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  1. I refuse to get in a battle of intellect with a unarmed Aint's fan. Go back and read the back and fourth I was not even originally speaking to you but I have no problem educating mentally challenged Aint;s fans I just hope the Aints organization has contacted a PLACE FOR MORE for the old Dink & Dunker. Yall just keep crying to the NFL maybe they will give you another Championship see *2009 for the biggest joke in the history of the NFL, thank God for Hurricanes and Opioids.... Btw nobody not even your old lady is anxiously awaiting your reply...
  2. If you were only as bada$$ as you think you are! Cornfed on the Cornbread typical Aint's fan....
  3. I'm old enough to eat cornbread without getting choked. Is that the best you can do? Thanks for the English lesson most Louisiana inbreeds can't do it! Is your life so pitiful you have to troll other teams message boards looking for pals? The Aint's board has probably banned you for life for acting like a d!ck.
  4. Why don't you post this crap about your classless QB who plays for the dirtiest organization in the NFL (see * next to 2009) on the mentally challenged Aint's board? No one on this message board gives a rats a$$ about old man Bree's with the exception of a few Aints nut huggers posing as Falcon fans on our Falcons message board, velocity is gone it won't be long now, just ask Peyton Manning. Go ahead and submit your video's to Dunkin Donuts if old Bree's the great fitness freak (is that a birthmark or his undeveloped twin brother located on his face) can become their spokesman since both
  5. I smell a closet Aint's fan! How soon we forget, as for the worst call in the history of the NFL what about SF's Bowman riding Roddy like a beech in heat with his arms pinned to his body at the end of the 2012 NFC Championship Game? All that B.S. about Bree's barely losing out to Mahonnes in MVP voting. What about your hero HOFer Bree's AFTER the P.I. call throwing up a air ball for a Int. because his noodle arm couldn't throw it out of bounds. It's ok to be a Aint's fan I guess but its weird as he!! to do so while calling yourself Atl Falcon on the Falcons message board.
  6. Suh better have a big ole lock for his locker with Jamis around... They should be looking for the best QB available in FA...
  7. Maybe he can replace Beasley, I've got like 12.8 million reasons!
  8. Thanks man that means a lot coming from you old bearer of threads...
  9. If the year was 1982 and the Falcons had the number 1 overall pick and there was no so thing as the USFL the Atlanta Falcons front office would not select Hershel Walker the greatest Bulldog in history, there's something mentally incompetent about our front office no National Titles in the modern day history! On the rare occasions we did select number # 1 overall they were cursed from the day they got here, its unphucking believable...
  10. That toxic waste dump has had more turds and dead chickens floating in it that their will ever be Aints Fans. That S...O...B... ought to be a SuperFund Cleanup site, **** unhook that abomination from the mooring turn it upside down and dump it in Lake Pontchartrain and maybe it will catch some of that shat water from all them beautiful turn of the city dumps made outta cardboard boxes and wooden pallets during the next flood instead of saturating the local drinking water supply with it just another example of your corrupt Democratic tax dollar's at work #MNOGA well you really can't cause they
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