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  1. Wow what hyperbole and fake news from Defcon four. We know how you guys on the left like to protect your own like girlfriend killer Ted Kennedy like serial rapist Bill Clinton.
  2. Whites are 2/3 of the police shooting victims. So I believe your a little bit off on your estimation of whose getting shot by the police.
  3. You complain about class less posts and then show us your hypocrisy. Whatever M Drake.
  4. Yea, I know what you said on the 5th, because overwhelming evidence suggested you had been wrong and you were going to embarrasse yourself if you didn't post a caveat. You and the left, the polls, were lying for a year or more about Trump and you pushed a story line that was fake.
  5. Dude the entire board knows your a hack for the progressive left. That's not even a subject of contention. You want to continue or not spouting off the Trump wouldn't win couldn't win it's all there on the board for anybody cares to go look it up. I am quite sure nobody cares. Like you're attacking my dad when he died folks know the story.
  6. Trout you and the media and the DNC shouted from the rooftops for months and months and months the Trump could not win. That was total BS it was a lie and it was supposed to carry the day.
  7. Why don't you show us all your polls from 2016? Talk about talking points....
  8. Yea, that last political heavy weight in office, DOUBLED the national debt and crippled our foreign affairs, and our internal affairs, so much the world thinks the Gentle Giant was a hero. Great job political experts. You tried giving America away and Now the adults are going to need to clean it up. Take a Seat trout, you're predictions were proof positive to just out inept the political winds are.
  9. For all you Cop bashers. Watch this video. This thug was going to murder these cops. Be alert my friends, very alert.
  10. Brock, scientist in those days were actually studying things, delving into things Man didn't understand. When politics got into the matter, it became a way to twist the truth, perpetuate a story line, as to gain control over the populace. In the 70's scientist thought we were headed for another ice age. Scientist get things wrong all the time, but now, they are being paid to come up with a result, that is foolish, but empowering.
  11. The early 1900's? The paper trail IS THE GRANTS. The models were set up to prove a Point, which is that last thing you run a model for. The models didn't include the sun, clouds, water vapor, ocean currents and those my friend are the drivers of our climate, not some bit particle that amounts to .005% of the atmosphere. Its a bigger hoax the Y2k.
  12. Yep, I came back, mostly at Moses badgering. And dude, Deisel didn't get deleted. My old posts are still there. Just more proof.
  13. Because they were paid to back the idea. Follow the money. The environment also become a religion for the left. They just haven't a clue what the priorities should be.
  14. Oh, how so sweet that is. That is beautiful. I think Cadillac has done a terrific job on these sedans, and the turbo models are incredible.
  15. Who don't we like?