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  1. Love the team defense on this play.
  2. Right, he did his time like a man , he didnt blame anybody , society, or anything else , he did wrong, he admitted it , he paid for it , he's grown as a person, what more can you ask of him ?
  3. Anybody can fall down, what matters is how you pick yourself back up. Keep up the good work Mike , we're pulling for you.
  4. I like Poe in the backfield as he can pass too, but , not so sure about Tru at WR lol, he doesnt have very good hands . I do like where you're going with this , let Sanu pass at least once this year , use what u got .
  5. Nice post ! Loved seeing Poe at FB , knew we were putting the ball in the endzone.
  6. Or my pet peeve , only show up to say nasty things when we lose , but nowhere to be found while we;re winning .
  7. Agreed Alford should be considered for all-pro this year , he has been our shut down corner .
  8. Hope we keep winning , so we see less and less of you , BTW grammar nazi , you used your comma in the same manner .
  9. Take Atlanta and the points , we're winning big 34-21
  10. There you are, you know only thing I missed were the 400 posts a week on how bad we suck , Be cool , to hear you say something nice about the team for once.
  11. He'd be a very expensive back-up, we have one of the most durable QBs in the league, lots of money for a pinerider.
  12. Had we lost , you'd be among the weekly leaders in posts and they'd all be negative,
  13. Just curious , we won a game and you're nowhere in sight, what gives ?
  14. Ok, I'm thinking about a lame push in the back , that negated a big play in that game. thx Peyton
  15. Weil deserved, My favorite thing about the sacks is he left no reason for the refs to penalize him ( everything was clean ) and he didnt showboat and taunt , which negates the penalty, he acted like he'd been there before .