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  1. Add Keith Smith and Jamal Carter to the COVID 19 reserve list. Once the pads start popping I would think the number will increase. https://www.atlantafalcons.com/news/falcons-place-keith-smith-and-jamal-carter-on-reserve-covid-19-list
  2. It looks like the virus is already hitting MLB. Unless there is a miracle soon this will start hitting the NFL. Players are already opting out. Having a complete season looks very unlikely. It is what it is. https://sports.yahoo.com/as-covid-19-outbreak-strikes-mlb-2-more-nfl-players-opt-out-of-season-210342707.html
  3. I agree with Gurley about his concern. I prefer the NFL shut it down for this year. Do what's best for the players and put their health first. Players are going to get sick. Every team will lose players. Not many fans at the stadiums. Maybe some cutout cardboard fans... What if a player gets sick and passes away? With the majority of players being black this virus seems to affect blacks more I believe for heart and lung reasons. I read recently that two young former HS players from the Gwinnett area passed. Both were black and both were linemen big guys. One was 19 and the other I believe was 22. Sad....so young... It just doesn't seem like good timing and it really doesn't seem like football season. I don't want a season with as someone stated a asterisk season. Whomever if it makes it that far wins the COVID19 Super Bowl imo will not be a true champion. Lots of other things are more important than having a football season this year. Stay home and stay in shape. Let things settle down and return in 2021. Plus I don't have to turn off the TV once the kneeling starts. I saw where one baseball player did not kneel while the rest of his teammates kneeled. He stated he was a Christian and he could not kneel except for God. I admire his stance and agree with his opinion. Get the stupid politics out or the NFL will face a serious boycott. Play football after all the distractions are gone. It will be tough waiting but the 2021 season but without the other stuff is worth the wait IMO.
  4. To be honest, I agree. And I'm at the point where I'm starting not to care. I'm sick of the fact that politics has entered into my favorite sport that I have followed for over 4 decades. I have always looked forward to the Falcons games and the NFL was the best thing in life to escape all of life's worries and it brought everyone together no matter your skin color, etc. We were all one on that Sunday and we all wore our Falcon attire as a way to show our unity and love for our favorite team. That feeling is starting to slip away. I never thought I would feel this way. The NFL has changed. I think it started for me when the PSL fees of thousands priced out a lot of the hard core fans and sold to the corporate world. The greediness of the owners for more money started to show they really didn't care about the fans just who could have the nicest stadium so maybe their city could get a Super Bowl. The cost to go to a game now is ridiculous. Now the political mess has entered. It has reared its ugly head into something I thought at one time was untouchable . Nothing could ever take away my love for the game and my team. It was always something I looked forward to. It brought happiness and I lived waiting for another season so I could escape all the hassles of the world. The tailgates and high fives when the Falcons made a good play and the celebrations when we won are starting to slip away like having a good dream just to wake up and realize it was not real. The virus in one way may be a blessing in that it just doesn't feel right to have a season this year. Our country is being attacked and the civil unrest has gotten out of hand. Let's all pray that we can live again in peace and enjoy our time here. I miss the togetherness and joy that football once was. Please wake me from this nightmare that has taken over and hate that has spread. Stop the rioting and burning down our places. We need to come together again. We are all one in God's eyes. I for one love my country first and foremost. It's not perfect but I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. Let's hope a cure for this virus is soon and the NFL gets back to football only. Leave the politics in the political arena where it belongs. It's destroying us and dividing us. The media is not honest. Open your eyes and don't let hate take over. Accept everyone as they are. Show compassion for one another. Listen to each other. Stand together. Respect our country and know we live in the best country period. Let go of the past. Work together for each other. Bring back football the way it use to be.
  5. I hope I'm wrong but I don't think we are going to find out this year if we have what it takes. This virus is not going away and a cure looks to be 2021 at the earliest. Even if they start playing teams are going to lose players due to the virus. Lack of being in football shape will lead to more injuries. Also if fans are not allowed to attend it just doesn't seem right to play in an empty stadium. The players play for the money but they also feed off the fans enthusiasm. Hope I'm wrong but football may not be back until 2021.
  6. Great memories. My wife and I also went to the last game at FCS against Seattle. It was cold that day. Santa took our picture outside the stadium. Loved the tailgating experience at FCS. We also went to New Orleans that year and saw Norm Johnson kick the winning field goal. Saints fans were not happy at all. Got flipped off, etc. Loved hearing Munson call the games. We started our 21 years of being a season ticket holder in 92 at the GA Dome. I think tickets were 37.00 each. Times have certainly changed. Miss those days. Still love the Falcons always will. It's tough but my hunger for the Falcons games will never change. If God takes me I'm hoping to be an Angel working behind the scenes to assure the Falcons always win.
