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  1. Oh my god. Gaetz got his *** handed to him by that General I mean straight up...
  2. Just want to say I want to thank God for the Hawks win tonight because it's Father's day and I know how much it means (however fleeting) to my dad right now.
  3. I was pretty much over the Trump administration but what the MSM is showing about DOJ investigations is pretty insane. Right? Or am I wrong? Spying on people without just cause...
  4. Glenn and DeSantis are the only frauds in this discussion
  5. Amazon used to mean quality, now it means eBay products
  6. If you had to Stan One and only one who would you stan? Zuckerberg Musk Bezos Dorsey
  7. Why, because China blocks it and they "forgot" to take down the censorship commands?
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