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  1. Good niggaz get cut all the time, just not a great player, pretty much niggaz who are good but holding a high picks spot to get better
  2. U ******* have to much time on your hands. Middle age white guys while us minority stay on the rise. Yep white America is dead with jerks, cunts, n twats like you.
  3. Please stfu bc ur the same guy who will get on here n be excited once the season starts. Idk you even have a thread, dude post this bs status on Facebook.
  4. Jermaine Gresham: Another TE that we could sign at a relatively cheap rate. Kendrick Lewis: Without signing lowery, I feel uneasy about the FS position and I think this guy could come in and do a nice job and he is younger the lowery too. Randy Starks: This signing is very low since we have a lot of DT's, however saying that does any of those DT's get pressure like starks does? Another factor here is the age because he is 31 I would not give him more than a 3 year contract. I'd also sign a gaurd/tackle here. If we can get Gresham, lewis, starks all 3 for 7 mill or less I am all for it.
  5. I am telling you guys hardy is in our plans. Along with best pass rush avaliable
  6. how about we focus on who we are going to fill in at what positions. I'd atleast poll 3 ppl at each position.
  7. yeah and i am moderated so i can't start a thread, because i have yet to hit a 100 post, but ppl can post these types of theatrics.
  8. ok guys we have to understand what truely is occuring here. Quinn is putting a team together. He is getting someone who he is familiar with, as a plan C. This is a 3rd string signing guys. Solid depth signing he feels comfortable that could step in every now and then. We were very thin at CB last year, not to be honest our scheme was BS.
  9. where are the marks on this girl? any images? if not Mr. Blank who is divorced has to give him another chance.
  10. Ray Rice is on the decline. With that being said I would invite him to camp, but the draft is full or RB's & DE's.
  11. no longer a falcon, no longer interested in these two!
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