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  1. We'll see when the season start. College superstars get somewhat overwhelmed sometimes when they are playing versus equally talented opponents. It comes down to who's prepared and determined in the big league.
  2. We may very well have the fastest defense in the league as of today.
  3. A little off topic here guys...in my fantasy, should I pick James Jones or Moncrief
  4. He's is pretty athletic for his size too. The guy has played at the Te, fb, and Dt position.
  5. No, he's in a position to compete. See the Browns last year and then come back and post.
  6. I like him. It would do wonders for the birds if we get him.
  7. The has turned some playgirl thread...woahhh!
  8. There's no grade until these guys get tested in the season. Blowoff the naysayers.
  9. I love the idea of having Gregory, but we can stay put and get Owamagbe Odighizuwa. I telling you folks, he's the real deal.
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