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  1. I get that but that’s like being in a five year relationship and saying it doesn’t matter. He was extremely great while he was here, possibly the best CB in NFL history. I’d definitely put him on the list.
  2. I’d go Prime Time without even blinking.
  3. I could see that, especially with Ryan’s history with Tight Ends.
  4. But hey, who’s to say he doesn’t? They raved about how smart he is, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.
  5. Here’s a thought.. what if Pitts is even better than advertised. The dude wants to be that guy and works like a demon. Playing in an offense that caters to TE’s Pitts may end up coming closer to mimicking Julio’s production than we think.
  6. I’m actually more concerned with who’s going to be his backup.
  7. I actually do.. I saw how he made fools out of our defense last season. We weren’t the only ones he did that to either. There’s something about a humble dude with a chip on his shoulder. You almost KNOW he’s gonna kick some a$Š
  8. I think he and Gage will battle it out for 2nd and 3rd receiver. I believe he may be a more savvy wideout than Gage. Gage tends to get kind of wild as where Sharpe seems to be a smart receiver and that’s what Arthur Smith likes.. smart players. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Sharpe win out over Gage. Especially since he already has familiarity with the scheme and Smith is familiar with him. This just may be a sneaky free agency steal.
  9. He definitely has the resume to make you believe he can.
  10. I literally just hollered 🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣
  11. As he shouldn’t accept anything less than a first. If teams want our franchise’s best ever wideout then make them pony up. Enough of being the joke of the league. Stick to your guns and get what you think Julio is worth. I like the new attitude of the team. If you want to change the culture you do it in all aspects.
  12. Right, we should take the first and run. Especially if it’s a team that would be likely to end up picking early or mid first round.
  13. He’s been my favorite player for as long as he’s been a Falcon and before I knew he asked for a trade I was prepared to cheer for him on another team but since I found out that he actually wanted out I’m definitely not rooting for him on another squad. If he wants to go then go but I won’t be supporting him after bailing on us. Can’t say I don’t understand him being frustrated but he’s giving up on our franchise. I can’t support that. I saw that someone is offering a first round pick for him, we should ask for that first a 5th rounder and a defensive player and send him on his way. I th
  14. They have an offer for a first round pick on the table right now.
  15. If Gage can play more under control I think he may have a break out season. He won’t be Julio but 900yrds would be great for a number 2 guy.
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