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  1. 17:40 starts the NFC South part.
  2. You realize the only thing they wouldn't be changing is just the case... So ya... That'd be very easy.
  3. He's a body to absorb snaps in preseason, I'd rather let him take the load off cause you know Free won't be out there
  4. That blitz that he didn't pick up would get Ryan killed, overall I know Guards are a net negative in terms of you're going to lose at that position, so for the most part he did great, but that was REALLY bad.
  5. I know highlights aren't everything, but I loved how many times I heard "on third down" and he was the target.
  6. Currently I would grade this draft as: D - Disappointing Now, grade wise I can't grade this draft yet because there are too many questions, this is the way I'll kinda scapegoat answer the question. The floor of this draft is absolutely an F given the players passed on to select the players we ultimately picked up, however if both our first rounders are solid contributors (top 10-15 at their position) then this draft could easily be an A. (to me getting 1 all pro in a draft makes it an A) As a fan I'm glad we picked offensive line, I'm just really not happy with who we picked and what we gave up to get them.
  7. 2014 OT Greg Robinson Auburn 9.4 9.3 2009 OT Lydon Murtha Nebraska 9.96 10 2015 OT Brian Mihalik Boston College 9.95 10 2006 OT Winston Justice Southern California 9.92 10 2004 OT Robert Gallery Iowa 9.91 10
  8. Look who liked your post and let's me know everything I need to know about you too.
  9. Beat our brains out with both of their first kicks picks and didn't give away anything to do it. Burns and Little, not looking good draft wise. Hopefully they can't play, but I'm not counting on that.
  10. Burns to Carolina is kinda scary
  11. Hmm...Signed how many Guards in the last 2 seasons and now we got another one? I'm very confused right now.
  12. Pick is in...Burns?
  13. That's a bummer, Wilkins gone. I wonder if we can trade back.
  14. if Miami doesn't take Haskins, might be getting some calls to trade down in front of WSH
  15. I'd love to see that happen