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  1. Yoga
  2. I know....just playing... Seems takk is grinding right along
  3. Re: twilight of careers pass rushers You forget Daeshon Hall...see @Kayoh
  4. Better as in more valuable? Nah man, Takk will be a more rounded player, but not better.
  5. Good post. LOL Wasn’t me saying Ward was a mini-turner, my man, not even close. Ward’s more like quizz to me.
  6. You’re exactly right. Gotta have balance, my friend. I thought this was sark’s best called game of year. as good as Shanny was last year he would inexplicably at times abandoned the run way too soon which cost us a few games last year, including the ultimate game. both Dallas and Seattle are hurting, so neither D are as good as folks in here think they are....but our offense seems to have finally found their rhythm. I’m excited about that.
  7. Yeah, the key is the OC didn’t abandon the run. 90 yards or whatever on 30 carries (3.0 YPC) isn’t statistically impressive, but it kept their defense honest so they couldn’t tee off on Ryan.
  8. Given the situation, it was an incredibly stupid call. Much like Quinn, Carroll is an excellent evaluator of talent. But he’s made some of the biggest situational football gaffes I’ve ever seen out of an nfl coach.
  9. A Wake up call moment. Past time you grow up, JC.
  10. Yeah, he got hit pretty hard on that throw. People can Say what they want about Ryan, but he stands in that pocket and takes his licks as well as any qb in football.
  11. Not really trying to be a prick, malachore.... its just these same issues (ST breakdown, lack of focus and dumb penalties, etc etc etc) keep rearing their ugly head every single game...
  12. Happens Every. Single. Time.