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  1. Bro all these dudes dissing on Ansah like he ain't ****. No wonder these fools think this defense is fine.
  2. What??? Do you guys even know who Ansah is?????
  3. Teco ran behind the same line as him. 7 yards per carry. If we take those two out the Eagles score more.
  4. Poole on the outside?? Dude you must have sucked at DB or you'd at least be a garbage coach. He's not an outside guy. And throw Kazee at SS?? Do you even know what the SS does in this system??? You're weakening the defense and building offense. How did that work in our Superbowl?? Build the defense you fool. That is no where near low risk. That's MASSIVE RISK and very low reward
  5. If we get either of them I'll pass out
  6. 4-6 B players would he better than 2 A but not 3 B for 2 A that's terrible. And the players aren't even guranteed. The draft is a crap shoot.
  7. I demand @JDaveG teaches me about offense.
  8. Because Ansah is considered a top DE. He has had 3 seasons of 8+ sacks a year while Clayborn has had 1. Pretty simple.
  9. So get rid of a proven SS to downgrade and draft an unknown?? Mack is a top player. You don't just grab another.
  10. Considering Clay is a lot cheaper that's a stupid post.
  11. Who's the better player?? Neal. Easy. If you think Boston is then you have no idea what you're talking about.
  12. Poole
  13. 3 examples in how many years?? And only one has a Julio like impact
  14. You clearly never played