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  1. Since you wanna post dig.. let's bring up this cute little tantrum
  2. That's all I needed to know he's weak minded too
  3. Lol you just sound like someone who hates UGA
  4. Where's his ring? Right.. he jumped away and got scared.
  5. You're so far up his *** I'm surprised you can't tell us what's really going on
  6. He can be talented all he wants, he's weak minded like Cam.
  7. Well cya, good luck to ya. I guess he has Cam's mental toughness.
  8. At this point he can go ahead and leave, he wants to keep one foot out the door then we should push him.
  9. You're right someone just made up the story for kicks and giggles.
  10. Not let it get leaked out like it has before signing day. Duh.
  11. Your extreme is no matter what this kid ***** gold in your eyes. He can do no wrong. If you really think this is bad timing on his part idk what to tell you.
  12. If he didn't want the story leaked he could have spoken out already instead of sitting on his ***
  13. You're right he said nothing to no one and someone made up this random rumor and he's too busy to squash it.