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  1. Yea , Im not crazy thx HJerry
  2. Feels like I just read the same comments in another thread . maybe just me lol.
  3. he'll have one good game then dissapear .
  4. Deja Vu are there 2 of these whiney threads ?
  5. Falcons LG Andy Levitre's base salary for 2018 now listed at $3.5 million. It had been $7 million prior to yesterday., you just make stuff up as you go ?
  6. Someones gonna get a nice player there , I predict he has a better career than 4 of the QBs selected before him, he's a d iamond in the rough.
  7. We have a worthless Sombrero
  8. Can Beyonce play DT ?
  9. Cool , maybe 3rd in division this year , need a replacement for Camilla.
  10. I'd prefer the Gesicki kid in the draft .
  11. Yes sir , and he says yes to whatever they want him to do , , total team player.
  12. Only mention of our Birds on NFL network , was as a possible trade partner with philly for LB Kendricks , nothing else.
  13. Wilkerson just signed for 5 mill per , I didnt think the market fir Poe was what he hoped it would be , if Im front office , I offer him a pay cut .
  14. love it !!!