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  1. Magnitsky wasn't American either, you poor fool.
  2. What Turkey wants is irrelevant to what his royal highness of Saudi Arabia ordered done. The fact that you keep bringing up Turkey's failings is a distraction from the real problem, that an American journalist was assassinated by an "allied" nation for speaking out against that nation. You may naively think that America doesn't benefit from foreign journalists or any foreign writers, academics, scientists. Nobody is arguing that the situation is not complex, but you are using "complexity" as code to mean "we can't do anything about it."
  3. 15% of the tax cut benefited the workers and 60% of the tax cut benefited shareholders. Lol, @WhenFalconsWin who is for the common people now?
  4. Ridiculous. If America punished every murderer in the world, it would be a trillion dollar industry. This is a case of a foreign government assassinating an American resident journalist because he was writing bad things. Thank god for Turkey's hostility against Saudi Arabia or we would have never known this happened.
  5. Democrats CANNOT let Republicans co-opt the phrase Class Warfare. They need to OWN it.
  6. btw I am pretty sure Fusco is going on IR
  7. go falcons
  8. you don't think they want to lose?
  9. yeah boy
  10. Trump admitted he's a Nazi
  11. go falcons
  12. Somehow I think it was more than just a wardrobe issue.