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  1. People are excited about Bruce Irvin potentially coming to Atlanta? Why? It must be May.
  2. We don't need a non-pass catching overrated Wisconsin back. Just kidding, but Gurley > Gordon
  3. What is a "max contract" in the NFL? This isn't the NBA...
  4. The shiny hood ornament ******* dominated Clemson.
  5. People are missing the boat on the Julio Jones trade. The Falcons got a good player with that trade/pick. They've drafted 28 players since that trade. They got very few good players with those picks.
  6. Todd Gurley did not have 2 major injuries. He played 25 games his first two years of college. He missed some games with a suspension in 2014 and then tore his ACL, ending his season. Yes, the dreaded ACL tear in 2014!
  7. Which OT? What offensive tackle are you going to take over Todd Gurley at pick twenty whatever? The Panthers can't send a card to the podium that says "an OT".
  8. Thomas Davis tore his right ACL three years in a row. His career should be over, but the NFL is letting him play because they're UGA homers.
  9. There's different ways to skin a cat. A good running game certainly doesn't hurt a defense. It also doesn't hurt a team's chances of keeping it's franchise QB and pass catchers healthy.
  10. I never said all. The Bills clearly felt a good RB was a need. Good chance the Lions draft a RB early One? That's even less true than your comment about Gurley never finishing a season. Drafting Gurley doesn't prevent the defense from getting better.
  11. Running the ball IS defense. Find a team with a good defense and they're probably also good at running the ball. The Falcons have not been good at running the last 2 years.
  12. I think we should all come to an agreement. Some folks like to keep pointing to the torn ACL. If that scares you off, fine, but those of us who live in 2015 aren't that worried about it. No matter how much you repeat and exaggerate it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKU88lvCm3E OMG devastating injury! Marcus Lattitude 2.0!
  13. "I want the BPA" is a nice safe position to take. An easy way to avoid the dangerous waters of message board criticism.