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  1. Lol they’re done come playoff time sucks
  2. 2 by Fields this game. Indiana isn’t ready for this stage and can’t capitalize on OSU mistakes. OSU is showing they got some rust to work through before getting to Bama or Clemson. 14-7 OSU rn
  3. Refs don’t need to help OSU come on, Indiana isn’t ready for this don’t make it harder than it needs to be.
  4. Coaches gotta tell fields to just get rid of that. Kids a playmaker but he also needs to live for another down.
  5. Sloppy game on both sides besides OSU first drive. Indiana players seem nervous as ****.
  6. He could have played himself into a 1st rounder but I see why he played it safe.
  7. Every corner gets burnt in single coverage. This isn’t a Oliver only thing.
  8. No. He has spent his life watching baseball players how is he going to spot a football player?
  9. Little bit more acceptable RB height lol
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