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  1. boy oh boy this was a whopper
  2. This has been true for a year now
  3. So in response to the accusation that you are spreading misinformation, you spread more misinformation. That's respectfully vile. Super Villain status achieved.
  4. Spreading misinformation is not helping, so I'm not trying to be rude here just giving you factual information.
  5. No, but I also am shocked to see people recommending herbal remedies.
  6. Please do not spread unscientific information that you know nothing about professionally or academically. It's called misinformation and it can cost people their lives.
  7. I'd check auto parts stores, and not just their online inventory but call the store because a lot of stores are not listing certain items online to prevent hoarders and price gouging/resellers.
  8. Didn't you hear Trump's announcement? Easter Sunday
  9. It's almost funny but he's literally trying to **** over people, he's playing with their lives for his own ego.
  10. No previous experience with transmissions but just about everything else except engine blocks. This guy on youtube is a pro and explains everything as he does it, once you get an idea what's what, it's less intimidating and hard to **** up. Main thing is just to keep track of the pieces, but most of them only fit in one place so it's hard to lose them. His videos plus the shop manual make it easy, just time consuming to clean everything + reassemble. My advice is to clean the housing really good before taking it apart so that nothing from the outside gets on the inside (road debris etc).
  11. it did the first few days, now it just looks like parts
  12. I'll take you off ignore conditionally until the Corona virus pandemic is over
  13. I'm rebuilding my automatic transmission, actually almost done, waiting on some bearings