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  1. If Fields stays in school this will be fun to come back to.
  2. he just sounded like a guy that was staying in school.
  3. If he stays in school This will be so funny.
  4. Sounds like Fields maybe staying in school.
  5. got burned so bad on a national championship game.
  6. I new there going to do it. The one guy who got lit up in the championship game. God what are you thanking. On the plus side get this bunch of bumbs out of here after this mess.
  7. There was a lot of poeple on this bord wanted him number 1 for us, Thank goodness we did not go there. And would not have him now.
  8. https://www.nfldraftdiamonds.com/2018/11/john-cominsky/
  9. we take our C with our next pick. We just moved up.
  10. I see 3 pick in rd 4. With our 1st in 4 DAndra walker or Vosean Joseph With or 2nd pick CLamont Gilliard finsh our ol and with or trade in pick RB Devin Ozigbo I think we get a CB later trade or FA a vet
  11. Oh yeh and left out the fact that our non blocking RB was out all year. And we or worse at RB this year. If he plays 3-4 games again.
  12. why did it sux LBs sux CB will not tackel and 1 S. No CB depth with a 1st year starter and the other CB will not tackel. Lose a LB and we are right back there again. But hay we got OL.
  13. Lets get back to the 3rd and we get our C also. Becouse Lindstrom is a G.
  14. I say spend next years 1 lets get back to 2nd and get Taylor or Ford.
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