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  1. What exactly do you consider "dumb" about my post?
  2. Baker would either fall off the cliff or go to the trainers table for relatively play-throughable injuries. Clowney has a legitimate career-threatening micro-fracture in his knee (or knees?). Clowney may well go down as a colossal bust if his knee(s) never fully recovers. But he cannot possibly be accused of shirking or playing soft due to lack of effort or desire. Any Clowney/Baker comparisons are foolish.
  3. I believe that the issue is that he did NOT bust his butt to contribute, until he was in a contract year. Because I believe he only applied himself, only really tried for his one contract season, I have no sympathy at all. He sucked up MILLIONS of unearned, undeserved dollars. Let that be his comfort. Good riddance. Quinn has shown he wants players with toughness and desire. Quinn has shown a disregard for the sacred cows of the past. I applaud this. I opposed Quinn's hiring due to his inexperience with running an organization. I am happy to see that he has a strong enough personality, and a c
  4. I think there are plenty of reasons to bash him. He never showed any toughness or desire to play through pain from NFL-relative minor to medium injuries: injuries that most NFL players are expected to play through. I do not think that for one second that it is a coincidence that his one season of healthy and reasonably competent play was his contract year. I truly and firmly believe that he was slacking or just not dedicated to playing until a big payday was in the offing. I am happy he has been cut. I am sad that it was necessary. I am angry that he brought it on himself by just not caring.
  5. The Raiders that drafted Ray Guy were still one of the best, winningest franchises in ALL of sports, not just football. As for Janikowski, he's been the only real offensive weapon they've had for about a decade. Seabass vs every offensive player the Raiders have taken in a decade: Seabass easily out-produced all of them COMBINED!!!
  6. Actually, the Aint's took Russel Erxlaben (sp?) in the first, and the Raiders took Sebastian Janikowski and HoF Ray Guy in the first. A case could be made for both of the Raiders picks to be reasonably successful.
  7. This post is hidden because you have chosen to ignore posts by FalconFanSince1970. View it anyway? Such a beautiful sight!
  8. I would agree that the successes are much more rare than the failures. Of course if it were easy, any idiot could do the job. Heck, with his Wayback Machine, Mr. Peabody and his boy Sherman RamsFanSince2015 would have a job as co-GM, and be "Exec Of The Year" every single year.
  9. I never read the lyrics. Is it officially "change" or "chain"? I never could figure that out.
  10. While that is often true, there are also examples such as Marshawn Lynch, Jerome Bettis, Reggie White, Priest Holmes, Drew Brees, Jonathan Vilma, and Peyton Manning that can be held up as examples of smart gambles on big-name free agents. Actually, one or two of those names may be trades. But even if they are, my point still stands.
  11. I wonder which will have more pages: Smitty's book or this thread?
  12. I was initially skeptical of the trade. In retrospect, looking at the likely cast of suspects we would have gotten instead, we lucked out. Unless, of course, RamsFanSince2015 would loan us the Wayback Machine he clipped from Mr. Peabody.
  13. And that think Gronk can't block. He's actually one of the best blocking TE's in the league, in addition to being THE BEST receiving TE.
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