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  1. The Falcons just spent a 1st rnd pick on a Tak... Some of yall need to check your facts instead of just defaulting to complaining that the team doesnt draft 12 lineman every year.
  2. The Falcons have a total of 4 players at rb and wr on their roster who they've drafted...
  3. You're supposed to bend your knees before jumping. Just looks like a standard box jump with a minor variation before jumping.
  4. Nice jump, but it wasn't seated. He clearly plants his feet and lifts his body up before actually jumping.
  5. Foster is overrated as a prospect by a lot of people. I'd be pissed if my favorite team took him in the 1st round.
  6. With the Saints picking right behind Falcons, it makes one wonder how much info the Falcons might want to keep under wraps. It doesn't seem far fetched at all that the Saints could trade up from 32 to get ahead of the Falcons. I could see the Falcons selecting someone who they haven't shown a lot of public interest in.
  7. I'm ok with Forrest Lamp in the 1st because he'd projects as a plug and play starter, and can be moved around to other positions, if need be. Lamp and Matthews would give the Falcons 2 versatile O-lineman under 26, who might be around for a long time. I'm not typically one who is ok with a interior lineman in the 1st round, but Lamp looks good and it's only pick 31. ps Lamp won't make it to pick 31, so it's moot.
  8. What little I know about Williams makes him seem like the guy who might fit well with Keanu Neal for a long time.
  9. Yeah, off field issues are never a bad thing for a LB. Just look at Prince Shembo. Or Rolando McClain. Junior Galette. Aldon Smith. A thousand other busts that the 'off field behavior doesn't matter' crowd choose to excuse away. Again, there's plenty of talented players out there that don't act the fool. No reason to trade up for a guy like Foster.
  10. People said the similar things about Robert Nkemdiche a year ago. He did squat as a rookie. Players with behavioral issues too often don't play up to their potential. No thanks. There's plenty of good players who have displayed more maturity.
  11. Trade up for a 230lb LB with behavioral issues? Please, please no.
  12. But can he really cover well enough to be a single cover high, or whatever they call it?
  13. The Falcons should Draft Budda Baker, Tyus Bowser and Tarell Basham. Dan Quinn could really attack opposing offenses with a variety of cool names.
  14. Trying to scapegoat a team's loss onto one person won't change the fact that they lost. Win as a team, lose as a team.
  15. John Ross Dude looks like he's jogging and still runs away from everybody.
  16. I don't buy this mock because the Falcons pick too many of their players from the southeast USA for me think this will actually happen.
  17. Falcons look really, really smart for signing him. There were many doubters out there, including me.
  18. One thought that really intrigues me, and makes me think the Falcons might view Lamp as their most desired player at 31, is the thought that Lamp and Matthews would give the Falcons 2 versatile O-lineman under 26 year old.
  19. This guy is Tarell deal. If the Falcons selected him at 31, I wouldn't Basham.
  20. The way I read/hear so many people gush over Lamp, it makes me question why anyone thinks he's an option for the Falcons, unless they trade up. Some team in the top 30 will want a versatile plug and play lineman.
  21. I like Maye, but watching him seems an awful lot like watching Keanu Neal. Not saying they couldn't play together, but wonder if the Falcons might prefer someone a little more different to Keanu.
  22. LOL 69 I see what they did there!
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