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  1. He did and with more player participation.
  2. Ok, how do you defend this performance? I was one of the main people pulling for Sark but this game proved what everyone has been saying about him. He's not ready, I try to stay positive but these is embarrassing plain and simple and he's in over his head. I don't know about any of you but I've lost all faith in the guy. We haven't scored in six quarters...SIX! The number one offense from just a season ago. Some blame goes to the players as well but Sark is the biggest culprit behind how terrible this offense works. Nice guy but its time for him to go.
  3. Yea.. Not so much
  4. Yes and no.. Shanny combined with the weapons we have was a perfect storm. This is just embarrassing tonight. Sark just doesn't know how to use the personnel the same way much as I hate to admit it.
  5. Yea.. Good luck with that. Guess you have no issue with woman beaters.
  6. Sorry but ill take him over what we pulled from the practice squad.
  7. I just feel like we're due... And hopefully I'm right.
  8. Ok, like many of you guys I've had my meltdown after yesterday's game but after thinking about it I still don't think it's time to panic. I've seen a lot of you calling for Sarks job and I don't think that would be the right move at all. I think the difference between he and Shanny is one thing and that's the fact Shanny used to scheme our Receivers open as where Sark runs the plays but in a way that gives the players opportunities to make a play on the ball ... Not to be wide open. I believe we'll be fine if he can figure out that little nuance. It's not time to abandon ship, we sit at the same exact record as last season at this point so now I think its time to dig in and get pass that learning curve we all new was coming with the coaching changes. We may very well get blown out but I just have a feeling we're gonna beat New England next Sunday and get that confidence boost we need to right the ship. At least I really freaking hope so.
  9. Don't know what game you watched but ummm.. That holding penalty on Alford, yea that was bogus because it didn't actually happen and the refs just made a terrible unexplained call. The Receiver was running right between Allen and Alford untouched.
  10. Can't do anything but respect what he's saying.
  11. The Only advantage we could possibly have is the way we've looked the last two games maybe they won't take us serious. I mean they were the first to expose us and we've repeatedly shown we still can't hold a lead.
  12. I'm disgusted.. Back to back losses to the Bills and Dolphins is unacceptable. We looked awful in the second half. I just don't get it. It's like after we got that holding call that didn't actually happen it got to the players. I'm not sure but we looked bad.
  13. They need to take a good look at themselves and get this crap figured out. We looked lost, slow and soft today. The Patriots don't look great but I don't see us winning that game playing like they did today.
  14. He would be if the receivers would catch the **** ball. Our problem isn't play calling its excicution.
  15. Maybe if we didn't need it so bad.