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  1. I'm really not sure where you're getting your info. Every source I've seen so far just says that EA acquired DICE. This happened before they set up a DICE games studio in LA. "Electronic Arts Acquisition In 2004, Electronic Arts announced their intent to purchase DICE and bought a 62% stake over the next year. By Oct 2, 2006 their purchase was completed, and DICE became a subsidiary of Electronic Arts. The company name was subsequently changed to EA Digital Illusions CE, though many players still recognize the company as simply DICE. In 2005, the company moved from Gothenburg, to the ex-Refraction Games' studio in Stockholm. This happened shortly before the company was acquired by Electronic Arts."
  2. Not according to Wikipedia. Also they're called EA Dice now so that might also be a clue.
  3. EA is the parent company to DICE.
  4. Would you want to give up our 2nd or 3rd for him if the guy was playing this bad on another team?
  5. Exercise the demons? Now I'm imagining a bunch of demons hitting the gym
  6. in 1956 Benny McTeamjumper sacked the same quarterback on 5 different teams.
  7. Head coaching like a dummy*
  8. He is probably saying this because the seahawks are seeking to trade him and this kind of shuts that down in the sense that it's risky to take on a guy that says he's definitely leaving for the falcons after his contract is up the following year. This hopefully would make a trade only possible with us and gives us the upper hand in negotiations considering the lack of competition for a trade.