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  1. I can't even try to see Wokez's argument here... White Supremacists are literally murdering Americans at higher rates than Islamic Terrorists... It was a problem (ISIS), and it is a problem (WS/WN terrorists). If that wasn't the case... I could almost see his argument. But... the data is there, And I know I wasn't wrong for wanting Islamic terrorists to be addressed by law enforcement.
  2. maybe the problem isn't government, it's the electorate...
  3. ok the strike is over... **** this^
  4. Gonna play the solidarity card today on the boards #GlobalClimateStrike
  5. When opportunity knocks, trolls answer
  6. Yeah, born with a silver spoon in his mouth
  7. She's a smart lady but Congress won't do ****, they have no law enforcement professionals on staff (which they should hire).
  8. She's a skeptic, which is why @SpongeDad despises her.
  9. I was never talking about Nimitz. You brought it up. So there was a misunderstanding from the get-go. And stop saying that I have no understanding of physics, that's derogatory after I already told you it was my favorite class, and I watched three seasons of Star Trek Voyager.
  10. This is a drone: That's my argument.
  11. I sense a monster back slapping sesh coming on
  12. It's called raw footage. I want the evidence plain and simple and I will make up my own mind. I don't need CNN anchors like Dana Bash narrating and trying to shape the agenda.
  13. Where is this quoted? Is this from the most recent drone video or from one of the two you linked me (from 2004)? I don't know anything about the older accounts.
  14. yes I do... Physics was my favorite class
  15. What I'm saying is that DARPA has been working on this stuff for a long time. The video I shared is a COMMERCIAL platform. What the Navy saw was MILITARY GRADE. It's like comparing a Ford Ranger to a Caiman armored vehicle. There is no comparison.