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  1. WHAT IT BE HB3!? MAN!!!! So good to see some great peeps again.
  2. So funny that I'm a rookie on here....I posted on the first day of the AFMB...lol. Mister Pudding...let's start winning again first.
  3. Hi all! Missed chattin with my fellow DURTYBERZ.....how are y'all?!?!?! Oh, and this draft was one of my favorites EVERRRRRR! Eatin' a Jalapeño salad with Habanero dressing. #RISEUP
  4. Hi Old Friends! I have come out of hibernation to check in and give some thoughts on our 3 new dudes! AJ was a reach.....I think most of us can agree on that....but it fills a need with a long, fast CB that had 1 HORRIBLE game.... LOVE the kid from Auburn.....a near PERFECT fit. The dude was a MONSTER next to an exceptional partner on the DL....now he gets to play next to 97. 3rd round we get a swing-man who is extremely smart, and can play every position on the line in our ZB scheme....DEPTH OVERALL: A SOLID B....but that means nothing......
  5. I'm not really a YT dude...did a couple of vids a few years ago...just for some of the AFMB old-skoolers. Could not care less about likes....I'm about wins...and fun/silly fan support for my DURTYBURDZ! That being said, I am interested....but I refuse for anyone to go OOP for anything. Lemme take a look that this sauce.....I will get back to you.
  6. It's obviously an extract sauce, not natural. Water will do nothing for him, as Capsaicin is usually orally delivered through an oil-based method (water runs over what oil coats). Casein would be the only thing here that would help. Some say milk, but a small piece of milk chocolate allowed to dissolve in the mouth adds viscosity to the "sticking" effect, follow by some pure citric acid (Lime, Lemon) will help to chemically dissolve and process the Capsaicin particulates. Hey, it's gonna hurt.....but the mitigation of spice burn is what I am here to express.
  7. LOL. Follow his awesome wife Melissa on Twitter.....you can see the Money Matt Pad..... #notadoublewide
  8. ...hmmmm and what is this "Grenade Sauce" in which you speak?
  9. We win by 10+......the DirtyBirds make a statement....I will too.
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