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  1. 750 seats without a psl in a stadium that holds 71-75,000 for " Super Fans" is the new marketing idea to sell tickets? LOL 😆 what a joke! This is a small baby step for the Falcons or new experiment to see if fans will jump and buy tickets. 750 tickets? Wow just think how much louder the stadium will be! 😆 Now that the Falcons realize that PSL's aren't working here in Atlanta they are going to offer this? IMO their marketing dept doesn't have a clue. I don't have the numbers but my understanding is the amount of psl defaults is huge! It's going to take a lot more than this
  2. Thank you. When I mentioned trading MR I was laughed at and told it's not possible based on his salary and dead cap money. Teams find a way to restructure contracts, etc. So for all the cap experts on here especially ones who discount your opinion based on your post count, 😆 laugh and mock others all you want. 😃 I still say it's time to move on from MR. It IS possible to trade him in spite of his large salary. MR could use a change and so can the Falcons. I won't be surprised if MR is traded. Let's GO ! 😆
  3. I have been watching this team over 40 years. My post count is low because I have a life outside a message board. I could care less what someone says about me. I also am aware of the salary cap ramifications. I guess I'm in the minority in thinking a trade is not out of possibility here. Contracts can be restructured. You, me and anyone else on here does not know everything about contracts. If you think that, then maybe you need to be a GM. All I know is MR is not our answer at the QB position. That's my opinion. Insults to me won't change it. Also a former season tix holder fo
  4. You see exactly what I see. I also WAS a big supporter of MR. We will never win a Championship with him at QB. Brady has 5 rings. MR has...well you know the answer. But wait your post count is very low... so you know nothing about football. Your knowledge here is based on your post count. LOL. 😆 MR needs a change...send him to another team. We need to move forward. Get a QB that can move just a little bit to avoid the sacks.
  5. Trade Matt Ryan for Matthew Stafford. Stafford is the better QB much better mobility and a stronger arm. Then draft your future QB with the 4th pick. We will never win a SB with Matt Ryan. If we keep Matt Ryan for this season and beyond we are wasting our time. We need a new leader. Matt Ryan may also benefit from the change. Matt has had his chance here. Don't want to see him for another season getting sacked. Looks like a statue in the pocket. If he's our starting QB this season...temper your enthusiasm and put your championship hopes aside. Expect another mediocre season.
  6. There's a drive....way back and that ball is outta here! Grew up listening on the radio with Milo Hamilton and Ernie Johnson. Hank Aaron was a special man. Many good memories. God Bless you Hank and your family. 🙏
  7. Lots of enthusiasm being shown once again... after hiring a new HC and GM this time. Not trying to rain on anybody's parade but I'd wait and see what happens. If they go say 6-10 in 2021 will the same enthusiasm be shown? Will AB and Rich McKay stay out of the way now and let the coach and GM do their work? I'll believe it when I see it. After following this team over 40 years it's hard to get excited anymore. I would definitely see about moving Matt Ryan to another team. This team needs a new leader at QB. Tired of seeing Matt stand in the pocket and be sacked. No mobil
  8. IMO Mac Jones will go in the top 10. If im the Falcons I'd take him at 4. Grab the QB now. Probably won't be drafting this high again for awhile.
  9. That's Fake News. This team blew a 28-3 lead in the Superbowl and kept the HC and GM. This same team hired Petrino and fired one of the best coaches that's coached in the NFL Dan Reeves. Now the team has lost a lot of fan support and has a new Corp stadium and dead atmosphere. Rise up! Please stop the slogans. This is all under AB and Rich Mckay. Good luck to the next coach and GM.
  10. Once again here we are in search of another HC and GM. Jump on the Merry go round' of the Atl Falcons football management team. Until AB and Rich Mckay are out of here it's going to be very difficult to change this teams culture and have a winner here. At the minimum Rich Mckay needs to be let go. Any top candidate will definitely be concerned about McKay and Blank interfering with their plan to turn this team around. Letting McKay leave would clear up a lot of that micromanagement fear and AB would need to disappear and stay out of the way. So ask yourself will this happen? It's o
  11. I've supported Matt Ryan long enough. It's time to move on. Matt has seen his best days here and the Falcons need new energy at the QB position. Is the OL the cause? Some of the blame can be directed there but Matt holds on to the ball way too long and simply does not have the needed mobility to turn a bad play into a good play. He cannot extend plays or escape pressure. We somehow need to move on from Matt. Also need to let Julio go. He can't stay healthy. As tough as it is to say it again, it's time for a rebuild. This team is going nowhere until it realizes the current group of players
  12. That's good you enjoy the games just for themselves. You sound more like a casual fan. I'm an Avid fan and I want to be able to brag about my team especially when they win a Championship. It's all good. As far as being able to differentiate the two different owners, all I care about is winning and neither owner has brought a SB Championship to the fans of Atlanta. Long overdue. I don't care about a new stadium the average fan can't afford to see a game in. Thousands of dollars to pay for tickets but you get 2.00 hotdogs and a losing team. I can definitely see the forest for th
  13. I lived through the Smith ownership. Born and raised in Georgia. Yes it was bad but the overall results are the same...no championships. If you're not in it for the team to win championships you're not in it for the right reasons. Arthur has hired many and yet the same results. Somewhere ownership must be accountable. Negative or not, facts are facts. Mention the Falcons to most and they think the Falcons are a joke. I like to wear my Falcon gear proudly. I can't do that at all. Again, Arthur killed his Fan base. He micromanages his coaches and he gets too close t
  14. He sacrificed all of the loyal fans that had season tix for decades to implement PSL's and sell the tix to corporations for thousands. He now has a new stadium (Mall) with no fans. He has Zero championships...same as the previous owners. And yes we are relevant...for losing the biggest lead in SB history.
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