  7. Jake Fromm Can't believe he is still available. If Matt goes down is Benkert the backup? We need someone who is more mobile and IMO it's time to let Matt Schaub go. I like Benkert if he can stay healthy. Fromm is a steal in the 4th round. Also like JR Reed for safety help.
  8. I really like the new uniforms! Fan for 42 years. Their sharp! I like the large ATL. White jersey and black pants is cool! I also like the red helmet. Falcons did good! I'm giving them a 8 on a 10 scale. JMO
  9. This description sounds legit to me. 1. Lots of players in the NFL are into hip hop music. 2. If I remember correctly someone else had mentioned that ATL was on the front of the jersey instead of Falcons. 3. The players had input in the design and I would think their opinions carried a lot of weight in the design of the unis. 4. The logo will be more ATL themed. Will ATL be embedded into the logo as someone recently showed the Falcon logo with ATL part of the design? 5. Deion Sanders was involved in the design of the unis. These comments sound spot on. We are about to be introduced to the New Atl Falcons people! Get ready for some new eye opening unis. They will be Fire!
  10. Falcons should leak the new uniforms asap. We need some good news! Everything is Corona virus talk. We need something to make us smile! I expect a leak soon!
  11. I like the white helmet and the logo change. White is versatile and will go with any color. The helmet is clean and the black facemask shows out. I've been a fan since the late 70's and this is a nice change. Out with the old and in with the new. This team needs a major change in the uniform. Now I understand why Blank said there are multiple combinations with the color variety. White goes with everything! Very cool IMO.
  12. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/382524562070716098/?%24ios_deeplink_path=pinterest%3A%2F%2Fpin%2F382524562070716098&%24android_deeplink_path=pinterest%3A%2F%2Fpin%2F382524562070716098&amp_client_id=amp-ZHtcpJvllLPZOxdXDOxGeg&utm_source=168&utm_medium=2160&current_page_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.pinterest.com%2Fpin%2F382524562070716098%2F&install_id=5b8aaa15f47c438a9cca7aad9ec00406&%24fallback_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.pinterest.com%2Fpin%2F382524562070716098%2F%23details&_branch_match_id=741720851177130377#details Is this close to what has been described as the details on the new unis? Large Falcon on the helmet, wing extends to knee...
  13. The front of the hat says "Hotlanta Football" If someone can copy paste. A new marketing campaign. The other city's have their own as Big Apple Football for NY Giants. Pretty cool. The hats will sell.
  14. I like. I believe these are our new uniforms also.
  15. This logo change if you think about it does kinda look Falhawk looking. Quinn came from Seattle hence the resemblance of the Seattle helmet. Looks cool!
  16. LOL.. I actually like the white helmet and logo change. The black facemask looks good on the white helmet. The logo looks more futuristic or modern. Jmo
  17. https://www.thefalcoholic.com/2020/2/20/21145021/dan-quinn-talks-new-falcons-uniforms
  18. Since this is where most of the uniform change is discussed, if they alter the Falcons logo, what happens if you have a Falcons license plate with the OLD logo? Will the DOT issue new plates with the NEW logo? We have one on each of our two cars. LOL
  19. It was the owners box AB was dancing in when we were up 28-3. Yes AB can cheer and dance all he wants. The Patriots owner got the last laugh though by having 283 diamonds placed in their SB rings. AB wasn't happy about it.
  20. Just for clarification, I think AB danced AFTER the NFC Chamionship game but was dancing on the sideline when we were winning 28-3. The game wasn't over and we all know how it ended. It did look foolish for him to be dancing on the sideline at 28-3 and then lose in the end.
  21. This statement is so true! I wonder if AB even realizes this is a major issue with fan attendance? He seems so caught up in the venue and the entertainment experience he doesn't realize the majority of his fan base are now sitting at home because the cost to go to a game is just not affordable. He sacrificed his core fan base to sell PSL's to corporations that give the tickets to their rich clients! So Arthur, you got more money but less fans in the stadium! Would be nice to see someone carry a banner to one of the home games that reads "ARTHUR, MAKE THE HOME GAMES AFFORDABLE AGAIN!! GET RID OF THE PSL'S !! Come on Arthur, wake up! Get off the Yacht and do the right thing for the fans and the team!
  22. IMO Hoop is overrated. He can catch but he's too slow. If he continues to try and hurdle over tackles he's going to get hurt. I like Graham and think he's a little faster. Signing Hoop to a big contract is not a good idea IMO. I'd let Beasley walk. Would like to keep Campbell. Free is not the same back since his injury. Brian Hill should get more carries.
  23. Bucs defense sacked Matt 6 times last game and beat him up. They are number 1 against the run. We better have a good offensive game plan where Matt can get rid of the ball quickly. I think we lose to the Bucs and Quinn gets fired Monday. TD survives and we hire Josh McDaniels from NE.
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