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  1. Or.. like he’s limited because of his roster. We can talk about guys stepping up and making plays all we want to but if they have clear limitations you have to do what puts you in the best position to win by doing the things they excel in.
  2. I’m good with that too .. whichever way it comes it’s just obvious Smith is a good coach.
  3. This team lacks talent in spots but one thing was abundantly clear.. Arthur Smith can do a lot even with limitations. I thought he called a great game today. Once we have a better Oline and Receiving options we’re going to be a problem.
  4. Yea 0-2 staring us right in the face. We’re gonna suck donkey balls until we get some competent lineman. Point blank period
  5. Because I liked the moves they made in the off-season except picking Mayfield over Gainwell.. and we see how that’s going
  6. Probably kept it close to the vest because he knew they sucked!
  7. Llh they always talk about team wins this is definitely a team loss. Atlanta is going to have to spend some money on some established linemen.
  8. Guess we see why Andrews was the starter over Mayfield.. he might eventually be good but he’s definitely not ready now and where the **** is Fowler??!!
  9. Really believed in what Smith & Fontenot put together. Did not think we were gonna come out and look like this. I still think it might be a case of going up against a coach that knows his tendencies and too many mistakes and penalties. It’s just game one so I guess by game 4 we’ll have an idea of what we have but I really feel like the defense can be very good if the offense starts to click.
  10. I swear to God they need to have a penalty for these refs!! There is no way you miss theses type of calls and should be allowed to still work these games.
  11. Look at this BS .. that’s the same exact play they didn’t call on Ertz! WTH??!
  12. Exactly WTH are these people doing!! So much for home field advantage.We’re the only team that gets Jobbed at home!
  13. Glad to see we can run the ball but where is the balance? We knew the rookies would have growing pains but these penalties are killing us.
  14. Lol I thought you were going to say Josh Harris
  15. And for the most part they held their own. One whiff hurt us and kept Miami’s momentum going but I’m liking this defense. That’s a great sign for how the starters will look. Side note: If Waddle is hurt their coach is going to be on the hot seat.
  16. Now watch this end with Kyle Pitts having a highlight over him some kind of way. Always happens when dudes run their mouth. lmao
  17. This has nothing to do with Smith and Fontenot as a coach or GM but more of how I’ve seen them carry themselves as men. Of course I don’t think Quinn or Dimitroff would condone that sh#% but I just don’t see them taking immediate action. Maybe you’re right about it happening anyway because of Blank but given how passive they were I don’t think it would have come from them.
  18. Right.. that’s a F#%# No! Get him out of here reaction. I’m guessing they found out something that was enough to cut bait immediately
  19. Cleared or not, under this new regime he’s done here. They’re not going to even entertain anything that’ll paint the organization in a bad light. Fontenot and Smith have young kids, as a father I can tell you after THOSE details there’s no chance they want that guy anywhere near the team. They cut buddy before the day was even over.. his NFL career is probably over. No team wants to be attached to that and he’s not good enough to even risk taking that kind of chance. The Falcons washed their hands of him ASAP and I’m glad to see that kind of leadership here. Under Dan Quinn and Dimitroff we might’ve seen this drag on throughout training camp or longer.
  20. Maybe but I’m interested to see what those other two guys have to offer. I know one of them is purely a blocking TE so really one of them.
  21. I think we’ll keep 4. Pitts, Hurst, Smith are probably locks I think the other 3 battle it out for the last spot.
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