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  1. Nope
  2. Fields could just transfer and play well and Kirby will feel heat. Fromm is doodoo right now.
  3. That sounds interesting as ****, is there a book or a link you guys could direct me to towards so I can read more about this?
  4. "Purdue spent the 4th quarter trying to run the clock out, but kept accidentally running up the score with 40+ yard TDs." "Purdue Football just one upped the make a wish foundation on national television." "Purdue beat the spread by 42.5" "OSU rarely loses, but when they do lose it's really ******* bad" "Can’t get blown out of the playoffs if you don’t make the playoffs. Smart move, urban." "Really cool of Purdue to beat cancer in front of Tyler" "Does the loss count if Urban doesn't report it?" "He already forgot this happened, **** meds" ">BC lost by 27 >OSU lost by 29 BC > tOSU confirmed " "SPOILERMAKERS!"
  5. As an UGA fan I need the bye to be magic so be quiet.
  6. Clapping some cheeks
  7. I say we sit Pittman down with a blank check and tell him he can fill it out if he lets us get another OC
  8. Chaney kills me, his calls suck but he comes with Pittman...
  9. You've got to be kidding
  10. Ohio State has quit
  11. That was just pure ******* fight omg
  12. Then it quiets down the sit Fromm crowd and settles down the locker room.
  13. Well it depends, if we lose and don't give Fields a chance while Fromm struggles then this team is gonna have lots of internal issues.