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    Falcons winning a Super Bowl
  1. Excited for preseason. : D

  2. Im tired of all these Gurley threads. And honestly I really dont like the person who came up with the slogan "gurlie to atlantie". Makes me sick.

    1. Bawse


      At least you're honest. Deal with it tho. Gurlie to atlantie.

    2. OFF


      Lol i have by staying off the board.

  3. What games do you like bro?
  4. With my trusty ax, im a lumberjack!

  5. This thread looks dead. But im a Halo fanatic. I wouldnt mind playing with anyone if they play Halo. Im actually about to pop Halo 4 in my 360 and play.
  6. I remember Mike Nolan putting Kroy Bierman on a tiny speedy slot WR. Now I thought that was the stupidest s**t i have ever seen in my life. And guess what happened? The opposing Qb threw it right to that guy and it was a big play. It wasn't Kroys fault. He is a defensive lineman. It was Mike Nolans fault for putting a DE on a speedy WR. There was no way Kroy could keep up with that guy.