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  1. I'd prefer him to just bounce.
  2. I don't disagree that changes needs to be made but I just don't feel it should or will come at the top. There has to be stability at the top and before the injuries this team didn't look anything like it does now so it isn't all coaching. As you've said some of the players aren't playing hard and others aren't good enough. They need to be gone..period.
  3. That could be true but I doubt it'll be anyone at the top coaching positions.
  4. Then the Falcons need to sit Ice down for the season if they can’t protect him back there. The last thing we need is Ryan going down with the playoffs out of reach. The best we can hope to be is spoilers for someone else trying to make the post season. I’m not saying tank the final three games but I don’t wanna see Matt hurt because he was standing behind an incompetent Offense Line. F it, lets get a great draft pick and and come back next season with a higher draft pick and an impact player we never should have been able to get and a healthy team with something to prove.
  5. I've seen people writing everything from firing Quinn and Dimitroff to getting rid the OC and DC. I don't see that as being the solution to our issues at all. We're all familiar with the injuries this team has had this season and that can't be overlooked but from what I can tell there is no one reason this team is looking so bad. Even with so many defensive player out for the season and long stretches of the season we didn't begin looking so incompetent until both starting Guards were gone for the season. I think we can point to that as a main reason for offense being so abysmal. Our defensive line isn't getting pressure and I feel like its a combination of coaching and players not getting the job done.. But mostly coaching. Our DB's look even worse than they are because of that lack of pressure. With that said.. Alford is awful and should be traded. The DB's coach needs to be switched or let go.. Period. Kazee is the lone bright spot there and I think his performances are more instinct based than a result of coaching. The panic our fan base is experiencing was predictable but understandable. However, I think I'd be a mistake to let Quinn or Sark go. Once the line is completely healthy the Offense will be humming again. Ryan has shown how good he is when he's given time to work. The changes the defense has had to make will only benefit it next season. If our guys can stay healthy I see a complete turnaround on that side of the ball not to mention it's looking like we'll have a high draft pick. We've drafted well as of late and can see us being able to get impact players on both sides of the ball. One thing we know about Quinn is he isn't afraid to make the necessary moves in the off-season to put this team into position to win. I think Duke Riley and Jordan Richards' days are numbered. They're liabilities and once the defense is healthy again I don't see a reason to continue to tolerate their subpar level of play. I'm pretty sure some heads will roll in the off-season but now is not the time to panic. I really believe this team will be made stronger from this year's adversity.
  6. Yea somebody's asleep on the job with that one
  7. God I hope we start winning soon because the posts here get more ludicrous with each loss.
  8. Lol you're a child
  9. Good to know now I can tell you to stfu talking to me. Go troll someone else.
  10. NEVER..I'd rather just be an irate fan and just go down with the ship. We know why our defense looks so bad. Just gotta deal with it. The offense hasn't normally looked this bad. At worst we'll just have to prepare for next season and a really good draft pick lol.
  11. Sooo that means its cool and I'm supposed to except it? What does that even mean? Again foh
  12. This isn't a scholastic competition.. We're talking football. Its how I felt so it's what I wrote. Foh
  13. The offensive line is gonna get Ryan killed and this defense is embarrassing. Why can't we tackle anyone ever? I don't get it, how can we be this bad??!! Even with major starters out on defense this is freakin absolutely ridiculous.
  14. Quinn declined to go for the kick.. We'd likely be tied right now.
  15. Why not go for the field goal when you KNOW the defense is AWFUL??!! Its one thing to believe in your guys, it's another to be TOTALLY OBLIVIOUS to the current ability of your team. This defense can't stop anyone and Matt Bryant has enough leg to make that kick. He just made a 55 yard kick last week. If you're gonna trust somebody trust the guy that's getting it done... Not the dudes that are continuously letting you down. Quinn has to be better with situational football. Its about his only major flaw as a head coach.