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  1. Naw man. PMF is my brother, as are you. And as you know, brothers razz each other.
  2. Still can’t believe aints let Davison get away, 007. And the A Bailey signing too.....TD worked some magic persuading those two to sign such team-friendly contracts.
  3. Me too. He doesn’t have near the talent in SF he had here. I mentioned earlier his SF team kinda reminds me what he had as OC in Cleveland. They started out fast too, but ended 7-9. This team looks similar.
  4. Yeah, and he’s doing it with not a lot of talent there to work with too. Kinda like he did in Cleveland with Hoyer at QB. Long before he came to ATL, I was a big fan of Shanny’s WCO system.
  5. My man, you’ve lost all reason. McCaffrey’s about the only thing panthers’ got going offensively right now. Surely you know this. Cam has rushed for -2 yards this year, with a QB rating of 70. Hope he gets it together (except of course against us), but last couple years CM is that team’s most dangerous player. SMH.
  6. Again, I’m not saying you weren’t. I’m saying most people went that direction. And you know that’s true.
  7. Nope. McCaffrey is.
  8. LOL. I don’t spend money on any player jerseys. Did you buy it before or after the dog thing came out? Once again, everybody liked Vick back then, until......
  9. Very true. sometimes we can overcome our screwups in life and still chase our dreams, other times the consequences from those screwups force a new direction.
  10. Now you’re just being silly. My point is many fans who bought MV jerseys back when he was the most popular athlete in sports are no longer fans of him after the dog killings came out. Which is understandable. If you say that’s not true of you, okay, but the fact you keep making a big deal out of it is kinda funny. And yes, like I said several posts ago, agree to disagree.
  11. LOL....come on man. Because everybody bought a Vick jersey back then whether they could afford it or not until the dog thingy came out. If you say you still like Vick, that’s cool. That’s wasn’t my point anyway. We just disagree as to who was the more dangerous player.
  12. That’s not saying much. Who didn’t have a Vick jersey back then, until... And I think saying cam was as dangerous or worried DCs as much as Vick did is false. But whatever. Agree to disagree.
  13. Let me have my fun with PMF!!! Not a diss on Takk. But so far, watt’s been the better player.