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  1. You've clearly never negotiated anything. Your level of stupidity is paramount no doubt. Have fun with that.
  2. Why does he have a job? He's literally been hot garbage in everything he's ever done. Makes absolutely no sense.
  3. What a stupid attempt at circular reasoning. Ignored from this point forward.
  4. Does the sand in your vag hurt you that much?
  5. This offense is horrifying to watch. Just run the ball boys.
  6. Thanks DOC...oh wait...
  7. Defense is about disruption. The NFL is about making money. Offense sells tickets. 7 yards down field grabbing the WR not letting him out of his break causing him to fall is going to be a flag.
  8. You're right, we should teach our CBs to get called for PI on every play like that guy would have
  9. I love when people who have no clue what they're talking about post their opinions as if they're facts and try to be debbie downers on optimism and get egg all over their faces. This is one of the best threads on the forum for 2 posters in particular to just be exposed for how foolish they are in their hatred. Love Love Love this!
  10. He's the worst beat writer in the country, it's a joke that they keep him around. Dude can't speak, can't write, is ********.
  11. disgusting, in every aspect.
  12. 17:40 starts the NFC South part.
  13. You realize the only thing they wouldn't be changing is just the case... So ya... That'd be very easy.
  14. He's a body to absorb snaps in preseason, I'd rather let him take the load off cause you know Free won't be out there