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  1. Yeah let's have a guy that can't get a first down against backups who will never see a NFL field as our backup. Genius.
  2. My bad I was walking through campus when I posted this on my phone. Thanks for bringing it to my attention! Should have read over it before posting!
  3. He's talking about Campbell.
  4. Probably but if he really balls out he would make it. It's up to him.
  5. Dude not every pick is gonna be a starter. You gotta have realistic expectations. If we can get a solid rotational piece on the DL, developmental OL, slot WR/CB, 2nd TE/HB, etc in the third then that's a good pick.
  6. Dude go look at last drafts and tell me how many starters come out of the third.
  7. Since when is third rounders starting the norm?
  8. Played 33 rookies compared to the Jets 14. So we could have fielded an entire starting offense, defense, and special teams with guys who have never played a down in the NFL against guys who have.
  9. Considering where he's at I don't think he'll develop. QB's aren't going into Denver and getting better. If he went to a Doug Pederson, Sean Peyton, Kyle Shannahan, I could see it.
  10. Could easily keep Debo Campbell Riley Foye Celestine Ish at LB. Maybe even one more depending on who they like.
  11. Ridley played one series dude.
  12. Collins had the talent and didn't look completely lost on the field.
  13. But in your quote you said "Watch him have a game winning turnover ala Collins." Collins was good. Duke is ***.