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  1. Season doesn't start today so we will find out late this year if it does start.
  2. Well that is weird.
  3. Post the video with it. Do you know how to do that?
  4. Whatever makes you feel better.
  5. Holy **** can no one do a simple Google search before thinking they've found a leak
  6. Basically this. Anyone going deep into the internet isnt going around telling people because that **** gets you watched. You arent on the depths of the internet for ******* uniforms.
  7. Yall gotta learn anyone who claims to use "the deep web" doesnt use the deep web. And the deep web isnt used for ******* uniform leaks.
  8. Wondered how long it would take someone to link this. Thank you.
  9. There's another. Even Chris Harris is mostly slot. He gets paid.
  10. And he sucked. Seattle let him play slot and he was awesome. Then DET payed him to be their slot guy.
  11. That title is clickbait. He told Hopkins "the last time I had a meeting like this was with Aaron Hernandez" not great but not nearly as bad. BoB didnt like Hopkins wanting more money and letting his baby mamas hangout around the facility
  12. I'd rather swallow a beehive.
  13. Justin Colemans market was just fine