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  1. So adding a broken down LB we already got rid of once, and a DE whose only noteworthy action was getting suspended for a bar fight is good enough for you, as far as our defense goes?
  2. And then hired a nutritionist to help him back down to 238 pounds. Too small. Too light. When the rules allow for bench-pressing of opposing players, let me know. THEN I'll care about bench pressing. IS the QB 40 yards away with no obstacles in between? But if he is a liability against the run, teams can audible to run right at him. Worse, it limits our #8 overall draft pick to a third-down specialist. This is something I genuinely appreciate. I also appreciate the off-field charity work I have seen mentioned. Ultimately, being a great person is more important than being a great player. I do want him to succeed. He just needs to add 10-15 pounds of lean muscle mass and learn something other than a spin-spin-spin MOAR move.
  3. So you're happy with having a defense that generates no pressure, no pass rush, and lost its best run-plugging DT?
  4. I actually said that an extra sack or two is not real improvement. I have never limited "pass rush" to just sack totals. Here's something for YOU to consider. Our numbers last year were against how many rookie quarterbacks? How many backup quarterbacks? Look at what BLAINE FREAKING GABBERT did against us!!! We were a mediocre defense against Sam Bradford, Brandon Weeden, Brian Hoyer, Zack Mettenberger, rookie crab-leg thief/probable rapist Jamies Winston (twice), the aforementioned Blaine Gabbert, and ancient Matt Hasselbeck, The draft is still to come, certainly, but I don't see anyone at #17 that will be an impact player: a difference maker. An improvement? I suppose it would be hard NOT to find a marginal improvement, but "better" does not mean "good enough". I have seen better "magic" from a magician hack at a child's birthday party. We made backups and rookies look like superstars week after week.
  5. This is a passing league. Our pass rush WAS complete and utter garbage. Proof: Blaine Gabbert. We HAVEN'T done a thing to effectively upgrade our pass rush or pressure generation. We lost our best run-stuffing defensive tackle. One or two more sacks would technically be an upgrade, but I am talking about a REAL upgrade, where our defense can actually contribute to wins by not allowing rookie and career back up quarterbacks to shred us. Apparently, you do not.
  6. If true, we are in for a race with Cleveland for the #1 overall pick in next year's draft.
  7. It's a good thing I specified NOT bulking up to that degree: just to about 250 lean muscle mass. Because teams never audible to a run to take advantage of a favorable match up. Further, spending the #8 overall pick on a player you claim is only in on third downs is a good plan? I watched every game. Beasley was a liability against the run, and was a non-factor in many games, run OR pass. Go back and look at how many threads there were about Beasley's seeming lack of effort or his "motor" there were. Even you admit he was "hardly as bad". By no reasonable estimation was he an "impact player". And no, I do not mean just sacks. I mean he very seldom, if ever, made a play that had enough of an impact to change the course of a game. Perhaps. But you certainly do NOT know how to English. GJ by the moderators to let him continually insult and harass. Nice to be shielded by selective rules-enforcement based on who likes who.
  8. THIS I will support. Beasley does seem to be a good and decent guy. I believe that is more important than on-field production. I am happy to see things like this.
  9. To be honest, if he can help the offense extend drives and keep the defense off the field, he will help limit the defense's potential to give away games. Kinda. Maybe. But agreed: he doesn't help our defensive unit's ability to actually play defense.
  10. Not me. I just want to see some actual effective, consistent production. So we get to tell the offense when and where to run? "No fair running at our safety-sized DE, because he's just here to rush the passer! If we have Beasley in, you have to pass, or run to the middle!!!" Also, what "personal" was added? A personal what? A personal trainer? A personal nutritionist? He has one.
  11. A good spot? We have one proven lazy under-achiever who has squandered a ton of ability by just not caring. We have one DT I very much want to see blossom into what we need him to be as much because of his father as for the team itself. Every other DT is a waste of space. We have stick-man at one DE spot. We have absolutely nothing at other DE roster spots. Linebacker is collectively a huge sucking chest wound. Other than Trufant, our only proven defensive stud, it is impossible to see how good our other DB's are or can be because the front 7 gives absolutely no pressure. What "good place" do you see?
