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  1. Flaco could end up in Dallas.
  2. We keep passing on GA RBs and it shows in the playoffs. Bottom line GA is running back U! And there not takeing a DL or OL in rd 1. Wate and see who all gets moved or cut. Unless Jarrett gos else where we would go DL. Michel 105 and 3 TDS in first half. Oh yeh and the guy that should have been a Falcon Gurley 115 and TD.Lit up by Chubb when we played them. Keep passing on GA RBs.
  3. Just keep passing on Ga running backs.
  4. If they dumped True money for Brown thats a win I am sorry and ever body on this bord would have to say its true. That would be sick.
  5. The guy I would love to have with pick 2.
  6. But they can make a trade TrUfant and Sanu and we have a WR. Vegas has him coming to the ATL.
  7. I also like Sean Welsh also.
  8. Dimitri Flowers Trenton Thompson Poona Ford Davin Bellamy I hope we get these 4
  9. If Payne falls to us and he will and we do not pick him he will fall to the 2nd rd. Never be all pro!
  10. good job
  11. 1? what Alabama player on the D line that has been worth a crap in the last 10 years? Just asking?
  12. NO to all Alabama lineman they all never get any better goo god no! I hope he is long gone before we pick .
  13. Payne - Peria Jerry Hurst will be a stud!
  14. Peria Jerry- is Alabama's Payne!
  15. Alabama guy is going to be a bust! You just say no to them!