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  1. Not rationalization, fact is I Very seldom do that except when folks are being obviously full of themselves. and BTW I didn’t even say you were wrong, and I freely admit I don’t know. I have opinions like everyone else, but nobody knows beforehand how the draft will play out, that’s a huge part of what makes it so fascinating. what I did say is it would be hilarious if you were wrong after definitively proclaiming no way on hurst based on what you know and don’t know whether we’ve met or scouted him or not. Probably not this year, but My experience is those type absolute proclamations eventually do come back and bite you in the azz. See kayoh. You’re just a different version of him with your absolutes.
  2. Wrong again. Difference being I readily admit I don’t.
  3. LOL, I’m not gonna get into another long mind-numbing ‘let’s blame the coach for-GM’s/scouting dept drafting mistakes’ argument. I stand firmly by what I said. You guys are so full of sh!t on that simpleton narrative, which makes you look as foolish as the TD haters do.
  4. We do have other needs, but no it’s not. We currently have 1 Starter and 1 backup at DT.
  5. BTW I like both Nichols and Hall as prospects, and one could very well be drafted by falcons as 2nd half of double-dip at DT in 3rd-4th round to give current/future depth in rotation at that bare position. But neither will be drafted to be team’s immediate starter, LOL Kayoh.
  6. Wrong, they do both. See falcons 2016. So you’re saying falcons aren’t a good team? Because they sure haven’t address DT in free agency. They may not grab a DT in Rd 1, but if you think their solution is putting all their eggs in a Nichols or hall and wait till next year on really addressing the position you’re delusional. The cleveland’s Of the world historically may do that, the’re always looking at next year. But good teams like NE address their problems now.
  7. Hardly. I give you props when you make a little sense. Do you hear yourself? You really think Bill Belichick is reviewing his team needs up in foxboro and identifying his biggest current need and saying he’ll wait until 2019 to really address it, hoping some mid-round stiff this year can fix it? How naive can you be? Good teams address it’s problems now because they are trying to win now.
  8. BS, they had multiple huge needs in 2016 and filled them accordingly based on who was available. The only huge need they have now is DT. And the Edge rusher falcons drafted in 2017 you dismissed. You’re just like most everyone else in here, more swings and misses than hits.
  9. There will be 3-4 DT’s drafted in Rd 1 this year. Trying to project next year’s draft by holding off on a huge need now is silly fan conjecture. Good teams never do that.
  10. LOL.
  11. Bull-sh!t You don’t take a 4-12 team and then go 56-24 over 5 seasons “not knowing what you want”. as crazy as the TD haters look, some of his defenders throwing smith under the bus by defending his misses look just as dumb as the haters. The draft is a lottery. If Qunn/TD even last 7 seasons together, they will have plenty of misses along the way just as TD/Smith did. Last year’s draft had several, 2015 had a huge miss in Jalen Collins.
  12. Agreed, 3rd or 4th most likely.
  13. Be funny as heck if falcons pick hurst after so many know-it-all’s proclaiming no way.
  14. Falcons always looking to trade up. That’s a given.
  15. Hamilton even worse.