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  1. Brown and Gono will be competing in the future for a guard spot I think. **** could be like we discussed Matthews Brown Lindstrom Gono Kaleb
  2. Rico has and can tbh. He played nickel a few years ago for a game or two and was awesome.
  3. He played nickel and safety. He was getting nickel snaps last year before the injury to Rico.
  4. Guys wanna complain about attacking matchups but when we do we did it wrong Why run when they can't stop a pass and we can't get more than 3 yds a carry.
  5. I was gonna reply to him but you saved me the trouble. Good **** man. Tired of this "long basic route" narrative.
  6. If I had data I'd post the "The More You Know" gif
  7. xs and os

    Im just here to see how many people keep confusing RPO with the read option runs.
  8. Watching Takk own Peters at times like he did was insane. I had to double check it wasn't a backup and it was in fact Jason ******* Peters.
  9. Still believe that's why Agholor dropped that pass. We will never be sure but I think he was trying to see if anyone was coming at him and took his eyes off the ball a second too soon.
  10. I forgot the exact wording but someone on reddit said "imagine being a slot corner amped up to take on Julio Jones and you get banished to the shadow realm by some 300lb monster.
  11. This is why I avoided the boards last week lol. It was week 1, we always look bad then. I'd have worried if we laid an egg last night. Even everyone at work was "you were so wrong about the Falcons lol" "they gonna get smacked by the eagles" I'm gonna be so smug today.
  12. Not the fans. The players.
  13. Dbrand doesn't give a ****. Easily the douchiest.
  14. Some will still ***** we have up ONE pick to get him. Whiny *****. Giving up a pick is how you get a Kaleb vs a Baker.