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  1. You & I called it in 2016. This year feels similar. i want to see if freeman is all the way back, that’s my only hesitation.
  2. AS we’ve discussed FB, quinn’s #1 job this offseason was to get VB’s swag and confidence back. So far, so good. But I still need to see it in real games.
  3. Probably nobody on this board calls Quinn out more than me, Slummy. But come on, saying all of that after a meaningless preseason game is quite a stretch of a take...even for you. Breathe in, breathe out.
  4. Same for me Papa, He looks to be our best offseason pickup. We missed D Poe more than most folks realize. Not so much for the tackles/QB pressures, but for how he took on blockers/doubleteams which kept our smallish LBers free to make plays. Davison is a huge (pun intended) upgrade over McClain.
  5. Let’s not sugarcoat it. The entire starting OL played like crap. A lot to clean up. And Get well soon Kaleb and Carp!
  6. I would have been thrilled with that.
  7. Can’t help myself, my friend. I’ve wanted a legit D here since like forever. It’s why I was so disappointed with our #14th pick. (Not to rehash that all over again, but it’s the only reason why...Lindstrom is gonna be a fine player for us) But other than that, I really am liking what I’ve seen team do shoring up the defense. (Davidson/Bailey, the rookie corners, Cominsky et al). All that plus Quinn seems dialed in to be more aggressive. As you and I have discussed, **** the passive approach. We want an attacking style defense, with blitzing and stunts et al.
  8. Same. DQ will apparently be incorporating more stunts utilizing Vic this year as well. I’m excited about that too, athell.
  9. I agree we should have gone D at 14....Sweat or Lawrence were my preference.... but trading up for Williams would have blown up rest of our draft.... like I said, we HAD to grab a RT in this draft.
  10. Any update on Gage?
  11. Same ones every preseason bro. OL is set once we get Kaleb worked in at RT.
  12. So you’re okay with Ty at RT? i wish we had taken a DL at 14, but trading up for RT McGary pick was a must. We couldn’t have pulled that off trading up for Williams.
  13. So, my guess is they stash him there in case someone gets hurt. Otherwise, looks like he would be a cut. not looking good for Senat either.
  14. After a ******* preseason game at that G. SMH.
  15. Talk is cheap Vic. Go do it on the field and let your play shut everybody up.
  16. LOL... Please see my edits above......I’m working hard on getting it better.
  17. I know, and I don’t blame you and am with you bro all the way. Not a good look. At all. As a long-time quality poster, who has been here since like forever, you’ve earned some cred and deserve better. You’ve waited all these years to do this one thread, a thread you obviously put a lot of serious thought into. So, instead of zapping your very 1st thread they should have enshrined it at top of page with the X and O’s thread. ......that’s just wrong for those sorry azzz mods to do this to our long-time falcon brother. How can we ban a mod? We need to unite! Cracks. Me. Up.
  18. LOL, I would deserve it too for even bringing you into this kind of discussion.... my point was, 37-42 isn’t very stellar, but it’s still better than 0-11....
  19. That’s fair. I get it, but still just hate losing, even in preseason. i wonder what pats overall preseason record has been during their dynasty run? I bet our resident Patriots expert @FalconsIn2020 knows.
  20. I’m sorry ROH, but imagining that look on your face when they did that to your very 1st thread....cracks me up!
  21. True, but still......Ouchie.
  22. Eye of the Tiger. Matt wants that ring bad.
  23. Duke is one of our better special teams players.
  24. Bryant spoiled us falcon fans rotten......