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  1. They're 6-0.
  2. It's almost like he was throwing to Aldrick Robinson who had beaten his man...
  3. If they can't tackle the ball carrier in front of them, what makes you think any other philosophy will lead to a different result?
  4. I was there and I boo'd. That **** was tough to watch.
  5. You said "lol," implying that what you said was so hilarious that it made you audibly laugh at your computer/phone/tablet. I don't agree that watching a team I cheer for get "smacked" is funny in any sense of the word.
  6. Why is that funny?
  7. I predict the in-game thread will be full of stupid takes and people will say Ryan is overrated despite having a 100+ QB rating this game.
  8. The 2016 playoffs come to mind.
  9. GTFO with that
  10. xs and os

    The stat thumpers that pollute this board need to see this, but they're off in another thread complaining that Trufant didn't get 3 inceptions.
  11. Some of you are just dumb. Seriously. Enjoy the win and quit your *****ing. Scary *** "fans."
  12. Our fan base doesn't deserve an NFL franchise.
  13. I'm also giving our receivers the edge because their talent level takes a plunge after Diggs and Thielen. On top of Julio and Ridley, we also have Sanu.
  14. I usually agree with your analysis, but this seems a bit off. Thielen/Diggs are no where near the level of JJ/Ridley.
  15. I remember when this place didn't suck and we were a much worse team. Oh, the good ole days.