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  3. You should have seen Rolland Lawrence and Rick Byas and the Grits Blitz falcons in ‘77.
  4. Straw man argument? Big words by such a little man, seriously doubt you even know what that term means. Dumb arses who’ve been claiming Matthews is not good on these boards are eating crow on that nonsense. Of course he’s “good enough”, quit trying to water down his importance. And I don’t care how we get them....draft, trade, free agency, only folks such as you looking for something to whine about on TD complain about how he’s not drafted many good offensive linemen. Alex Mack has been “good enough” his entire career here and Ryan Schraeder and Andy Levite have been as well every year until this year. So counting Matthews there’s 4 just on current squad. We were a Top 5 OL in 2016 and a Top 10 last year. We’ve got some rebuilding to do but quit acting like our OL hasn’t been good before this year. A major reason we made the playoffs the last two seasons was because of our good OL play.
  6. I’ve seen it too, with Hooper as well....but like I said earlier I think that was on Ridley and Hoop....
  7. Poor coaching cost us 2-3 games early in would not have quit if we had won those games....who knows where we’d be with better coaching from top on down?
  9. Yup.....As you know, a Head coach’s job is to get both units playing in synch.
  10. You know exactly what it means. Means he thinks Sark is better than you guys claim.
  11. Come on man....Mathis carries 1000X more football cred than any knucklehead in here.
  12. Again, no running back, and a broken OL. But I hear you. I just don’t understand all the Sark venom as bad as the defense has been. Hardly see any of these ‘fire Manuel’ threads when our defense is #1 reason why this year’s team is not a playoff team. That and poor situational coaching by Quinn. Quinn was hired to fix the D. 4 years in, he obviously hasn’t.