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  1. Making change now let’s new HC start to assess the current personnel. Why wait? new HC can see who he wants to keep, who not keep. Assess start needs. no reason to wait unless you think DQ could be the answer.
  2. It’s time to go. make the coaching change now before we play our next home game!
  3. The defense gave up 52 points. time to change. the idea for DQ to take over the defense has been a flop time to clean house. Too much coach speak, too many excuses if these was ever a team that looked like it needed s housekeeping it is this one. Right now
  4. I think it’s time Quinn fired his Defensive Coordinator. oh wait.
  5. None. Zero. Would be the first personnel move I’d make. Hard to believe we are still thinking he might show something.
  6. Another change was the increase in seat prices. Founders are $385 including the two lousy preseason games as always. Champions are $365 and $345 while Piedmont is $325 I think. So do you think these prices are too high for Atlanta? Forget about the PSLs just talking about the ticket prices. Do you think front 5 rows in any of these zones will fetch premiums in Atlanta?
  7. Dallas had double the Club Seating of Atlanta with 15,000 while Atlanta has 7,800. Dallas also charged $150k for Founders while Atlanta charged $45k. Atlanta has only 1,800 Founders seats with 900 on each side.What remains to be seen is how fast theses Founders seats will be bought in this market. How will the Fortune 500 companies react to this stadium? If they buy up a lot of these seats then the last minute push to not be left out could be interesting. Also interesting how quiet things are regarding who bought and who walked away.
  8. The other PSLs are not $30k, they are $20k and $15k each while the Founders are $45k as you said. Founders would also get World Cup which could be Super Bowl like.....I would think. Would the play also play a NCAA final 4 in there? But I agree with you Founders Club appear to be the better deal. Do you think the area will improve or stay the same? Not good that the Braves skipped out to Cobb County.
  9. Did you want 4th row,or would you have preferred 1st row? Think you'll be able to sell your tix above face value if you can't make a game? Is Piedmont sold out yet? Atlanta founders club is much less at $45k versus SF @ $80k and Dallas @ $150k per seat. Other psls should follow suit and be lower cost in this market don't you think?
  10. How long ago did Cleveland sell PSL's? Didn't San Francisco and Dallas sell out their PSLs? I think I heard Piedmont club is already gone? Why were these so much cheaper at $10k per PSL and lower ticket pricing? Will be interesting to hear how this all ends up.
  11. Heard PSL sales are going above expectations. Piedmont club sold out? How are the Founders PSLs doing? Hard to believe but it's what I heard.
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