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  1. Really? I thought he was out for year. That’s great news Cole.
  2. Our OL this year is the worst I’ve seen since 2013-14. Makes last year’s look like a Pro Bowl unit.
  3. Brutal truth.
  4. I Guess I do too, as I was messin’ with you bro.
  5. No need to get pissy CB. @MSalmon (Spook) knows what he’s talking about When it comes to his football. And Slummy’s Completely gone off the deep end in his criticisms of Ryan.
  6. Slummy’s a good dude but permanently scarred thereby posting a lot of crazy **** lately on Ryan. I usually try and ignore the crazy.
  7. Matt’s always been Peyton 2.0 to me.
  8. Mike Vick was very entertaining my man, on and off the field. Give me boring excellence.
  9. Quinn was given every opp to fix the defense, 5 years and counting and here we are.....these are his players, and his team. I have thought for some time the HC was a bigger problem than you or most of board did. This year confirmed it.
  10. It’s really not necessary on offense. Solid nucleus At QB + WR/TE + RG/LT/RT to build around offensively. like you said, defense is where The focus needs to go. We have Jarrett/Debo and not much else.
  11. Neither koetter nor Bevell were true upgrades over Sark.
  12. So you don’t Think all that reeks of a possible coaching problem? LOL my man, who kept trotting Beasley/Riley/Richards out there last year? You guys blamed Manual for all that, but he’s gone. So now it’s the ‘ghost of manual’ sending Beasley/Ish/Campbell out there every week? Some of this is just me messin’ Ergo. You’re my guy. But I do feel you’re in denial if you don’t see Quinn as a big part of the current problem.
  13. Funny part is a lot of folks in here today gnashing their teeth about possibly losing Hooper wanted him gone just two seasons ago.
  14. Can we throw you in one of those trades just to clean everything up, especially if one is done with 49ers?
  15. Blaming others (Refs) never works. Success comes when you realize you are the problem. Best news is you can also become the solution, but only if you grasp that 1st truth. falcons are 1-5 because their defense sucks due to a combination of horrendous play & coaching, not because of refs bad calls.
  16. Very true. The Herd is always wrong FF. And these Lemmings were making Quinn sound like he was the next Belichick as recently as this past offseason. I Got into several arguments with knowledgeable posters trying to tell me he was the best coach in team history. He wasn’t then, and certainly isn’t now. Wish I was wrong, but I just didn’t see him as anything like that. Frankly, the frozen fear I saw in DQ last quarter of SB 51 was very telling to me. I believe you were one of the few who saw that too, yes?
  17. It truly is JD. That’s why I don’t see us finishing year as a bottom 5 team. We’re too good at the most important position in football for that to happen over a 16 game season.
  18. Why is everyone wanting these crappy dolphin players?
  19. Agree on Beasley..... but disagree on Quinn. Besides Beasley, Takk/Senat/Oliver/Trufant have all struggled big time under him. Neal was struggling before he got hurt. As did Riley, Collins and Hageman before them. He’s not the D-whisperer/DL- guru board made him out to be. You guys still don’t understand that Quinn is a major part of what’s wrong with this team.
  20. Excellence is only boring to people who don’t realize what it looks like (not a slam on you, just my thoughts). Peyton Manning and Brady in their prime would also look boring on losing teams. Ryan is having a remarkable season. I find that fascinating considering all the bad things going on all around him with this team.
  21. For a young player, that messes up their mechanics. Quinn’s misuse of Beasley is big reason I started questioning his defensive cred in ‘17.
  22. And You’re talking out of your *** with this bunch of crapola. falcons are top 10 NFL in offense, bottom 5 in defense. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist Slummy to figure out what needs to be fixed.