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  1. Ridley said "idk I think I got pretty close"
  2. http://www.nfl.com/videos/the-checkdown/0ap3000000934199/Watch-NFL-rookies-try-to-draw-their-new-team-logos Pretty funny actually, Calvin Ridley is in it too.
  3. Link? Wasn't that study like super biased and the only people they studied were people they thought had already showed signs of CTE and not randomly picked?
  4. When did he ever say men are tougher? I agree with what you're saying but you're trying to hard to make this guy look bad.
  5. This makes me giddy.
  6. @R_The_Great member when you thought Jamss Stone was good because you thought he was cute? No one takes you seriously
  7. And you're pretending you know more than DQ and Quinn.
  8. I don't blame Ryan for those losses. He played well. Beckham on the other hand...
  9. What does Ryan have to do with it? He did his part in the playoffs. Beckham didn't. He dropped **** near everything.
  10. Cool he's a regular season warrior
  11. The Giants force feed Beckham because he's all they got. Of course he's got more TD's. For some reason the team just doesn't go to Julio in the red zone.
  12. And that's why Beckham isn't on Julio's level. If he gets it together playoff wise then yeah he will be but until then he's on the outside looking in. Beckham had that one great catch and now he's one of the greats.
  13. Then why did he flounder in the playoffs so hard?
  14. Is that why Odell has more drops than catches in the playoffs?