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  1. nice . like your way of looking at it .
  2. I gotcha , I really like him too , bad boy is fine its the really asinine stuff he does ( like Cam ) that irks me , and KOG was right , he may grow out of it , cheers
  3. yessir, like the way you think
  4. must have been the get the F outta here remark , rudeness always throws me off
  5. KOG

    me too thats awesome
  6. Ill post for you , and Thank you , he is straight dominating , nice choice.
  7. who said anything about choir boys ? I said he acts like Cam Newton at times and he is very talented , I think the best QB this year coming out , Neither of us mentioned choir boys . You Priests just pop out of the woodwork.
  8. like Cam lol , No I hope he does , he's gonna be a winner , some teams gonna be very happy they took him
  9. me too , I like cockiness , its the kookiness that bothers me , and as much as I like to watch him compete , his antics bother me , act like you been there and done that .
  10. yeah , Im a little all over the place with that one , I like his fire and his talents , and want that in my QB but just not so fond of his hijinx lol
  11. Baker reminds me of Cam , but I'd love to see him in a Falcons uniform , gotta love his competiveness and fire , and frown a little on his childish actions .
  12. agreed G , but for some reason when we run it , we get called .
  13. plus 10 cheers
  14. Feels like my personnel Pete Rose expierience , i think I shared with everyone before , some idols are jerks.