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  1. Been hearing a lot of people saying we might go after Swift but I don't see them going for a RB that high. Personally I'd still rather they go DE or BPA.
  2. I say keep him, it looks like they've figured out there issues. We need to start next season with some type of consistency.
  3. Our team showed that grit that we always hear Dan Quinn talking about tonight. They fought for every yard and I really believe this will pay huge dividends later in the season.
  4. I've seen enough..CUT THAT MAN ALREADY!
  5. Makes more sense to put Kazee at NB and keep both he and Allen on the field at the same time. Quinn said he wants Kazee closer to the line.
  6. Return man competition is gonna be crazy
  7. What I don't understand is they know Dimitroff and Quinn's track record in the draft and they still doubt them lol.. I dont understand them. Some hated the Grady Jarrett pick too, said he was too small. How'd that work out?
  8. That's a wild boy. I like this dude lol
  9. The guy had character issues coming into the league, it's not a far stretch to think he'd do some b/s.
  10. I love how this coaching staff isn't wasting time snatching up players that fit a need. Maybe we'll still find a safety as well.
  11. Why?!!!! .. well he's a dirty bird again so I guess I have to support the decision. Please sweet Jesus let Quinn have a plan that actually makes Kroy productive! Either that or let him be cut before the start of the season. lol
  12. NOPE..we don't need the distraction or repercussions of signing that guy even though we do need the help. What would that say about our team? It's would make Author Blank look like a hypocrite.