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  1. So far free agency has been underwhelming. If the guys we’ve brought in so far end up being depth I think they’re good moves. However, if they are meant to be starters I’m a little worried. I knew we’d be strapped for cash but with the recent player contract restructures and the amount of free agents available I thought we’d come out better than we have so far. My guess is we’ll try to get as many impact players as we can from the draft then supplement from there. The wait to see what happens is mind racking.
  2. I'd think Pees would want to keep him because he'd know how to get the most out of his skill set.
  3. I'd love the Sewell pick because that one move effects at least 3 areas in a positive fashion. We'd have our Left Tackle for now and the future, it would help the running game and we could kick Mathews into that Guard spot and let him take advantage of slightly smaller players and it could prolong his career as well.
  4. I'm convinced these analyst don't actually watch football. There is no way Sewell and Fields are there at 4 and we pass over both of them.
  5. One thing I noticed about Fontenot was that he's very self aware and aware of the people around him. From acknowledging Von McClure to shutting down any questions that could create a negative narrative going into his new job, he was on top of it all. I'm pretty sure he sees that D Led is the source of a lot of the negative rumors and reports that come out of the Falcons organization. I like how he handled D Led from the jump... to go ahead and set a tone for how they are going to interact. Fontenot and Arthur Smith seem to be no nonsense when it comes to their jobs. I prefer that approac
  6. Honestly, I like Hill but not enough that I think we should spend the money to keep him given our Cap situation. If anyone, I'd keep Ito because I think he'd be a lot more effective with a better scheme and competent coaching. I don't think we have a running back on the team that couldn't be replaced easily through the draft or undrafted free agency. We have a new GM that has proven he can find some gems, let's put him to work and see if we can upgrade the smart way.
  7. No.. unless we wanna look like this years Patriots team. No stars anywhere and no building blocks for the future. Julio may already be on the trading block, we'll need to keep whatever sure things we have. I say if they do trade Julio keep Ryan, Ridley, Hurst, Koo and the few standouts we have on defense and scrub everything else.
  8. Im the only win we have this year the defense played more Man Coverage than anything and what do they do the very next game?.. Go Zone. Morrison just solidified his firing.
  9. I'm sick of these type games happening and not being able to hold the refs accountable. Its ridiculous, the A.J. Terrell call was LUDICROUS. They should be fined or something.
  10. Thx.. it definitely looked like they gave us the sh%# end of the stick today.
  11. Exactly and why are people talking like Gurley scored on purpose? He CLEARLY tried to stop and was carried forward by his momentum. It was a mistake. The real issue is the defense not being able top get stops. They had bright spots but its more than obvious this entire staff and a lot of these player need to be off of this team next season. The only defensive players I'd keep are Grady, Terrell, Neal, Debo and Fowler. The rest can be scrubbed and improved upon. If we had competent coaching our offense would be more than enough for a decent defense to help us maintain leads.
  12. I only got to see highlights of the game because I had to work. I'm seeing a lot of talk on the boards about coaching and players not stepping up but from watching the highlights it looked like the refs shafted us on some critical plays. Were the refs as bad as it looked in the highlights?
  13. I think you hit the nail on the head, everyone talks about Quinn and Dimitroff but Mckay was chosen to be the guy they report to and has signed off on all their missteps. He needs to be in a single file line with them when they're heading out of the door.
  14. If that's what he calls aggressive he just answered why he needs to go. FOH!
  15. It's like they've cultivated this culture of bumbling and disappointment and are oblivious to the fact that they are the laughingstock of the NFL. Arthur Blank is going to loose credibility as a businessman because he continues to be loyal to a head coach that has no idea how to right the ship or build a winning culture. It's time to clean house and there's no way to justify not doing so. We're right back to the same narrative as last season.. a team fighting to save their inept coaches job. Enough is enough, there's no reason to continue the buffoonery. Get that man out of town!
  16. Exactly, I'm sick and tired of his freakin slogans and banter.. can you coach or not? Do you have a solution or not? The answer to those questions is an obvious NO! He's looked in over his head since the Superbowl collapse and keeping him around is just prolonging the inevitable.
  17. How does anyone watch these last 3 games and say the loses are Matt Ryans fault? Sometimes I think that's all people know to say. Quinn and his staff CLEARLY have to go. They're shell shocked and you can see it as soon as the 4th quarter starts every game. They crap the bed. They literally start playing to not loose instead of going for the jugular. You can see it all over Quinns face on the sidelines. The entire coaching staff freaks the f#$@ out as soon as its time to close out games. They're done, its time for Blank to cut bait and do whatever he can to salvage this team.
  18. He really does, he one of my favorite guys to watch break down film.
  19. Thx, I just feel like sometimes we write guys off before they get a chance to prove themselves. I believe I may have jumped the gun so I don't mind being the first to say it.
  20. Its a 7th Round pick. We were not going to get a world beater in the 7th round next year anyway and we've theoretically gotten our punter from this years draft so why not? If he's trash we loose nothing, if he actually contributes (4 to 6) sacks Dimitroff looks like a genius.
  21. I'd say yes, no more than two years but he's still playing well so why disrupt the O-line? I think the longer Hennessy can learn from Mack the better.
  22. On draft day I wasn't happy about our first round pick and didn't have kind words for Mr.Terrell but after watching a lot of footage I believe we may have gotten a steal. This film, in particular shows what type of Corner A.J. really is. I really believe he's going to surprise people.
  23. Yea.. like someone else really wants him and he's gonna trade him for more picks.
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