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  1. LOL....Aaron Rodgers is considered by most to be a better QB than Matt is.
  2. It wasn't hard to understand, it just wasn't a good point. It's apparent you have no idea "what Julio is doing" if that is truly what you believe.
  3. Yeah, why can't people stand on being put off by Julio's negotiation tactics...which I don't blame anyone for that..... instead of downplaying his play (lack of touchdowns for example) and importance to team? Just makes them look silly.....
  4. Gonna be an interesting year with all these weapons but just one football. Just gotta stay healthy.
  5. I definitely believe it was a "got hot" thing. Still amazes me Philly won a ring with all the injuries they sustained. Might be something to that momentum "thingy".....
  6. But he does have that same track speed metcalf had. We wouldn't be asking him to be a kick/punt returner, but instead spread him out in the slot in the passing game. I've kinda come off from that since we drafted Ridley to upgrade Gabriel, but still would like to see Sark utilize our RBs more in passing game.
  7. Foles just got hot right at the right time. It happens sometimes, see Joe Flacco and Colin Kaepernick in 2012.
  8. It’s Both, actually.
  9. You got that right ROH.....see last few pages of thread
  10. Top player money completely rots folks brains out in here, doesn’t it my man? See freeman, Tru, matt et al. Can’t wait until matthews and Beasley contracts come up....all the drama will be fun to see.
  11. Some great ideas. I especially like the Teco moving into an Eric Metcalf-type role. But Imagine us doing more of that with Julio commanding double-teams?
  12. Man, I have to agree. No room for that BS.
  13. I’m an old timer too. Don’t play with me Bro’, I go back as far as you do. Football is football. If anything, the game is more WR friendly today than it was back then. We both know julio should have two. Blame Coaches Smitty and Quinny poor situational coaching for our lack of rest, not Julio.