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  1. Would love to have Mike Davis suit up in Atlanta. Dude runs with a purpose.
  2. This is next level stupid. Every single contention in these 2 sentences is factually wrong....that's impressive. Kirk Cousins is less than 3 years younger than Matt Ryan. How is that "much younger?" Kirk Cousins has a higher ceiling? Based on what? Jimmy Garoppolo is not "definitely destined" to be a Hall of Famer. He's in his 5th year and hasn't played a complete season until 2019. He hasn't even won a playoff game.
  3. That's because the rats that floated over here after Katrina decided to stay.
  4. Tough talk from a team that hasn't scored a touchdown on the Falcons in over a year.
  5. You're the worst poster on this board.....and that's a tough trophy to nab. Congrats to you.
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