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  1. Trump has called Epstein a great man Get outta here out of here. You're making this trolling thing too obvious.
  2. Not even posting the name here man. 12 will go stat digging and Twitter trolling and then make a thread about how he's gonna be HoF.
  3. No it wasn't. He said you're losing respect. Past conversations doesn't fix you not reading what he said.
  4. Completely misunderstanding what he said and then calling yourself cognizant...
  5. Dude it fjcking sucks I know that but trump will just ruin us
  6. Hooper would be the reliable 3rd down guy while Hurst just made plays honestly.
  7. that's fair. I think Hooper would break through any ceiling he has if he was ever paired with a Kelce or Kittle. It would free him up to run wild.
  8. That's why it isn't great Wes was average to below average Rico is average to above average Beasley sucks Mariner has done what? Kazee had a good year at FS I get if we draft Thomas you gotta move someone but it's getting old seeing the "Movw McGary" posts OVER AND OVER AND OVER Saying he is "average to below average" is constantly bashing him and calling him below average? Lol Good try man.
  9. We just think we've already seen his ceiling here. That's all we've been saying.
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