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  1. Dude made me even more upset with myself over my job choice lol
  2. I think people are under estimating Smith and Pees here
  3. Yeah it seems like everyone is ignoring that Arthur is gone. They just see Henry, Brown, Julio and the last few years and think it’s gonna be better. They’re new OC is an unknown. He sucked in OAK.
  4. Why wouldn’t they? They’re OC is the Raiders old OC who was trash. We got the OC and DC from their best years, why would they be better now?
  5. They’ve been negotiating since before the draft. This has been going on for months.
  6. Or the Titans wouldn’t trade away anyone
  7. Mets gonna keep the money train going tonight with the W but I need the points over 6 boys, do something for me
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