason and he played like it that day. He went to the Pro Bowl that season. It's the best season he's had. Mike Evans is unquestionably talented. He had a big game. Austin Sefarian Jenkins is an extremely talented. He made a ridiculous catch in that game. Gerald McCoy is unquestionably talented. He had a good game. Lavonte David is unquestiobaly talented. He had a good game. Kwon Alexander is a notch below them but he's made a Pro Bowl and is highly paid now. He had a good game. If you've got six potentially dominant players like that and they all have good games, you're probably going to win.
  2. This season may be just fine but the 2016 game against the Bucs was not an anemic Falcons performance. The Falcons had a 10-3 lead after the 1st quarter and Matt Ryan was 27-39 for 334 yards and 2/0. The Falcons didn't get run on and didn't really get smoked that badly in pass defense. They just fell victim to Jameis Winston playing like Super Bowl Joe Flacco and making impossible throws look easy.
  3. 2018 all over again
  4. It's not unreasonable to still be positive. No matter how bad a loss it it's still only one loss and Quinn has shown precedent for being able to flip a switch and go on winning streaks before.
  5. Yeah I think about that game a lot and it doesn't make sense on paper but on the field the Bucs, who have always had good players, just played great, and the Falcons didn't even play that bad. Jameis Winston, who has all the physical talent in the world, was throwing darts like Super Bowl Joe Flacco.
  6. Nice. Just a hair over Kwon Alexander and a good bit less than CJ Mosely. I'll take it.
  7. I didn't have any specific opinions on Spellman as a prospect, but I didn't like the optics that it seemed the Hawks were seemingly projecting him into being a unicorn type player in Draymond Green and potentially not fairly evaluating him on his own merits. But really late 1st round picks like that are longshots so whatever.
  8. This season? I hope so but the rookies are going to face a learning curve and best case scenario they get it together mid season like the Colts. Beyond this season, as Lindstrom and McGary solidify themselves, it seems very likely Mack will decline or be gone. People forget Ryan has actually had very good lines at various points, with peak play in 2010 and 2016. It's not an automatic this line will be better than those units.
  9. Seems like a fair analysis by PFF and a fair explanation by Bradley.
  10. Yeah Deng made two All Star games. We might want better but one can certainly do worse.
  11. I haven't always been the biggest Julio superfan. I believe the top 5-10 WR's produce similar impacts. But you can't deny he's still performing at an extremely high level and has kept it going at a much higher level than the WR's who were similar to him 5 years ago like Dez Bryant and Demaryius Thomas.
  12. I hated him as a player but he seems like he is just fried. Darren Sharper is a sociopath. I don't think I would use that term with Winslow.
  13. Great deal for the Hawks. The Hawks must know either by design or by reality they aren't signing any max players this summer and Prince is JAG in the NBA.
  14. Does this mean we like PFF today?