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  1. Thanks for the info , Im way behind , like I said this is 1st year Ive watched this century , much appreciated.
  2. I like Machado , he'd be a nice pick up for a cpl years , until Austin Riley is ready to assume the 3rd base job. Do we have any good catcher products coming up ?
  3. I don't post much here, but was listening to 92.9 today and Dukes and Bell brought up the subject , their thoughts and good ones they were, Harper and Craig Kimbral in a return to the team , I like the idea of Kimbral , but maybe not so much Harper , now he's a player and will be a very expensive one , Just hoping you guys had some input , I have only revisted the team this year , as its the first time theyve been watchable this decade,
  4. Just heard on 92.9 that dude has some severe mental issues , I mean hearing voices and constant paranoia , I hope he gets some help ......from Buffalo .
  5. I expect big things from Campbell this year too. more sacks and a few interception. he becomes a star this year.
  6. Knowing the Cowboys , they probbly towed him .
  7. They're just teaching Nupe , we all went thru it. Not saying its right or wrong , just a rite of passage , all will be well ; You've shown you'll fight back , that'll serve you well , don't give up.
  8. Why can't we all just get along ? -Rodney King , And talk Football- slappy
  9. Looks exactly like Brees
  10. Yes it does , was throwing horseshoes and broke my ankle in 3 spots. getting old sucks !
  11. I think your team is far from talent starved , but believe Kamara gets beat up the first 4 games because of the suspension , may even ruin his whole year But you do have Brees
  12. I think this rule change shows just the opposite , sure each player is an investment , why wouldn't you want to take care of your investment.
  13. Handling that spot, nice job PK !