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  1. So... I am pretty much convinced that the only reason Trump won election was because the GRU hacked into the DNC and Clinton campaign and weaponized their information both data analytics and the emails. Why? Because 24/7 the news coverage was about "Wikileaks" and how the emails proved the Clinton campaign was corrupt. That was basically the entirety of Trump's campaign... Then we had the FBI backing that up 10 days before the election. So the election may not have been "rigged" although we don't know for sure, but the campaign definitly was rigged, and the campaign was how Trump got elected. Trump got elected based on illegal transnational felonies committed by a foreign power. This is like 100 times worse than Watergate. And now Trump gets 2 supreme court picks. This is just really bad.
  2. Don't need a safe space, I need u to explain why u are living in the past? Was there something that happened...
  3. What are u so hard on Obama for? Is there something subconscious going on dude?
  4. you'd have to be a dumb*** to not know that Trump got bent over the rails by Putin in Helsinki, but lucky for you and lucky for me, we both know you're not a dumb***, you're just a troll that enjoys flexing his triceps in front of people
  5. anybuddy wonder what'll happen if Putin steps foot in the white house?
  6. ring any bells... https://www.psypost.org/2018/07/authoritarian-aggression-and-group-based-dominance-distinguished-trump-supporters-from-other-republicans-in-2016-51821
  7. this guy must have read Gorka's masters thesis
  8. Can you imagine a whole congregation of them? Pews full every sunday
  9. best to leave out some food every night, attract some gnats and flies to feed the frog, it might starve
  10. How did you know
  11. https://www.nj.com/politics/index.ssf/2018/07/trump_supporters_tried_to_get_baby_trump_balloon_activist_fired_from_homeless_shelter.html Trump supporters tried to get 'Baby Trump' balloon activist fired from homeless shelter
  12. me when I voted for Obama in 08