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  1. Trade for Houston two first rounders. first rounders are nice to have, but honestly if you don't have a top 5 pick, well the talent really drops off from there. The next 2 years I don't see the Falcons with a top 5 pick....So Houston best DE in Football for years to come and wants out....to me it's a no brainer. Beasley Fowler are gone before us. why pick up a ray or a gregory with a chance for another JA98?? Take another need like OL or roddy's replacement?? TE? RB? I read the 1st rounders don't have to be this years, can be 2016/2017. top 8 pick this year and J Houston My question is WTH not??
  2. To tell the truth I would give up 2 first rounders for Houston, if that was all.
  3. perfect fit for Atlanta durability problems
  4. like it !! getting guys in that are hungry....Now if pioli can do his job...trade up and get Beasley than we might make a run.
  5. No, I think that the front offfice will not move up to take one of the top 3 pass rushers, play it safe and draft some bum that is kinda hot now Dupree, and draft a bunch of other scrubs that will be out of the league in 2 years,.....I could be wrong but not likely
  6. This is not the year to be shy!! Need to trade up for beasley or Fowler, Period end of story....
  8. MEH to the off season thus far, I hope quinn and CO, can really coach like lights out.
  9. He can't cover or get to the QB, also he whiffs on more tackles then a blind man trying to hit a curve ball
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