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  1. Because we kept committing penalties and had to play 5+ yards behind the original line of scrimmage.
  2. I never knew how much I missed FFS1970 until recently.
  3. Where he'll be barking orders at you to go mop up the spilled sauce on aisle 8.
  4. The Lions have 2 firsts and some cap. Send him to Detroit.
  5. Maybe he can do well in the NFL, but Franks was absolutely garbage at Florida and Arkansas. Florida instantly became better with him not being under center.
  6. “A more complete defense” is a bit of a stretch. We had 4-5 rookies starting on defense and the rest were mostly free agent cast offs, UDFAs, and Beasley. The defensive talent we have right now is very similar.
  7. Unrelated to the video, but I forgot how hard Dameon Pierce runs. He should be an interesting prospect next off season.
  8. Would love to have Mike Davis suit up in Atlanta. Dude runs with a purpose.
  9. This is next level stupid. Every single contention in these 2 sentences is factually wrong....that's impressive. Kirk Cousins is less than 3 years younger than Matt Ryan. How is that "much younger?" Kirk Cousins has a higher ceiling? Based on what? Jimmy Garoppolo is not "definitely destined" to be a Hall of Famer. He's in his 5th year and hasn't played a complete season until 2019. He hasn't even won a playoff game.
  10. That's because the rats that floated over here after Katrina decided to stay.
  11. Tough talk from a team that hasn't scored a touchdown on the Falcons in over a year.
  12. You're the worst poster on this board.....and that's a tough trophy to nab. Congrats to you.
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