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  1. I used to hate, but you're honestly one of my favorite posters here.
  2. Man, I love @ya_boi_j's posts and that thread reminded me why.
  3. I think Mauger has a good shot to make the roster as our backup SS.
  4. Did Dablé get cut? If not, him.
  5. This thread summed up in one picture:
  6. Reggie Davis ran a 4.31 at his pro day. Too bad he sucked (even at KR) at UGA.
  7. My 2nd favorite part of that video is watching Joe Hawley (unsuccessfully) attempt to block Ish.
  8. The Panthers should probably go ahead and draft another QB for us to smack around.
  9. You mean like the Panthers? Your TE was drafted with the exact same pick we have.
  10. All of the UGA linemen can go kick rocks.
  11. Good, OTP folks will stay OTP.
  12. Matt Bryant....100%. Bryant is probably in a bar RIGHT NOW.