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  1. Spot on! Starts at the top. Blank/McKay have brought this franchise down. Destroyed the real fan base sold out to corporation's. Got their soccer kick ball team.
  2. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/1325579-7-habits-of-a-highly-successful-nfl-franchise Arthur Please read. Pay special attention to item number 1. As long as Arthur owns this team it won't matter who the HC is. Any potential new HC candidates that know AB will be micromanaging them will not want to come here. Our best hope is AB sell the team. Maybe the new owner will leave the football decisions to the football people. Also maybe the new owner will understand winning championships increases fan support and not some new stadium with shopping mall attractions.
  3. Excellent points. Number 4 and 5 especially. Would Arthur agree with you? BTW - I salute you on your having tickets this long. You are a true Falcon fan!
  4. In order to change the culture of this franchise it starts at the top. That means a new owner and all his marketing guys...king of slogans....Not sure of what to do with the new Mall Stadium already built that had so many other distractions that fans never stay in their seats and cheer for the team. The new stadium priced a lot of hardcore Falcons fans out. Brotherhood, Rise up, etc. All those crappy slogans. The only slogan I like is a simple one that NE has. "Do Your Job". https://nflmocks.com/2019/01/12/top-nfl-head-coach-candidates-looking-towards-2020/
  5. Wow 1 game loss and lots of giving up. I've watched this team for over 40 years. Ill give up on the season when we are no longer in the hunt. This team needs a couple of games to jell together. 22 and 45 will come on strong. I see this team coming out this week pI**ed off. Look out Eagles. Falcons are angry!
  6. I agree 100%. Another player from the stone age.
  7. We look at the value of the ticket and the value of the PSL together and make sure the experience is going to be "affordable to our fans." FORMER 21 year season ticket holder
  8. Im keeping Etling. He won't last on ps. Another team will claim him. I like his mobility and he just got here. Im rolling the dice cutting Schaub and keeping Etling. Yes it was preseason but give the man some credit. He makes things happen. Really surprised NE let him go. JMO
  9. We have DirecTV and 69 is not blacked out here. We are local. Not NFL related but for Dog lovers if you don't have DogTV you should subscribe. Dogs love it and so will you. Sure beats watching all the negative shows, violence etc.
  10. Ah the memories.... When we had our season tix for 20 years we received some type of little commemorative coin that said congratulations on being a season ticket holder for 10 years! We were one of those fans priced out. Now we look back and we're glad we were priced out because the cost is not worth it! It's much easier no hassle fighting traffic to get there and get home especially when we lost. We are still just as much Falcon fans watching from home without paying out way too much money and the comfort at home can't be beat! We do miss getting together with other fans but now we go to away games and enjoy outdoor football and not football in a mall. Lots of Falcon fans at the away games. As far as the extra gifts for the season tix holders, I can understand your being disappointed. As a fan you want to feel you are appreciated. You're paying a lot of money. When it all comes down to it you are just a account number..12345.. Will always be a Falcon fan. Just finally had to say Arthur...enough is enough $$$!!
  11. In spite if all the great offensive plays we made with Kyle Shanahan here as the OC, the thing I will remember most about KS is he lost us the Super Bowl. His ego cost us big time. Run the ball kick the field goal and we WOULD have been champions.
  12. Stay strong Tandy. You will see Nito again. Prayers for you and your family. Im sure Nito would want you to be happy. Live the rest of your life happy in honor of Nito. The last enemy to be destroyed is death. Corinthians 15:26
  13. Prayers for you and your family Tandy. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me, your rod and staff they comfort me. Psalm 23:4
  14. The AJC is what it has always been. Horrible The last decent sports writer they had was Steve Wyche.
  15. Still no decision from Bailey. Falcons must still be in the mix.
  16. http://net-abbey.org/nogod.htm
  17. Qadree I'll be cheering for you extra hard and praying for you. You are an inspiration for others. You chose love over hate. Tandy so sorry for your loss. We all must forgive to be forgiven. I hope you and any other who has lost a loved one look no further than Qadree as inspiration to be able to forgive and God will replace everything you lost if you turn it over to him. God never said we wouldn't have unfair situations or that we wouldn't experience loss. But he promised if we would stay in faith, he would restore everything that was stolen. Joel Osteen
  18. Im not surprised at all. It will probably get even worse. Building MBS and charging PSL's did kill our home field advantage. That's why anytime I hear AB say the fans are important I just smh. I also heard the players have complained about the fan support. Watching the game at home is much more convenient and you can see more of the game. All the talk about the fan experience at MBS is a joke. Arthur all we want is a championship team. You got it wrong from a fan perspective. Real football fans probably could care less how nice the mall I mean stadium is... We enjoy going to away games. Tampa and Charlotte are both short drives from the Atlanta area. Outdoor football and lots of Falcon fans!
  19. Your TV setup looks awesome and fun! Also like the dog!
  20. IMO I enjoyed the draft the way it used to be on Saturday rounds1-3 and Sunday rounds 4-7. Always looked forward for that weekend. Now its Thursday night round 1 and the remaining rounds on Friday and Saturday . All for the TV prime times and money. So to me the league screwed it up for the fans. Also liked it held in NY at Radio City. It was a big event for NFL fans. Now it's less exciting IMO.
  21. DT's 300+ Where's the Beef! Jeffery Simmons 6-4 300 Miss State Christian Wilkins 6-4 315 Clemson Dexter Lawrence 6-4 345 Clemson Jerry Tillery 6-6 305 Notre Dame Renell Wren 6-4 315 Arizona State Daylon Mack 6-1 325 Texas A&M Khalan Saunders 6-1 320 Western Illinois Terry Beckner Jr 6-4 300 Missouri Demarcus Christmas 6-4 300 Fl State Dontavious Russell 6-3 320 Auburn Ed Alexander 6-2 325 LSU Greg Gaines 6-1 305 Washington These measurements are from Athlon Sports
  22. The thing that stands out to me about Matt is he is "one tough hombre." There have been numerous times when I didn't expect Matt to get back up after being destroyed by some big *** DL. They consistently drive him to the ground and many times I've felt that roughing the passer should be called. Our OL has never been solid since Matt arrived in 2008. Matt is definitely a very good QB and I'm hoping he gets a ring before his career is up. He certainly deserves it!
  23. This is a deal breaker! I now save enough money that I can afford that PSL and tickets to the games.
  24. Hope this helps to keep fans in their seats longer to cheer for the team.
  25. Dear 40 year season ticket holder. As you have heard we are moving into our new stadium MBS. We have appreciated your dedicated support during all these many seasons. If you would like to keep your seats in the new stadium that you have had during all of these years we need your help. We will need 40k as a fee just to hold your seat and in addition the ticket cost for each consecutive season. Otherwise you may need to move up to the nose bleed seats for only a 500.00 fee plus the season ticket cost. Thanks again for your valued support.