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  1. is the bard a dps or cleric?
  2. Since when is Ronald Regan's political position ever a good barometer of progressive values?
  3. You ever heard of Andy Kaufman?
  4. Keep being a contrarian, it's working.
  5. That's why I stopped watching CNN. They put on proven scum like Lewandowski. There's a set of criteria and he checked all the boxes. He should never be given a platform by civil society, which is the downside to the congressional hearing today. MSNBC has never, since I've been a viewer, put Lewandowski on more than once, (to my recollection). *puts on a raincoat* cue the rotten vegetables
  6. That clip cut off the host
  7. I used to think, "post-truth world" was a ******** theory, mainly out of defiance and hope. Now, I think truth has always been relative; it's just that the methods of delivering/sharing/experiencing it are new. While, everyone used to believe the same truths (or lies), now, truth is fragmented in billions of ways, so we get chaos. (Intellectual anarchy?)
  8. The thing I like about Sanders over Warren is that he ran in 2016. Warren was asked to run, but she refused, I assume because she was either "not ready" or "not willing to compete against Clinton." I like that Sanders fought against Clinton. He gets credit. Which is why I support either--they both have strengths--unless one starts going after the other. Then I will pick a side and it's probably going to be Warren.
  9. Chris Cilizza wore out his worth two weeks into Russiagate
  10. Didn't Russia attack Ukrainian Airspace, we didn't "Go to war" and Trump still doesn't believe Russia is an aggressor in Crimea? So why should he defend Saudi Arabia and believe "Iran should be held responsible" ? It was the Yemenis (remember).
  11. After chastising, accosting and avoiding 9/11 truthers for 18 years, I am about to become a Saudi Arabian one
  12. address my point