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  1. I'm not really attached to the guy one way or the other. Even if Duke doesn't pan out I still feel like Foye will be at least good enough to be competent. He already looked better than Duke last night and I doubt Quinn will leave a liability on the field to try and save face over picking Duke.
  2. Idiocy.. That's all. Next
  3. I've seen plenty of articles saying Julio won't be at OTA's abd that he wants an updated contract but what I haven't seen is those reports pointing out the fact that the team doesn't have an issue with him not being at OTA's because he's working out in Alabama. Also an article I read stated that Julio has been in constant contact with DQ and the team is willing to consider updating Julio's contract. So does the media want Falcons fans to be in an uproar? Yes, of course that's what they want. When I first heard these reports I thought Terrell Owens had gotten into Julio's ear but apparently I was wrong and so are the reports of some riff between Julio and the Falcons.
  4. This is the T.O. affect.. Julio has never behaved this way but an off-season of training with T.O. and here we are. Julio deserves more money because of his talent and numbers but at the same time last year wasn't the type of performance you turn in and then ask for more money. This is being handled badly and it has Owens written all over it.
  5. Had..
  6. The man said he was injured all season so I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Beasley's second year showed us how much of a difference being healthy can make in a players performance. Ill reserve my judgement for now.
  7. Would be nice for the future but they won't do it even if he's there. Too many immediate needs that can be addressed with that pick.
  8. Beat me to it ....This^^^^^
  9. Exactly what i'm thinking, a third TE that won't be a liability in the blocking game and an unexpected option in the passing game.
  10. It will be if we continue to be ok with mediocre play.
  11. Or... They have all that money so they wanted to get even better at that position. They kept guys that were worse than Fusco so what does that say? And here's an idea... Maybe he wanted to leave?
  12. Going by their ratings it isn't even close. If they were the numbers would be at least comparable.. There's a 30% difference.. That's almost night and day.
  13. I'm with you Kayoh, I love this move. Guys are complaining because they want big names. In actuality we just opened up our draft. People are saying Fusco isn't above average and he isn't a world beater without taking into consideration that the Falcons are getting this guy as he's on the up swing and rounding back into form. The jump in his rating say as much. Add to that the fact that he'll now be be playing next to one of the best Centers in the league on a the 2nd best line in the league (Per PFF) and its not hard to see we potentially have a steal just the same as we got with Levitre coming over from the Titans. The intangibles are all there.. He's relatively young, has experience in the scheme, affordable, he played the entire 17' season, his performance has been trending upward and he's a definite upgrade over Wes. I don't know what's not to like. People freak out every off season because the team doesn't make the moves they wanted then if things go well they're applauding the team by midseason. Getting this piece is going to allow us to have a draft like 2016 I'm calling it now.
  14. We let him walk then the team that picked him up has let him go as well.. Why would we want him back? No thanks.