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  1. Biden not looking too hot, incoherent and slurring his speech. Crazy, but true, he's the Blue Trump.
  2. Stop doing what? Please stop quoting me if you aren't going to explain what you want.
  3. So now are you harassing me by piling on with SpongeDad? I'm totally not being sarcastic here, simply pointing out what's going on in front of my face.
  4. Pretty sure that calling Elizabeth Warren "Pocahontas" is a racial slur.
  5. Well then everyone who broke any of those rules should own up to it right here right now and apologize for almost getting the board shut down. I'll go last.
  6. Can you just tell us all reports so we know what not to do or say... What's the matter with that?
  7. What if you actually do support facism? So that's not bannable but accusing someone is...
  8. Anyone else notice that the thread got nuked after Karen made an appearance? Is that bannable? I mean it's just pointing out facts. Karen showed up and then the thread got nuked.
  9. Some would argue ignorance is worse than obscenity. Ok done with the platitudes.
  10. Basically the Republicans couldn't handle getting dunked on too harshly.
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