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  1. Like who? If you can't name a replacement then how can we replace him?
  2. So you didn't wanna resign Trufant when he was a top 5 corner? What would you plan have been then?
  3. That's the kind of thinking that gets you a Warmack, Robinson, Fluker, etc
  4. **** yeah. My bro Gabe is like 5'7 or something around that and he's massive but only weighs like 180-190. Blows my mind buddy benches 400.
  5. I was 185, I got up to 215lbs from lifting. It's muscle my man.
  6. I'm 5'10 215lbs so I don't match anyone
  7. Good Lord dude Cannon wasnt a starter until 2016, Mason is still on his rookie deal his extension hasn't started against the cap yet, and Andrews was an UDFA who was resigned after one year of starting. Of course he's still cheap.
  8. Yeah because that's swing tackle money. We can keep him as a starter or upgrade with someone on a rookie deal. Y'all just wanna cry over the dumbest ****.
  9. Dude he's not making 6mil a year omg
  10. I'd start Kamara over Free any day. Also Hunt didn't come into the league until 2016 and he's been a top back since. Free had one great year in 2016 behind an offensive mastermind and a great o-line ever since he can't stay healthy. Talent wise Free is there but if he can't even play he's useless.
  11. Lol ok. We'll see how it goes.