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  1. One thing about our front office though, if they want them here they do what they have to to keep them here. Dimitroff is excellent at structuring contracts. This team doesn't do things the same as other teams so I think if they're set on not loosing Teco he'll be in Atlanta.
  2. Freeman also said he, his agent and the team were on the same page so there's nothing to see here. They'll take care of Free.
  3. Probably on paper. .and I hope they end up being just that.
  4. Kazee will definitely see the field. . From the beginning of the season even. Quinn's been talking about using more 3 safety looks. That's more than likely where Kazee and Poole will see most of their time this season, especially Kazee who is a certified ballhawk.
  5. I think we'll see Tru covering the quicker type guys that Collins was forced to matchup against in the SB this season.
  6. This is what im thinking as well. .either way I expect Kazee to see time at FS. Quinn will have these guys in and out to keep them fresh.
  7. ^^^^^^ This ... he's got to be a troll or very uneducated about Football.
  8. Don't think it happens... With Riley coming in and Ishmael being moved to linebacker full time. Ishmael was a beast at linebacker in that Denver Broncos game. Moving him there for good probably closed the door on Spoon coming back even before we drafted Duke. However, I do hope they find a way to bring Freeney back. I think he'd be great for Tak. If not I think Beasley is up it.
  9. Go the **** away. .
  10. Lol don't forget Poole and Ishmael ..we're stacked!
  11. Not really. . If he was that replaceable he wouldn't have been the ONLY running back with 10 TD's the last two seasons. I can't believe how some of you guys try to sell our players short just to make your points sound valid. Im glad you're not our GM.