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  1. That’s true which does make the trade mor plausible but remember they spent a first on him so they’re basically giving us an extra first and Rivera loves to stack DL. I wouldn’t say the trade is impossible just a little less likely than I would imagine.
  2. Yeah I don’t understand the people thinking King is a cheap depth guy. He’s an all pro DB and return man he isn’t coming cheap to be a backup anywhere.
  3. Only thing that threw me off too. I’d let them keep next years picks and give us Montez but more than likely they won’t part with Sweat and we just get the picks.
  4. Like what? FA - money Draft - draft pick and money
  5. That was also after Pete Carroll took over the offense meetings again tho. And I’d be fine with a 2 game bad stretch in a 17 game season.
  6. No I mean when did he throw a bunch of ints? His int numbers were normal for his career this year.
  7. That’s what I imagine. Say they feel Fields is the guy and he can start now and we take him if we wanna trade Ryan we’d do it then or keep him to let Fields learn. But if Fields is the guy and he goes before our pick and we just trade back we’d never know he was the guy they wanted. But we wouldn’t trade Ryan before the draft because then teams would be calling #2 and #3 trying to jump us obviously going QB.
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