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  1. Not sure if this was covered already, the flight records for Trump's moscow visit say that he flew in on Friday, and stayed overnight for a bday party, then attended the Pagent Saturday, and stayed through Saturday night, leaving at 4 AM Sunday morning. The pee tapes could have been filmed on Friday night or Saturday night.
  2. And we should judge men in politics by the fortitude of their ribcage
  3. Being a Trump supporter takes years off your life
  4. Rand Paul is a *****
  5. Piss tape is real. Only problem now is how to get our hands on it. @WhenFalconsWin and @marla_mulder, get your super soakers ready
  6. if you're a Trump supporter you already have your response ready, so there's no waiting necessary. You've decided what you will say to the charges. Doin't worry about it, go back to bed Doozer.
  7. you can't teach and old dog new tricks
  8. the world just keeps getting worse and worse by the day
  9. Next on Fox: Maddow discovered to have supported book drive donations for community college students.
  10. Wow!! Trump read the first independent clause of the first sentence of a WSJ article! Yay Trump!!! Good job Dude The actual quote:
  11. Gonna guess that had something to do with antiquated dental hygene