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  1. It’s stupid there is no reason to not have safety help
  2. Because why have teammates help? Let the safeties just relax man.
  3. One can only hope I’m tired of our corners being on islands with absolutely no safety help
  4. God I’m excited to see Hopkins with them. Larry deserves Nuk next to him.
  5. It’s gonna hurt to see this dude tear it up for someone else. Hurts me watching Wilson lol
  6. Honestly this my guy. Grab Lawrence in the draft and then go defense and rebuild from scratch.
  7. Could def be better but we’ve seen them be worse. Just glad we turned turnovers into TDs
  8. Throw every third and run every first. Needs to mix it.
  9. You’re such a baby. It was a deep throw of course it’ll take time.
  10. Agreed but don’t blame Koetter for Ryan staring down someone and ignoring Gurley
  11. Once again Gurley was wide open in the flat for a first yall are blind as Matt
  12. Dude Gurley was wide open how are y’all not seeing this????
  13. Lol Gurley was wide open for an easy first Get outta here
  14. I’m a collector really. One day I’ll sell them on eBay.
  15. You’re trying too hard my guy
  16. Post 10 examples right now like you said
  17. Wanted him drafted so badly. Watching him and others get drafted and go shine somewhere else is why I don’t follow the draft much anymore. Just infuriates me now.
  18. I’m super excited to see this worn once or twice and then get vaulted away
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