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  1. You clearly didn’t read the article
  2. If they win yeah they deserve it. If the 18-0 Pats can’t beat the 9-7 Giants they don’t deserve to win the SB. Who cares if they took longer to find their groove as a team all that matters is they found it and they were good enough to become champions.
  3. You think the AD or someone else above him couldn’t put pressure and force him to do it? This stunt doesn’t help Mason in anyway think about why he would do it? There’s no reason for him to. This is all publicity for Vandy why would he care about that?
  4. Why? If you lost two games but beat the undefeated team in the playoffs how are you undeserving?
  5. Sure glad the 9-7 Giants didn’t make the playoffs so the great Patriots could remain undefeated
  6. Best WR? Lol no he’s not he’s awesome but not the best
  7. With your ****-tastic logic the Bucs are better than the Chiefs (beat the Raiders) and the raiders beat the Chiefs yet the Chiefs just beat the Bucs. Also we are better than the Saints because the Saints lost to the Raiders yet they beat us. or how about the Patriots are better than the Raiders and therefore could beat the Chiefs because they beat the Raiders. Etc etc In conclusion your opinion sucks almost as much cheek as James Stone.
  8. Doesn’t mean their run defense is good.
  9. I WANT MASON!!!!!!!! MASON MASON MASON!!!!!!!!
  10. He gets credit I never said that. I said he didn’t “construct” that entire offense like some have stated. He happened to get a good QB and now he looks good.
  11. Tannehill showed flashes but was garbage because of Gase. Smith isn’t some miracle worker who made Tannehill a QB one day.
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