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  1. They did struggle in Cover 3 on deeper WR routes in their did Neal.... so much so Quinn changed the D mid/year to more man to man with deeper LBer drops so they weren’t matched up so much running with wide receivers. It was a brilliant move by Quinn allowing them to react more to plays in front of them rather than think in diagnosing plays on the spot. But Duke’s problems are much more fundamental. He’s been slow to react in various it passes, runs, whatever.
  2. know **** well what it shows. That he balled his rookie season. I’m not saying he didn’t have some rookie struggles....but not in same stratosphere of riley’s. Campbell’s a more fair comparison, but you could see the light come on for him 2nd half of season.
  3. Yeah, I don’t get this silly comparison of Riley to Campbell.
  4. 2013-14-15 we went 18-30 with one of the worst aging rosters in NFL. The primary reason why was poor drafting 2009-2012. TD shouldn’t get a pass for that.
  5. I wish we had a little more Belichick/Parcells mindset in that regard.
  6. He wasn’t awful, which was an improvement. But I didn’t see anything close to “shine” from his play. I still see a struggling LBer with slow instincts. Our 1st team OL shined. Calvin Ridley & Hooper shined. On defense, Kazee & Poole both looked real good.
  7. LOL, not until quarter 3!?! Everything counts! And the fact remains, trufant would have helped. Which was my point.
  8. First, Ryan’s never had a constant like tom Moore....who I agree played a significant role in manning’s Development. 2nd, matt was very manning-like in calling audibles in 2012, it was a big part that year in our hurry-up offense. Of course, matt took a step back in 2015 when we went to WCO and then turned right around and won mvp in 2016 . Wouldn’t surprise me to see him have similar season this year. That’s my long answer. Short answer is nobody is Peyton Manning.
  9. Collins and Poole both got chewed up and spit out that game.
  10. There’s some serious funny **** in that thread man. Thanks for taking the time to go find it. My wife and her cat are looking at me strangely every time I bust out laughing reading through that classic!
  11. 1:00-2:30. That church is out in the boonies! It was a sweet service that touched me. You could tell Dennis was very much loved by his family.
  12. LOL, same here my friend. Hooper looks much more in sync, Ridley will be an upgrade over Gabe, and Saubert May end up being our RZ secret weapon. And mark my words Kiwi, Julio is gonna explode with TD catches this year. A lot of TAFTers gonna be eating a lot of crow.