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  1. Who replaces Coleman?? And who cares if it's on the first page?? It's a bunch of people just telling you they're schedule is the same as ours and talking about other teams. They aren't even talking about Tampa's schedule being "easy" because no one cares. Edit : Lol the last 2 responses in your thread are you. Of course it'll stay front page if you keep bumping it. Eventually someone else will reply.
  2. Gabriel will stay. My hope atleast. He loves it here so he should take a team friendly deal.
  3. Now that's a good idea. DRAFT his replacement.
  4. **** no. Who replaces his production?? This is as bad as your "Tampas has an easy schedule" thread.
  5. LT is GARBAAAAAGE. Everything else is good tho. Would start on other teams good.
  6. I say it because you tend to go to the extreme after one win or lose.
  7. Good lord I can't read this the way ya done did type it now ya hear??
  8. Idk why y'all wanna underestimate these Lions tho.
  9. What?? I love them. Generational gap I guess.
  10. I could see it. That last wildcard was a ***** to pick.
  11. Playoff time I see the seeds as Div winners Atl Seattle (Rams as a surprise sleeper) Detriot Philly Wildcard Packers Redskins
  12. Then go be a fan of them and quit annoying us.
  13. Link my friend??
  14. You were also pretty hyped about Auburn after they beat Georgia Southern
  15. I think we will win but I don't want it to end up like the Bears game and everyone freak because it was close.