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  1. When a player is the #1 pick and gets a huge 2nd contract, he doesn't get to avoid any responsibility for the failings of his teams.
  2. The Jags passed up Tebow or Alualu. At least Tebow would have been interesting. Stupid Jags.
  3. He didn't even stay with the Texans and they don't miss him. How many playoff games has Williams won?
  4. Matt Simms' dad will get him a practice squad job again.
  5. Go with the best player! Glen Dorsey will make this defense legit for a long time. Drafting a QB can set an organization back 5 years!
  6. Should the Falcons bring in Super Overrated Mario Williams? He was a waste of the #1 pick by the Texans, but maybe he will get a little motivated for 1 year. Why hasn't he been signed?
  7. There's least 1 mock with a RB in the 4th on the first page.
  8. You did answer your own question, ya know. It should be a late rounder, at best.
  9. The Falcons could use more consistency from their running game, and getting better play from their 3rd RB may be the way to achieve that, but I don't buy the idea that they're gonna add even a mid round pick at RB. Why make that kind of investment in a RB when you already have 2 good RBs and other needs? We all know good RBs can be found late and post Draft. Team chemistry is not being considered enough when people mock a RB in the early or mid rounds. The Falcons don't need another big name, big ego RB when they can add a guy with a chip on his shoulder late or after the Draft. Any mock that
  10. 6'5.5 265 4.72 40 yard Dash 31" Vertical 21 Bench Reps Patrick Kerney TJ Watt is clearly our dude! http://nflcombineresults.com/playerpage.php?f=Patrick&l=Kerney&i=4927 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patrick_Kerney
  11. RBs are bigger stars and their names are more known by fans. That's part of the reason people always seem to think there are lots of good RBs IMO.
  12. Or Vernon Gholston...or Lawrence Jackson. DEs drafted in the same first round and also busted!
  13. Freeman was 13th in the NFL in number of carries last year. It's not like the NFL is overflowing with 'workhorse' RBs. And Freeman averages 50 receptions a year. That's workhorse enough for me.
  14. Dunn played a long time and accumulated around 15,000 yards from scrimmage. Can't say I blame Freeman for wanting a nice contract, because who's to say he can't play for a good number of years to come. He's only 25. It kind of feels like the Falcons should just fork over a 5 year deal with lots of guaranteed money in the early years and hope for the best.
  15. The idea of getting a short yardage power back is a little oversimplified. The Falcons need a #3 RB who can do more than run short, tough yards. He still needs to be able to do other things, because what if one or both of the other RBs get hurt? Also, if he's not useful in the passing game, teams will key on the run when he's in the lineup.
  16. People get scared about how risky QBs are. How about pass rushers. Big name pass rushers like Jordan bust all the time.
  17. I've considered this, but in addition to other factors, the cap space dedicated to RB would stop that from happening. The 31st pick will take at least 3 or 4 million in cap space.
  18. People need to consider the politics of bringing a RB in. It may not go over well with Devonta, Tevin and even some other players if the Falcons use an early pick on a RB. They won't.
  19. I think it's been expected that he would show good straight line speed. Would like to know how dependable that time is. Did it come from multiple scouts or Billy Bob the UT trainer?
  20. Trading up doesn't make you draft poorly. Just like trading down every year hasn't made the Browns draft well. Blowing picks on guys like Akeem Dent and Peter Konz weren't a result of the Julio trade. They were a result of making bad picks. The Falcons have hosted two NFCCGs and been to a Super Bowl since that trade.
  21. The Falcons drafted Shannon Brown with their first pick in the 1996 Draft. He never played a down in the NFL. Two years later was the Falcons first Super Bowl season. What if Shannon Brown had been good. ps the whole 1996 Draft was a nightmare for the Falcons.
  22. Is there an 'impact' player in the 2017 Draft that you'd be willing to trade 31 and 63 to get? I've been pondering this lately and honestly can't think of a realistic trade like that I'd be ok with. Maybe if the Falcons could get someone like Myles Garrett or Malik Hooker, but that's obviously not happening.
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