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  1. I think Georgia wins out just based on the driving distance.
  2. Watching Last Chance U, any of y'all remember Chauncey Rivers?? That man still repping UGA while he was playing for EMCC.
  3. Hated Coral before his Florida visit, I'll hate him if he somehow signed with UGA
  4. Right?? I want him to go to Florida just so I can see the Red and Black destroy him.
  5. I can't stand this kid. Fits right in with UF.
  6. Are you an Ole Miss fan? If so sorry but I'm glad they're getting this. They deserve this. It was obvious they were paying recruits and they're head coach was scum. This is what happens when you lie in bed with the devil.
  7. He's definetly getting there. I mean the guy hasn't even gone through training camp and he's signing with Lil Wayne, selling gritz blitz socks, and pulling suv's on insta haha. As long as he produces on the field he can auction off signed cantaloupes for all I care tho.
  8. Riley needs to kinda tone it down a dial. He hasn't even played a snap yet.
  9. I wanted to say him but I have my doubts he'll get many reps this year.
  10. That's because he had no one else to blame. Ryan played amazing. Cam played like he shouldn't of even been there.
  11. Rico - Just hoping he makes a leap this year Campbell Shelby - 8 sacks Jalen - this is his year (5+ ints) Whoever our KR will be. We've got some good options. I say 3 TDS this year off of kicks or punts
  12. Freeman is a beast. And I want to keep him. I just don't wanna overpay. Freeman happy < Championship
  13. He's humble but his agent isn't. And he's expressed he wants elite money. I'm not holding my breath.