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  1. Brooks was never a "full time pass rusher" either in Houston or in Atlanta. In Houston, he was tasked with setting the edge for JJ. In Atlanta he was rotated with first round players who got all the premium snaps cause the FO wanted to vindicate their choices.
  2. They tag Grady, continue Shaub, release Bryant, release Reed and Alford. Let's see how this works out for them.
  3. I have made a bet assh#le. Get rid of a kicker that is a gimme, one of the top 5 CB's in the league, and a DE for whom you have no replacement---Takk in a mental clinic, VB maybe cut, Shelby hurt. Lots of need for the Oline in the draft and who is going to replace Reed. The cards play the Falcons in PHX this year. Wait and see.
  4. PFF ARZ Cardinals@PFF_Cardinals This is a great high upside signing for the Cards. If he can play like he did in 2017 when he got an 81.6 grade, he will be a steal.
  5. Look at all the cap money we are saving! And another bene is that we will be picking in the first two or three draft picks next year!
  6. Atlanta plays them next year.
  7. I wonder who those rascally Cards will sign next....?
  8. One man's trash, another man's treasure.
  9. With less snaps.
  10. https://www.profootballfocus.com/pff-player-grades
  11. Just FYI, the grades are developed by PFF by having one expert look at every play that any particular player has and grading it one a -2 to+2 scale. Then another man grades the same player for every snap. Then, a third expert watches the same tape and reconciles any differences between the first two graders. THEN, the tape goes to a group of ex-NFL players and coaches for verification. Sacks, for example, are not all graded the same. Some sacks are earned and others are gimmes---tagging a fallen QB, for example. This method seems to me a much more accurate and objective way of arriving at the worth of any particular player than some guy in his basement with a computer.
  12. So your statements are not your (one man) opinion?
  13. Don't know where you get your info, but your snap counts are way off. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/atl/2018-snap-counts.htm
  14. Don't know where you get your info, but your snap counts are way off. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/atl/2018-snap-counts.htm
  15. Speaking of stats from PFF, have you seen this evaluation from PFF (courtesy of The Prof)? Posted yesterday at 12:52 PM · Report post PFF final 2018 season grades and rankings in bold below, compared to grades/rankings as of the Bye Week in parentheses: Offense: Julio Jones 90.9 #3WR (89.7 #3WR as of Bye Week) Matt Ryan 84.3 #11QB (81.9 #10QB) Jake Matthews 79.1 #9OT (76.8 #13OT) Alex Mack 77.3 #3C (78.1 #3C) Mohamed Sanu 72.0 #40WR (69.2 #43WR) Ito Smith 69.5 #38RB (63.5 #39RB) Calvin Ridley 68.8 #53WR (72.5 #35WR) Ben Garland 68.7 #17G (76.8 Unranked, not enough snaps) Austin Hooper 68.5 #24TE (64.0 #28TE) Tevin Coleman 65.9 #47RB (51.7 #59RB) Wes Schweitzer 63.7 #28G (51.3 #66G) Ryan Schraeder 63.6 #54OT (61.7 #47OT) Logan Paulsen 62.9 #40TE (59.7 #41TE) Branden Fusco 60.2 #45G (60.2 #42G) Brian Hill 70.1 Unranked, not enough snaps Ty Sambrailo 67.0 Unranked, not enough snaps Ricky Ortiz 62.5 Unranked, not enough snaps Zane Beadles 57.7 Unranked, not enough snaps Defense: Grady Jarrett 91.0 #5DT (86.8 #10DT as of Bye Week) Demontae Kazee 77.9 #17S (77.9 #13S) Deion Jones 75.8 #12LB Desmond Trufant 71.4 #35CB (59.3 #81CB) Jack Crawford 71.3 #57DT (67.1 #63DT) Deadrin Senat 71.1 #59DT (73.5 #30DT) Sharod Neasman 67.8 #47S (60.6 Unranked) Brooks Reed 66.5 #60DE (64.5 #61DE) Jordan Richards 65.2 #62S (55.1 #77S) Foye Oluokun 64.6 #44LB (57.0 #58LB) Tak McKinley 62.2 #74DE (57.8 #84DE) Brian Poole 61.7 #83CB (57.7 #89CB) Bruce Irvin 59.0 #88DE De'Vondre Campbell 57.5 #65LB (61.0 #46LB) Robert Alford 56.6 #109CB (49.9 #103CB) Terrell McClain 56.2 #109DT (54.7 #98DT) Duke Riley 44.2 #85LB (43.6 #77 LB) Vic Beasley 42.2 #108DE (42.3 #101 DE) Rico Allen 77.5 Unranked, not enough snaps Steven Means 74.9 Unranked, not enough snaps Isaiah Oliver 70.0 Unranked, not enough snaps (58.2 Unranked as of Bye Week) Derrick Shelby 63.7 Unranked, not enough snaps Bruce Carter 55.5 Unranked, not enough snaps Kemal Ishmael 46.8 Unranked, not enough snaps