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  1. how I'm feeling about this d line
  2. Except nobody is talking about it. Everything on the news is either the Right scaring Trumpers into fearing immigration or the Left defending their future voting blocs. Nobody is talking about cracking down on the companies that drive the immigration demand.
  3. I respect your position Cap. I just fundamentally disagree with it.
  4. Sobeit is a perfect example of scum. He turns a blind eye to the Companies that hire illegal immigrants (the corporations that drive DEMAND for the illegal laborforce). It's simple Republican supply and demand economics, cut the demand and the supply will dry up. Cut the Companies off at the knees and the migrants will stop coming.
  5. Steve Bannon personally chose a pedophile to edit his fake news empire (Breitbart). Steve Bannon is now the puppet Master of the President... How does that make the Trumpers feel? Good right. Sickening.
  6. Come on, you don't see any difficulty in that? ANY? Corporations employing illegal immigrants Families that have mixed status Identifying illegals without violating the constitutional rights of legal hispanic residents
  7. And the .001% will reap the profits
  8. Here's my take: the responsibility for stopping illegal immigration (future tense) is on the United States to both secure the border and put pressure on Central/South American countries. Based on the Republican credo that "Corporations and companies are people too" then Republicans need to punish the companies that employ illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants that are already here should only be deported for VIOLENT crimes (felonies excluding identity crimes), not misdemeanors, traffic violations etc.
  9. Hi all, Ihaven't really looked into the draft class yet, but I have 2 questions for the experts: Will we draft a RB in the top 4 rounds? If at all, What type of RB will we draft? addendum: What do you think about a FB/RB hybrid... (like tolbert) any chance we draft one?
  10. You guys... it's been brought up before but I realized this again the other day. In all seriousness... Donald Trump is just a troll. The Troll in Chief. Ask yourself this: Who in their right mind would believe Barack Obama was not born in the US? The answer is very simple, but easily overlooked! A TROLL! That's it! ONLY A TROLL!! Ask yourself this: What kinds of people entertain trolls? Gullible, well-meaning, Poorly-educated people Other Trolls (and their compatriots, flamers) Well, How do you handle a troll? We know what Trolls want, attention, chaos, so we don't give it to them. They want to distract your time, brain power, attention from the REAL issues, which is anything that is not their trolling. This is how we have to handle Trump. In all normal circumstances, you ban the troll, ignore the troll. But DJT is POTUS, which immensely compounds things. I honestly believe the media needs to stop covering Trump's Trollings such as the news conferences (w/ Netanyahu, Abe, 'against the Press'), and instead focus on his cabinet picks, executive orders, broken campaign promises, Russian connection, Bannon's control. Trump the Troll needs to be held accountable, not fed with our attention and brain power.
  11. People celebrating their ignorance. Scum. /ignored
  12. Simply put... are you Done discussing and Ready to move on from Super Bowl LI? I don't want to taint the voting results with my own opinion, so feel free to discuss if you still want to talk about the game in the comments... I guess the answer to the poll is self evident based on replies to Superbowl LI threads ...
  13. Give me some pepto
  14. Ya'll Trumpers sicken me. Get ur head out of Vladimir Putin's *** and wake up.
  15. By the way, if it IS found to be treason. ANY card played CANNOT be overplayed. It's a GAMBLE, but I agree with Leon that the building blocks have to be established first, congressional investigations under oath. Then we can see if anyone perjures themselves or leads to a brick wall.