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  1. Nothing new here. Under Ulbrich, Falcons moved Oliver last year under to a hybrid safety role. And he played well there. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thefalcoholic.com/platform/amp/2020/12/3/22150469/falcons-swiss-army-knife-isaiah-oliver-getting-new-looks-in-atlantas-defense
  2. So sorry my man. May you have only fond memories of your daddy.
  3. Absolutely. John Elway, Steve McNair… Vick was all those guys but even more physically gifted.
  4. Respectfully disagree. The NFL has proven it was ready. The one who wasn’t ready was Mike Vick.
  5. In my prayers, Dem Birds. Please keep updated.
  6. For that to happen, we need a lot of things to go right for us…. but after last year especially, law of averages say it’s possible.
  7. screw the Titans. As a falcon fan, I’d be remiss not wondering what Arthur and Julio could have done together here with Davis/Ridley/Pitts/Ryan et al.
  8. I love Gage, but he’s still our #3-4. Pitts will be our #2 receiver.
  9. Steve is a friend of mine J. Next time I see him, I’m gonna make a point to show him this!
  10. Some of ya’ll are either bathing knee-deep in Pitts koolaide, or off to a very good start in drinking something much stronger heading into the weekend. 🤓
  11. You can’t worry about other teams. You can only control what you put out on the field.
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