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  2. Since you're having trouble, Why would he sign it differently, and at the time he was the DDA. OLDE HICKORY HOUSE. Yikes, pretty bad forge.
  3. Hey trout try telling us again just how smart you guys are. The last time you did that man was that funny. So 70% of college educated Democrats don't believe nature chooses gender. Isn't that special. While you're at it let's talk about Bob.
  4. All I got to say is Gloria Allred. She is the biggest fraud on the planet. By the way we haven't heard from her fraudulent daughter in a while. Wonder why that is?
  5. Yep. Also did you hear about the new pew research poll? It found 70% of college-educated Democrats do not believe Gender is declared at Birth. These people actually think people make up their minds what they are. That's your average Democrat and that's why getting things across to people on the left is so hard. So much for the absolutism and the politics of science.
  6. Geeze guys, you would think you would have learned from the Dan rather's forgery case against George Bush. If you're going to forge people's records signatures Etc you might want to get some better forgerers. This buffoon who came out with Gloria Allred yesterday, which right there gives you the reason not to believe her, forged her yearbook signature. Funny games you continue to pla.
  7. Ah no. Bill Clinton is an all time champ, then the left lied and cheated to anoint hillary.
  8. GQ magazine, like people, like TIME have gone out of there way to celebrate and honor horrific people. The latest trend these past 2 decades is to MOVE further left. There was a day when these folks were considered honest Brokers of news. That's way past gone by.
  10. 38 year old acqusations and you IGNORE BOB MENENDEZ......Right on troutsky.
  11. Now this is SPOT ON.
  12. Folks, you are being lied too, manipulated and its seemingly everywhere. For decades we have been force fed stories, variations of events and flavored bylines. The MSM is headlines by the NY Times, The Washington Post, CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS with numerous veins trending into blogs and alternate news Orgs. We've been suggested by the left leaning establishment, which is over 90% of all the News Orgs on the planet that a certain life style, a certain Amoral life style is trending up and to NOT question it. A christian Baker refuses to bake a cake for a non traditional wedding, they are sued, harrassed and put in purgatory. A militant crowd calls for the assassination of our Current President, calls cops killers, raves about Castro, the left tells us to suck on it, sit down and shut up. Well, that heavy bullying is OVER. Its over because some on the right, our current President has punched back. Thank you Mr. President. Its seems that the hollier then now leftist in politics and Hollywood are actually a denizen of snakes, pedophiles, sexual assaulters and have been for decades. These mouth pieces for the left have been shaming good americans and traditional values BECAUSE they have None. They live in an alternate world where they cheat on each other, bully each other, assault and GO QUIET with each other, all the while, the entire pack of wolves, know all about it. The feminist movement is Dead. Why, how, or better question, how did it even get started? Its dead because of pyscho paths like Ted Kennedy. It didn't start with him, but he was the early face of POWER = No accountability. When you can wreck while drunk, go home leaving your girlfriend to drown, then call the police the next day with NO punishment, only to become the most popular senator in modern times, then you know there aren't any rules for those who make the rules. Let me, let 1 of the unwashed on this board do the same, and I can guarantee you, we'd be in Jail, and our lives would be over. Let a Clinton sexually assault dozens of women, even in the White House, and those who are there to protect us, PROTECT themselves. The Feminist looked the other way on both those creatins, still do. Let Weinstein rape women, assault women in Hollywood for decades and watch those same hollywood women remain quiet, which then allows the predation to continue. You have this 1 half wit who was supposedly raped by Weinstein, and this gal comes out swinging, Not at Harvey, but Trump. She goes as far to preach a vile hate monologue in front of camera's and children. What a bunch of liars, creeps and hypocrites the left has as their leaders. BTW - These same hypocrites give each other money, launch campaigns in terrorists dens, and pat each other on the back for films that preach violence, guns and sexual assault. Whats this got to do with GQ magazine? They're all in it together. By the Way, there's a trial going on about Rampant Corruption by a Democrat US Senator, Bob Menendez, and you folks keep yammering about Moore and Trump. Its as if your left meter is stuck on Fake News instead of Real News.
  13. Fusion GPS has blown apart any Russian collusion connections scheme. Its now been learned that the russian lawyer who met with Trump jr. met with Fusion right before, and then right after the meeting. The entire thing WAS A SET UP. And who was employing Fusion GPS? The HIllary campaign and the DNC. This is also the infamous firm behind the purchase of the Russian Dossier. You dudes have been punked from the very start. Although, I have to believe you smart folks knew this but WISHED it was all true. Fusion GPS official met with Russian operative before and after Trump Jr. sit-down The co-founder of Fusion GPS, the firm behind the unverified Trump dossier, met with a Russian lawyer before and after a key meeting she had last year with Trump’s son, Fox News has learned. The contacts shed new light on how closely tied the firm was to Russian interests, at a time when it was financing research to discredit then-candidate Donald Trump. The opposition research firm has faced renewed scrutiny after litigation revealed that the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign paid for that research. Congressional Republicans have since questioned whether that politically financed research contributed to the FBI’s investigation of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign – making Fusion’s 2016 contacts with Russian interests all the more relevant. The June 2016 Trump Tower meeting involving Donald Trump Jr. and Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya occurred during a critical period. At that time, Fox News has learned that bank records show Fusion GPS was paid by a law firm for work on behalf of a Kremlin-linked oligarch while paying a former British spy Christopher Steele to dig up dirt on Trump through his Russian contacts. But hours before the Trump Tower meeting on June 9, 2016, Fusion co-founder and ex-Wall Street Journal reporter Glenn Simpson was with Veselnitskaya in a Manhattan federal courtroom, a confidential source told Fox News. Court records reviewed by Fox News, email correspondence and published reports corroborate the pair’s presence together. The source told Fox News they also were together after the Trump Tower meeting. Simpson’s presence with Veselnitskaya during this critical week in June -- together with revelations about Fusion’s simultaneous financial ties to the DNC, Clinton campaign and Russian interests -- raise new questions about the company’s role in the 2016 election. Special Counsel Robert Mueller is investigating the Trump Tower meeting as part of his probe of Russian interference in last year’s election. Simpson and Fusion GPS were hired by BakerHostetler, which represented Russian firm Prevezon through Veselnitskaya. Veselnitskaya has said she sought the Trump Tower meeting in order to lobby the candidate’s team against Russian sanctions, but the initial approach included an offer of compromising information on candidate Clinton. Lawyers representing Fusion and Veselnitskaya did not respond to requests for comment lodged on Friday. Senate Judiciary Committee investigators interviewed Simpson for more than 10 hours on Aug. 22. A spokesman for the committee had no comment on whether Simpson confirmed his contact with Veselnitskaya during the closed-door session.
  14. I guess you missed, entirely the Obama's corporate weddings. He gave, more like printed, $80 billion per month and gave it to wallstreet, for 7.5 years. If he and zuckerberg and the rest of the giants had of been more cozy, they'd have wed. The corp. money went to the democrats at the same time our national debt doubled.