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  1. He was a nice guy , I enjoyed him a lot , but I had only one year with him , RIP Pappy
  2. Thank you 12, means the world , thisis Brotherhood
  3. Thanks FF , I know it sucks , but thats life . zjust wanted you guys to know how much you've mesnt to me since Ive joined , Id be in pain , and get a Emmitt rant lol , or other special peoples , would help me with a laugh . means a lot to me .
  4. Thanks Cali, means so much all this support and love , goes a long way . in Brotherhood
  5. Thank you ROH , Im still in Calhoun , Ga . much appreciated alll your kind words
  6. TY HJerry , means a lot coming from you , youre a favorite as well of mine , we've had some lively discussions lol
  7. wanted to say thank you to you as well Octo , Papachaz , Zeek , and Ive missed some but Ill get around to it
  8. right ! I was told back in Nebraska , that there was no way Id live 5 years . I just celebrated the 10th anniversary of that , only God knows , Thank you X
  9. Top pic is standing from left Larry ( son-n-law ), Landon my son , his wife Hollie , and Justin my nephew , under him is his GF Amanda , my Mother n law Wynona , my daughter Tensley in red . My wife Melissa and me on the bottom left
  10. Yeah , I guess , I kinda owe you guys a backstory , I was diagnosed with liver desease back in 2008, I needed a liver but had a problem , I had cancer , so I spent the next year in UNMC in Omaha , Ne , and was pronounced dormant, I got put on the midwest Transplant list , but the cancer came back again only 2 months later, back to USMC , for more chemo, after 6 months of chemo , I had beaten it again , I had been away from home for nearly 5 years , missed my family. So I transferred back to Ga and on the transplant list , I waited almost 5 years to get a transplant , When I got the transplant , the Drs noted that it was already in rejection , the rejection kept getting worse , despite the treatment , only person I told was @SkerFalcon8710 because he was going thru cancer of his own , Emory tried to put me on Hospice last year , but I said no , and wasnt ready to give up, My kidneys have now come into play , so theres no more fighting back , They vow to keep me comfortable , they eased the mind of me and my wife , so I know its the right move . I appreciate you all , for the laughs , the discussions and the freindships Ive built , I dont want any pity , but I'll take each and every prayer , and TY beforehand , The botched transplant , still was blessing in its own way , I got to see 4 more Grandchilden born , I got to see my daughter marry a good man after seeing her heart broken by losing her husband in Iraq , I got to meet you all.
  11. . Thank you , Ya Boi , one of my favorite posters . I wont give up , not in my DNA, but I hope to make it thru the season , but looks like a long shot , right now , but all can change , I dont want any pity ( its old hat right now ) but I'll take all the prayers you can muster.
  12. Yes , indeed , be a shame if we never get to meet my freind
  13. you're like a brother to me Clarence , but this has been a 10 year battle , I fought to stay offf it last year nice to know you ha( hospice ), it has indeed just caught up . I'm OK . I get and accept , but its always have a freind , on youir corner. TY Bud
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