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  1. Thinking about protesting tomorrow...
  2. Those people have their own agenda.
  3. So here's my question... will American elections become proxy wars for foreign countries? Who will attack the Republicans in the fall? Who has the most to gain from a Democrat in office and the capabilities?
  4. it depends on if Mueller loves his country or not.
  5. Probably knows the economy is about to tank and wants to make a little more money before it happens.
  6. I'm mostly interested in the press questions, but he's the world's expert at bull****ting and walking away from the question
  7. Who is going to raise this influx of babies? Or are people going to stop having as much sex? And I'm not trying to be curt... If abortions are prevented that would have "otherwise" happened, of course more babies will be born.
  8. I turned the press conference off, waste of time
  9. he's got more than just a pee tape on him
  10. Trump ******* standing next to Vladimir Putin calling out "No Collusion" What the ****?
  11. so.... Trump basically failed to mention the Russian indictments, and that Putin is straight up lying about the cyber attack... When someone lies to your face... you just ******* sit back like a cuck? Trump is such a *****
  12. Riddle me this, what is Putin had hacked into the RNC, the NRA and Trump's campaign manager's email plus his campaign's staff. Then, the FBI indicted the Russians that did it, what would Trump be saying to Putin at this meeting, if that were the case? Think hard, but don't respond, I probably won't read it.
  13. MSNBC is doing a pretty good job of this lately. Including the Wikileaks cutup... 141 times. They played the whole thing last week.
  14. bad data
  15. Does anyone else not understand how the US and Russia can have "better relations" when we are competitors in Energy and the North Pole... among whatever else you want to include. I mean Trump was supposed to be The Energy Guy!! and yet he wants to be besties with Russia. This makes no sense. What does he want to do, cede marketshare to Russian energy companies?