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  1. Medicine has come a long way in 20 years.
  2. We're going to see how much Belichick truly propped him up.
  3. This is next level stupid. Every single contention in these 2 sentences is factually wrong....that's impressive. Kirk Cousins is less than 3 years younger than Matt Ryan. How is that "much younger?" Kirk Cousins has a higher ceiling? Based on what? Jimmy Garoppolo is not "definitely destined" to be a Hall of Famer. He's in his 5th year and hasn't played a complete season until 2019. He hasn't even won a playoff game.
  4. Quinn would tune you up on sight.
  5. Link?
  6. That's because the rats that floated over here after Katrina decided to stay.
  7. Tough talk from a team that hasn't scored a touchdown on the Falcons in over a year.
  8. Guilty.
  9. You're the worst poster on this board.....and that's a tough trophy to nab. Congrats to you.
  10. Knew you were a Saints fan all along.
  11. They're 6-0.
  12. It's almost like he was throwing to Aldrick Robinson who had beaten his man...
  13. If they can't tackle the ball carrier in front of them, what makes you think any other philosophy will lead to a different result?
  14. I was there and I boo'd. That **** was tough to watch.