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  1. japanese cricket holder: will it fit gazoo?
  2. yeah those are fine too, they aren't the jiminey cricket variety but harmless nonetheless. What do you think Trump would do if he saw a cricket in his bedroom? lol, one of the starship troopers
  3. The bright green ones are, but these kind can kindly f*** off
  4. Tell that to Mrs. Former First Lady Michelle Obama
  5. That reminds me, I was doing laundry the other day and saw a cricket in the garage with fresh entrails protruding on the ground... the weird thing is I didn't remember squashing one, would have felt it--I'm sure. Either way, there was another one near the door that I let be, pretty harmless after all. Good for live fish food.
  6. Exactly, fear is not a proper motivator. People need great things to inspire them, rational logical policy proposals that impact their long term financial and personal well-being.
  7. Should is a word betas use
  8. **** yes, love mayo on chic fil a sandwiches. And none of that Miracle Whip
  9. I'm making myself laugh too hard over here, my face beginning to hurt
  10. I swear to god, this man owns a thesuarus
  11. 3 minus one equals protein shake
  12. Barack Hussein Obama is not a black man.
  13. it's not just her accent
  14. Snape, huuuuge Beta
  15. Titty boys now designated official scum.