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  1. Wayne's hasn't been great. Hes meh
  2. We've had the 7th best winning percentage the last 10 years. This is a top 10 franchise under TD. 2 NFCCG appearances with 2 coaches, 1 win And 1 maybe 2 SB if both coaches weren't absolute dumbasses.
  3. Hope the players lock out. They deserve better than this ****.
  4. Even after a decade you're still in his head.
  5. I think he took Cochran's loyalty for granted and he paid the price. Quit putting words in my mouth like a child.
  6. Show me where I did that. And he was being hired away anyway. If not use someone else was grabbing him. You came in here acting like you didnt care but now you're butt hurt lol. Saban should have promoted the ******* dude. 13 **** years.
  7. No one likes a poor winner. You are one of the more annoying Bama fans I've ever met. If there's evidence then post it. Please.
  8. **** em let em get butthurt
  9. Getting rid of Freeman only makes sense if it's a June 1st thing. A trade wouldn't have helped unless lions agreed to take the salary hit
  10. Or they only wanted the trade if we kept his salary and that's why we said no.
  11. So if BPA is MLB, QB, WR, RB how doesnt that help us win now? How do we get stacked?
  12. Rams 3rd PPG Redskins 13th Saints 4th Jags 9th Bengals 25th Steelers 5th Chiefs 6th Chargers 18th Colts 29th Lions 8th Average is like 12th on offense in ppg? For top 10 teams in YAC. Off the top of my head wasnt this team 13th or so in ppg? Again more than one way to have a good offense. One stat isnt make or break.
  13. Never argued with that and again YAC isnt the end all be all of an offense. 13th boi.
  14. Eh not gonna trust a random guy who doesnt cite his sources. Either way not worried about yac we were 13th and that's with an offense that doesn't focus on getting YAC. More than one way to have a good offense. You want Koetter to do it your way and because he doesnt you throw a fit. I want a ground and pound offense but I dont run around the board going after Koetter. Hes on the team get over it.
  15. Post the link to those stats. All of them. As you know you have a history of skewing them in your favor.
  16. Where have Julio, Ridley, Evans, Jackson, Howard, etc ranked in years without Koetter? If you wanna move the goalpost take out Kittle who is an absolute monster and breaks tackles since that isnt scheme and the 49ers drop to the bottom.
  17. http://stats.washingtonpost.com/fb/tmleaders.asp?range=NFL&rank=231&type=Receiving Doesn't look bottom to me.
  18. That part is impossible because Koetter's scheme does nothing good at all. Absolutely nothing. No good in it anywhere. He has nothing that his scheme does well.
  19. Hooper is gonna hit 13mil a year I bet.
  20. I like how it's ah **** we have a hole at LG, let's move Lindstrom. Ah **** now we have a hole at RG, let's move McGary. Ah **** now we have a hole at RT, we better draft one. Instead of Let's draft a LG.
  21. You're good I was just wondering lol. Everyone wants a LG and when you said RG it made me wonder if you didnt like Lindstrom or wanted to move him.
  22. Not a fan of 17 games. Records are gonna be smashed. And uneven games is just weird. If they wanted and extra week idk why they didn't just add a second bye week.
  23. Why do we need a RG? Lindstrom is there.