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  1. Kirby said they both earned the right to play 🙄
  2. Tampa 2 is what the colts run to stop KC it’s also what Tampa ran to stop them.
  3. Makes much more sense. I mean getting put into the wrong class? There’s no way.
  4. They’re saying he got enrolled into the wrong class. There’s no way, how does that happen?
  5. I apologize to Kirby about the mean **** I said. Beck isn’t ready.
  6. If you have 2 QBs you have no QB
  7. Dude **** Kirby smart. Absolutely **** him. I’m so done with this ****.
  8. Yeah after week 4. He needs to learn behind Hurst first.
  9. Going to that game and the Falcons game the next day!!!!
  10. 60 something snaps on defense. The commentator said it looks like our defense could go another game if they wanted to.
  11. Check down king is disappointing me right now. Hopefully he is doing what he’s told right now as a game plan thing.
  12. He just mentioned it to me in passing the other day. I drive for UPS and us drivers talk on the phone all day and one of them added him in for a bit and we were talking about the game. He had to go so we didn’t get the chance to ask him for anything specific. Plus it was so hot and I was so pissed I wasn’t even thinking about it lol.
  13. Look at it this way. DJ is making his third start and this is by far the best defense he’s seen. Teams couldn’t run on us last year and we still have that DL vs a weak Clemson OL. They will have to rely on a young DJ to win for them. Can he do it? Sure. Im also a little biased as a buddy of mine is a Clemson LB and he said DJ just isn’t as good as people think he is.
  14. Our DL is way better than their OL that’s for sure
  15. Touché you got me on that one
  16. A lot of crying in this thread from grown men over some clothing sheesh.
  17. Eason left and I still root for him. Wish he got a chance to start for Indy early this year.
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