  12. I disagree. An NFL team has an image, a brand in the community. Miko Grimes is not reflective of that. She attracts headlines for the wrong reasons, creates dissension in the locker room by running her mouth about things she either made up or was told by Brent. Her behavior is extreme enough, detrimental enough, to warrant the Dolphins' reaction. Further, his age makes him decreasingly worth the headaches she brings.
  13. First, "quotant" isn't a word. Second, even though "quotient" actually IS a word, that is what the "Q" in "IQ" stands for. While "IQ quotient" is a failure in and of itself, you failed to even fail properly. People who lack the intelligence to use the English language properly shouldn't talk crap about other people's intellect. I clearly said "from Free Agency", meaning I am not talking about the draft yet. I later say that I do not believe that the players available at #17 will be sufficient upgrades to make a difference in our overall defensive effectiveness. But that is a different topic for a different discussion. THIS discussion is about our lack of finding anyone that is realistically likely to improve our defense. Read above. I did. When I saw how little we did to improve our defense. I am not negative about the offense (aside from the playcalling), but no one mentions that. As I said, people only care about the negative. Excellent advice. I hope you take it.
  14. Show me where I referenced sack totals.
  15. I'm sorry, did you say something? Well, something worth listening to? What a moron. I never said he can't get bigger or stronger; I have said he has no intention of doing so, and that he thinks he is just fine at 238 pounds. "If I work out harder and just continue to replace the calories that I burn in practice, I'll be fine," Beasley said. "I want to be 238, 240. Being in that range, I'll be good." No, he won't be. 250+ of lean muscle mass is the range in which he'll be good. At 238, he will never have the strength to hold the edge on a rush, or to shed a blocker that has engaged him. This was proven last year.
  16. Yeah. Probably on New England's, Baltimore's, or Pittsburg's rosters.
  17. Are you implying we have someone capable of a pass rush when Beasley and/or Clayborn ARE in the game?
  18. Speed is great, but Beasley was too small and too weak to be consistently effective last season. He was getting swallowed up by OT's with very little effort far too often. And he was a straight up liability against the run. I'm not asking for 270+ conventional DE size. Just about 250-255 lean muscle mass would allow him to keep his speed.
  19. Shelby's fight and subsequent suspension made a minimal impact on the news--- if any at all--- because no one knew or cared who he was. Seattle's players weren't stars, but they were still really good players. Our sad collection of No Pro meatsacks are not even adequate. 19 sacks as a team? Inexcusable. The Rams are building a championship? Wake me up when they have a winning season. Clayborn and Shelby aren't worth being Avril and Bennett's towel and gatorade boys. Neither one has a lick of potential beyond "roster filler". It's not how well known our players aren't; the problem is that they straight up cannot play NFL football at an adequate level.
  20. All joking aside, Kim Z and Kroy have kids together. Outwardly they seem happy. All I know is what they want me to see, I suppose, but to my knowledge Kim Z. never embarrassed the team or the league like Miko Grimes has done repeatedly.
  21. I said in the opening post that I was discussing free agency, or rather our lack of doing anything worthwhile for the defense. Your feelings are irrelevant. Criticizing players is part of the message board world. Put on your big boy pants. I couldn't stop yelling at the tv when Shanahan called pass-pass-pass-punt so often last year. Our line was struggling to pass protect, but was fairly solid in run-blocking; Davonte was having a monster year, but Matt was struggling (as expected) in his first year in the WCO; Shanahan's summation: "MUST PASS MOAR!!!" I hope Beasley improves. If he does eclipse 250 in lean mass, then I believe he will. If he insists on maintaining 238 like he claimed he was going to, then he will be a bust. A skinny, spinning bust. I have little hope for the draft, although through little fault of TD's. I just don't see anyone likely to be a true stud impact player being available at #17. Of course, anything is possible, but TD has very few surprise hits on his resume. Can we find an improvement over one of our current LB's at #17? Absolutely. But being "an improvement" does not mean being "an impact player". Our secondary cannot meaningfully improve if our pass rush does not improve. We could have two Prime Time clones at CB and two Ronnie Lott clones at Safety, and with the time our front 7 gives opposing quarterbacks, they would get shredded. Weatherspoon is a patchwork of crystal fragments held together by cheap glue. Average when healthy, and never healthy.
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