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  1. Quinn declined to go for the kick.. We'd likely be tied right now.
  2. Why not go for the field goal when you KNOW the defense is AWFUL??!! Its one thing to believe in your guys, it's another to be TOTALLY OBLIVIOUS to the current ability of your team. This defense can't stop anyone and Matt Bryant has enough leg to make that kick. He just made a 55 yard kick last week. If you're gonna trust somebody trust the guy that's getting it done... Not the dudes that are continuously letting you down. Quinn has to be better with situational football. Its about his only major flaw as a head coach.
  3. It just seems like they haven't been properly prepared or something. I don't have an answer for it but I know it's too frequent.
  4. I didn't mention anything about superstition. I'm looking at an uncommon occurrence and trying to find a common denominator. That's all.
  5. Vic did look better this game as well but not as much as the other two guys IMO.
  6. With the abnormal number of injuries this team has had this season should the Falcons consider firing their strength and conditioning coach? I don't think this rash of injuries are a coincidence. Somebody's methods aren't working... AT ALL
  7. It's looking like things are starting to click for Duke Riley. I said he was bad the last game but after going back and watching that game again Duke didn't miss a tackle the whole game. He was only in the area of the plays I was seeing. Sunday Duke and Takk were our only stand out players on defense. I was one of the first ones to crucify Duke so I wanted to be one of the guys noticing when he came through for us. Unfortunately he was one of the only guys that came to play on defense Sunday. The defense over all is trash but hopefully this struggle will pay off for us either later in the yea
  8. Always liked Neasman and anything to help Duke is much appreciated. Smart moves.
  9. Man HUSH, the only person that needs to be on the hot seat is the Falcons strength and conditioning coach, Puke Riley and sorry *** Jordan Richards.
  10. I still think we'll make some moves and end up being ok. Kazee can step in for Rico and we just need to cut Richards and sign the best available guy we can. Takk will be back soon and the D will look a lot better than today. Bet on it
  11. Yea he looked like doo doo at the end too.
  12. Only if we can at least get TaKk back keep Richards off the field.
  13. We scored **** near 40pts.. I don't wanna hear one freaking word about Sark. That man is doing his job!
  14. Right.. I don't understand how he made the team over Parker. He has to go.
  15. I can't stand Richards especially... He needs to be cut. We should have never let parker walk.
  16. Brooks was terrible too.. How many times can you be in on the play and still whiff? Wtf
  17. He didn't look anywhere near as bad as those guys.
  18. He wasn't.. Dude was the reason for all those extra yards at the point of attack. His reaction time is GARBAGE. He doesn't have any instincts.
  19. Agreed.. He's not an NFL player. The guy is lost af. We're in trouble with Allen pit if we don't bring in someone who is at least competent.
  20. Or should I say Suck and Jive.. KEEP'EM OFF THE FIELD Bench them gentleman's AND LEAVE THEM THERE!! They're freaking AWFUL!
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