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  1. All these Republicans attacking the US withdrawal I just don't give a hoot.
  2. What Cuomo did is at least three times worse than what Frankin did. JFC Cuomo needs to be gone NOW
  3. but yeah its not like for honor, it's like an FPS with swords
  4. well that's 2 months earlier this year (Jan-Feb) what about March, April, May and June? They also didnt say exactly why the crime went up. Only suggested that crime goes up because there are fewer police officers and that doesnt convince me without more evidence.
  5. Calling a place country isn't an insult and I hear you on the peace and quiet.
  6. My dumb*** half-sister brought up critical race theory when I was visiting, she's also dumb enough to think Scottish and Irish people are "the same". It really just comes down to skin color to a lot of people, they are that dumb.
  7. I stopped in Fairburn on the way to FL... That place is country as ****
  8. Oh my god. Gaetz got his *** handed to him by that General I mean straight up...
  9. Just want to say I want to thank God for the Hawks win tonight because it's Father's day and I know how much it means (however fleeting) to my dad right now.
  10. I was pretty much over the Trump administration but what the MSM is showing about DOJ investigations is pretty insane. Right? Or am I wrong? Spying on people without just cause...
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