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  1. You've clearly never negotiated anything. Your level of stupidity is paramount no doubt. Have fun with that.
  2. Why does he have a job? He's literally been hot garbage in everything he's ever done. Makes absolutely no sense.
  3. Lawrence is a monster and truthfully I really like Oliver, but personally I'd rather have Lawrence. Moves so well for a big man and would give us something we haven't had in a very long time. I do think that Oliver provides a lot of run stoppage for a small DT, and while yes he still fits what we want to do, I'd rather lock up Grady and get something that we don't have by nabbing Lawrence. Can anyone explain to me how the Vic contract works? At what point can we get out from under this 5th year option and it not hurt us or has that already passed? I'm confused because I wonder if someone like Burns was there and we grabbed the edge player in the first instead of the DT could we get out from under Vic's 5th year and then pony up for Grady?
  4. Might wanna be right before you try to flame someone.

    For an old guy you sure aren't very wise.

  5. AMAZING! FREAKIN AMAZING!! I'm BEYOND excited to have him opposite Tru with Alford on the Nickel!
  6. Carolina gave up 2nd 3rd and 6th for that move.
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