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  1. The word has been used a thousand times ...SCHEME in which the player is to play. Another often overlooked factor is the quality of the supporting cast around him.
  2. Another way to answer...our Staff knows which players possess the skill set to fit our system...the 'experts' only know who they think we SHOULD pick based on a general player evaluation. Also, this goes to the 'reach' issue. Some say a 'reach' is picking a player before his 'rating'.(" He could have been there in round X, Y, or Z"). Horse pucky. A player is picked when his value to a specific scheme out weighs the chance he maybe lost by waiting.
  3. No one here has to. Aguayo will do that. Buc fan are not as likely to hold their breath on game winning FG attempts. He will win multiple games for the Bucs. But at #2 ... Yeah, one round too high.
  4. All legit points, but as has been posted elsewhere, I believe Neal will help answer question #1. He will be in the box a lot and his ability to take away those 'cheap' dump offs will allow that extra second to turn the hurries into sacks.
  5. He's an Arthur Blank pick. Always thinking how to best to fill those new stadium seats!
  6. The line coach connection is probably a major reason we 'found' this guy As repeatedly said, he is technically sound , has some agility and moves feet well. Other problems can be coached up. Wonder if replacing some of that fat with muscle in our weight room would make him even more effective with his agility, durability and movement. His intelligence helps a lot. He seems to have a good 'motor' ... just hope he 'loves to play the game'
  7. I agree. His film suggests that he would be 'a force' in the middle as a rotational player on running downs. As far as FB is concerned, He would be a real 'load' ... our Tolbert(Panthers), but don't see him beating out DiMarco, and we won't carry two FB's.
  8. What about someone telling me how Lee is better than Neal. Quinn would likely have used them in the same roles given their skill sets.
  9. In science an opinion is a theory ...a provable fact is a law. So called experts, paid and unpaid, seem to believe their word on a topic is 'law' rather what it really is....a theory. Some study the finer points of, in this case, football than others and conclude with an opinion, their theory, which seems in some minds to be "law" because they are 'experts' so it must be true. Doesn't work that way in science and it doesn't work that way in prognosticating. "We are all ignorant..... just about different things."
  10. MLB --Josh Perry or Kentrel Brothers OG --- Connor McGovern, Chris Westerman or Landon Turner OT--- Andrew Billings or Shelton Day Centerfield, sideline-to-sideline FS. Don't know a draft worthy candidate for our use since K. Neal will be a 'box-type' SS, but we need one.
  11. In addition to Nick Virgil I believe Joe Thuey was also drafted last night.
  12. Comparing a draft pick to an All-Pro? Apples and oranges. Now another draft pick is "not the guy you are mistaking him to be". How does one know that?
  13. ^^ Taking Shelby in FA is why I doubt we would choose Ogbah in the 2nd. DQ expects Shelby to start at DE/DT with Clayborne playing the same positions depending on the down. Not saying that the depth would not be a good thing, but rather a LB'er; interior ,disruptive DT, or even a starting quality OG would be better choices given our 5-pick draft, IMO.
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