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  1. If I was a member of congress, I'd take a gun everywhere it's legal because there are crazies on both sides. But of course there should be green zones where security is sufficient and guns won't be needed.
  2. I still can't get over the fact that Harris won like Zero primaries but the VP position elevates her and legitimizes her with real power. Thank God Bernie at least has a Senate seat and is supposed to get a chairmanship.
  3. Why because you will feel embarrased [sic] for being a fan of it? Grow a pair
  4. the dumbest thing is that while they are subverting the trending feature's intent, they are also amplifying the hashtag itself. so the meme still gets into people's head "impeach biden" even if most of the posts are about k pop artists.
  5. He's a nice guy I met him once, and he put a lot more thought into his opinions than most fans
  6. lmao I guess those Lifetime memberships are going to become null and void
  7. did u bury or cremate your snot this morning? it has formerly living cells in it right? shame on you evil devil if you didn't! And say a prayer too
  8. Oh I spotted him he's in him jammies in the White House
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