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  1. This. He may be a good player for a long time but if the Falcons drafted him they’re no better than 5-8 right now.
  2. I’d give him the same money as Terrell McClain.
  3. I think "if he's cheap" means "I hope the rest of the league doesn't think he's too valuable, either, and he just chooses to play for Atlanta for cheap rather than some other team for cheap".
  4. You make a lot of good points in this thread but one thing I would respond is trading down is not always about getting lesser players. Sure, you're not going to get Khalil Mack or Roquan Smith trading down, but let's say you trade down and pick Jawaan Taylor and he's the next Shawn Andrews or Cody Ford and he's the next Alex Boone. Shawn Andrews and Alex Boone in their primes were about as good at what they do as Khalil Mack. There's still value in that.
  5. Everyone knows Kubiak loves the kind of under-drafted, undersized offensive linemen everyone on this board hates, right?
  6. Let's not forget the Falcons were on the verge of winning the Super Bowl in 2016 and were pretty good in 2017 because of those drafts. They knew they had a window and went for it and came pretty darned close. If they drafted a bunch of OL depth instead of Neal, Jones, and others, they would have gone between 7-9 and 9-7 the last three years and everyone would be complaining about picking players with no clear lanes to playing time while terrible players at S, LB, and elsewhere were playing every snap.
  7. Ansah has at times been a beast but for the money he could cost and the injury risk I'd rather shore up 2-3 positions with solid players.
  8. He's got some great tape but this is the one hole I see. He plays much higher than the other players on his line so I worry a shorter, strong rusher like Takk can get under his pads but at 340 lbs and not 310 lbs, he's got a lot of extra anchor to hold strong. I could see him being a player like Alex Boone.
  9. I have a hard time seeing him go that high. In a normal draft the first RT/OG goes 15-25. The exceptions are Lane Johnson #4, who people thought is good enough to play LT, Jonathan Cooper #7, who was just in a putrid draft, and Quenton Nelson #6, who was simply an other worldly prospect. I would pencil in Taylor 15-25 and if you can make a better case for Cody Ford, Lindstrom, or someone else to go higher, starter bumping down Taylor to 35-40. That's probably his floor.
  10. In order to win in the NFL you have to have a balanced team and you have to be able to get production out of at least one unit while investing minimal resources. One may say the Falcons should have invested in more linemen and fewer players on the perimeters, but if you're relying on the likes of Justin Hardy and Brian Poole to be your lead players, you're just going to be a bad team with a different problem. You could be the Tennessee Titans with a great offensive line and no firepower.
  11. Interesting thought about Raheem Morris as DC. He was going to be Jon Gruden's DC in Tampa in 2009 but then the Bucs canned Gruden and elevated him all the way to the top. He's from the same overall school as Quinn except from the main branch of Monte Kiffin and not the side branch of Pete Carroll.
  12. The two biggest contenders are Jacksonville and the Giants. After that you have to think about Denver, Washington if Alex Smith's career is over, and Tampa if they move on from Winston.
  13. Donald is the Charles Barkley of the NFL. He's 6'1" 285 lbs but plays like players 20-30 lbs bigger than him. He's one of a kind.