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  1. God I hope we start winning soon because the posts here get more ludicrous with each loss.
  2. Lol you're a child
  3. Good to know now I can tell you to stfu talking to me. Go troll someone else.
  4. NEVER..I'd rather just be an irate fan and just go down with the ship. We know why our defense looks so bad. Just gotta deal with it. The offense hasn't normally looked this bad. At worst we'll just have to prepare for next season and a really good draft pick lol.
  5. Sooo that means its cool and I'm supposed to except it? What does that even mean? Again foh
  6. This isn't a scholastic competition.. We're talking football. Its how I felt so it's what I wrote. Foh
  7. The offensive line is gonna get Ryan killed and this defense is embarrassing. Why can't we tackle anyone ever? I don't get it, how can we be this bad??!! Even with major starters out on defense this is freakin absolutely ridiculous.
  8. Quinn declined to go for the kick.. We'd likely be tied right now.
  9. Why not go for the field goal when you KNOW the defense is AWFUL??!! Its one thing to believe in your guys, it's another to be TOTALLY OBLIVIOUS to the current ability of your team. This defense can't stop anyone and Matt Bryant has enough leg to make that kick. He just made a 55 yard kick last week. If you're gonna trust somebody trust the guy that's getting it done... Not the dudes that are continuously letting you down. Quinn has to be better with situational football. Its about his only major flaw as a head coach.
  10. Yep it's swung and it's slapping the **** out of us this season.
  11. It just seems like they haven't been properly prepared or something. I don't have an answer for it but I know it's too frequent.
  12. I'm just trying to figure it out.
  13. I didn't mention anything about superstition. I'm looking at an uncommon occurrence and trying to find a common denominator. That's all.