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  1. Wanna make a bet on it since they’re so good to you?? How far do you think they go in the playoffs??
  2. Sputtered and showed they can be stopped. That is until the cowboys just quit tackling and gave up.
  3. I mentioned the saints along with 5 other teams dummy
  4. Now get you a Falcons hat and we can be friends
  5. Did you watch the game or just see the final score???
  6. Uhhhh I stand by my statement. Cowboys quit. I wanna see how the Eagles fair next week.
  7. Y’all know what jobs are???
  8. Dude hates recuriting, very bad hire.
  9. Please save your reply until you learn how to read. Then come back.
  10. Lattimore is good.
  11. Who’s crowning anyone??
  12. Good Saint doesn’t mean good NFL player.
  13. Everyone wanted Vac cut last year but now he’s Neal? Lol oookkkk
  14. Son of a ***** my phones auto correct is ridiculous. Ima leave it.