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  1. you do you
  2. **** we got Jay and Silent bob up in here
  3. This is too easy
  4. Ain't make or break for me. Gotta keep those Russian Spies out.
  5. I do. Sacrifices have to be made, and they've been made by the poorest for far too long. It's 2019 and we are talking about a 15 dollar minimum wage. Again, 2019... This is just beyond absurd.
  6. honestly, it all just smells like the beginning of the end
  7. politically, in both cases, they already have
  8. I've always liked Pepsi to be Frank
  9. Not that it's not deserved, but Steve King is the GOP's whipping boy. Look! We're doing the right thing!! *Trump implodes the US government in the longest ever government shutdown*
  10. that reminds me, when I took the PSAT I marked off African American kind of just as a "screw you" to the demographers or whatever. A few months later I got called up to the front office for a meeting with some random guy, it wasn't until we both left the room that I realized he was from a HBC and I pretty much wasted his time lol. It's interesting... and I guess I was sort of right *in an Elizabeth Warren kind of way
  11. my dad did a DNA test thinking he was indian (native american), turns out he is part african
  12. Ya'll quoting Fox News journalists like it's the tabloids... seriously, the real issue is people watching and believing, not that bat boy is coming to get us
  13. For the mushroom
  14. and that's why I'm an energy Voter
  15. some people just can't digest fast food properly, and some people can