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  1. Well, stupid will do stupid, but it might cause some folks to at least pause before posting toxic stuff that results in riff-raff back and forths. For whatever it’s worth. If I had a say, I would vote we reinstate that rule.
  2. But is it chicken or egg Matt? Only in Steelers game did we get behind, all the others we were either ahead or right in it...Much like shanny did, Sark gives up on run way too soon in games.
  3. Was Wondering which boat they threw him him off?
  4. I bet that was awesome. Why did it go away?
  5. x’s and o’s

    You aren’t fooling anyone Mexico....we all know you’re just being sweet to PMF so he’ll do one of these jewels on T-Mobile Taylor. To save him the work, LSU Dad already did the work for you. Sorry PMF.....but listen for the scream at the end. P.S. I love your work.
  6. Some folks are living in La-La land. Football is a violent sport, and RB one of the most violent positions in said sport. It’s always been that way.
  7. LOL, you’re the one who said his YPC was awful my man. Also, Everything counts. Those “2 carries for 40 yards” are the kind of runs that made him different and special. I saw holes in Tampa game that a healthy freeman would have busted for long gains, which smith and Coleman got stopped for no yards because they just hit the gap creases wrong. Coleman has always struggled with that, hopefully smith can figure it out. So far, he hasn’t.
  8. Freeman was averaging 4.9 YPC.
  9. Assume Navarro Bowman is toast. But it still would have made sense bringing in a vet like him where the kid LBers could learn how to properly approach the game. This coaching staff baffles me sometimes.
  10. We really missed his pressure up the middle last week.
  11. We’ve seen glimpses, but 3.2 YPC isn’t gonna cut it.
  12. Good post, a lot of truth in this. But What concerns me is the fact the coaches keep trotting him out there. Snaps have decreased a little, but not enough.
  13. LOL been to California or Oregon recently? Folks aren’t happier there.
  14. See also Eric Saubert. If he had Hardy’s hands, we might would have something. And if ever there was a week for @gazoo guy Saubert to step up, this will be it.