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  1. Exactly. If Blank was about ‘hype’ he would have “insisted” we draft Justin Fields.
  2. AS got outcoached, and Matt definitely did not play well. It’s just one game, but the great ones adjust and correct it quickly. This next game will be interesting to see how they both respond.
  3. Which is kinda what you hope a 3rd rounder will eventually turn out to be, yes?
  4. I agree, good post. I hear you on the confidence thingy. As I alluded earlier, was most disappointed by the (lack of) leadership from coaches and vets than I was by the rooks. It’s gonna take all 3 of those guys a 1/2 - 1 year to get use to the much faster pace of nfl. But I think all 3 + the others will eventually make this a great 1st draft class for TF.
  5. We can all find sites that will pick apart any draft pick, j. My point stands….there were plenty of ‘draft gurus’ who projected him a late 1st-early 2nd rounder. An awful 1st game doesn’t change that. You claiming he was “over-drafted” is your opinion, but doesn’t really stand up to the consensus. He played poorly, but anyone surprised by that with him going against Cox et al are at best naive. What was way more surprising/disappointing was how poorly the entire team played…including our highest paid & veteran leader QB Ryan. And our coaching staff got completely out-coached. Those were way bigger issues than mayfield was.
  6. Mayfield was a borderline projected 1st Rd pick. You guys piling on some rookie in his very 1st career game are being kinda silly. There’s plenty of blame to place at the coaches and vets on team’s feet.
  7. I agree, but most of that comes with the territory for all rookies. Plus folks are dissing mayfield, but nobody should be surprised fletcher Cox handed his a&& to him. They've got to learn. I fully expect Pitts, Grant, and mayfield will all be full-time starters as this up and down season moves along.
  8. You believe Richie Grant was “a reach”? LOL.
  9. It’s one game. Sheesh, Give the kid a few starts before you guys go bonkers… Mayfield has talent, but he’s raw.
  10. The “he’s great with TE’s” was always an overstated case by the pro-Koetter folks (most who have since gone underground).
  11. They are still butt hurt over Morton Anderson’s signing with us from so long ago….and for good reason.
  12. This team has a lot more talent than consensus and therefore Negative Nelly Schultz realizes. Gotta stay healthy, but can be a playoff team with Ryan at QB. He’s not nor has ever been the problem. Until he is, it’s all just navel-gazing.
  13. Harris and Harmon are two aging vets in decline. Hoping to see both Grant and Hawkins as our two starting Safeties sooner rather than later.
  14. Bottom line, we’re in big trouble if Matt goes down and either of those 2 are plan B.
  15. You obviously don’t comprehend the classic irony of this post.
  16. Gonna call bull-sh!+ on that one. Leeman Bennett was a mediocre coach at best, ala Dan Quinn…while Smitty was a good (albeit not great) coach for us. Smitty was the best HC we’ve ever had, but Falcons have never had what I would call a great head coach…hopefully Arthur Smith changes that.
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