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  1. After the Steelers ? Ill take Ryan , Julio and Devonte any day !
  2. I think Cam gets jealous of Mac if he has a small amount of sucsess, I even could see Cam playing keepaway , no one takes Cams spotlight.
  3. except for some reason they had to finish with the #90 player ( Malcom Jenkins ) saying he should be ranked 25. what was the point of this? Just to rub in some dissrespect ? I hope its fuel for the fire thats gonna the hit the NFL next year, heres hoping we trash everybody this year.
  4. Im hyped about the D too, it fits so well with the offense, and my 1st BOLD prediction of the year Grady Jarrett DPOY
  5. lol great for you and your family Takk
  6. my dog does not approve of this post
  7. yeah but you need to subtract the18 Legarrett Blount tds , hes gone,
  8. Bradys one good it away from retirement,
  9. my bold prediction, Rashede has the year we're all dreaming about, makes nthe pro bo set the world on fire.
  10. Happy Birthday falconaide
  11. to much Panties crap for a falcon page, this need s to be sent to Yes, we are Panties page , to much estrogen for me
  12. yep, but for wr and TE , the ball has to be around said target
  13. Falcons - deeper, and with the MVP to get it to them Saints- have the rt person to get it to the receivers , and Thomas is gonna be a star Bucs - improving and will get better as Jamison does Poor Poor Panties , besides Olson whos brilliant they have crap (wr) and more crap(QB ) to spread it out
  14. I remember him ( after the fumble ) he was mad, teammates were trying to console him and he wasnt having any of it . that TD was the next time he touched the ball. He'd have ran over the entire team , had it gotten in his way.