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  1. ol' chrome dome,
  2. The training, job requirements, systems of accountability, et cetera are so, extremely different that comparing them without details is just nonsense. It is NONSENSE.
  3. I feel like comparing fighter pilots and surgeons to FBI agents is literal nonsense and doesn't help your position.
  4. I say tax gun owners and ammo sales and use that money to hire more police. There would be huge bureaucratic black holes to overcome, but I'd rather start the negotiation from here.
  5. And the NRA is part of the radicalization domain
  6. TBH, the internet havens that radicalized this kid need to be publicized. Second, I agree about the FBI issue, but it's a process issue not a systemic issue. I say that because a single school shooting is only 17 people out of a population of 300,000,000+. If it was systemic, there would be more frequent mass murders that occurred because the FBI didn't follow up on tips. Not that I don't value every person's life, but we only talk about school shootings when they make headlines. People keep talking about how this kid was "a loner" or whatever, but they neglect the fact that he probably went on racist, white supremacist web sites just like the charlottesville aggressors. The society problem is not only that mental health is not subsidized by the tax payers for all individuals, but that we are ignoring how this kid was radicalized.
  7. So, all it takes is a level of determination to successfully commit mass murders? Therefore failed mass murderers simply lacked enough determination? So to prevent further mass murders, how does one increase the "level of determination" required for success? Or do you disagree that the "level of determination" required can be increased at all? Or that increasing the "level of determination" required past a certain point even changes their success rate?
  8. What's the point of this statement? I mean on its face, it clear. The subtext... is there any?
  9. People talk about "Oh an 18 year old can go to war, he should be allowed to buy a gun." I'm curious to know from the ex-military what kind of standards prevent the military from sending certain individuals into combat...
  10. Wow. The fuggin US diplomats had to spy on the Chinese just to find out what Jared Kushner was discussing with them. What the FUG
  11. Ever since that inexplicable Feb approval bump, Rasmussen has been moving back to reality
  12. Is demolition man an option?
  13. LOL This retweet account got suspended! Account suspended This account has been suspended. Learn more about why Twitter suspends accounts, or return to your timeline.
  14. you know what they say about slovenians
  15. Donald Trump is doing it