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  1. Sure sounds like they’ve got their head on straight to me. Nice article, goob. Thanks!
  2. In 2011-12, the Julio trade greatly watered down what little draft value In defensive players picked in those two seasons. my point was all our Top 10 picks were on offense (Ryan, Julio, Matthews).....we sacrificed bulk of two years of draft capital to go up and get Julio, and significant FA capital was spent in those early years on offense as well (Michael turner, trade for Gonzo). That’s how the team was built, building offense 1st around young QB Ryan. Defense pretty much was second fiddle during that time. Team was successful (56-22) for that 5 year stretch, but also explains why D never was elite. I think it was a tribute to coaching staff the D played as well as it did during that time, plus by and large they did hit on a few of players drafted on that side (Lofton, Spoon, Moore, Peters, et al). To your point....Missing on Peria Jerry really hurt (imagine Clay Matthews paired with Abe).
  3. Weak defensive roster because we went heavy offense during those early years. Still, even with less overall talent the defense 2008-12 was better than they’ve been during the Quinn years.
  4. I hear you on Quinn/Takk, but I also think Dennard was just as important signing for us as Griffin will be to cowgirls. TD’s had a great offseason overall IMO, and I think we’re pretty much set. I’d love to have him, but Clowney still wants way too much to be a viable option.
  5. Truth. Worst offensive line play I’ve seen since the bad old days of Lamar Holmes, Jeremy Trueblood, and Peter Konz.
  6. Well, with no pre-season games.....In some form or fashion, everybody’s “limited” this camp.
  7. Interestingly, I saw similar Javon Kinlaw comparisons to Jarrett pre-draft this year.
  8. https://boards.atlantafalcons.com/topic/4055010-td-quinn-drafting-rb-hill-tells-me-a-lot/ This one was a classic jewel of a thread on Brian hill, slobby. Have a beer on me and read through all of it. Some of the takes and responses accordingly will give you a nice belly laugh.
  9. LOL Bro, Trevor Lawrence is not the kind of talent willing to “sit the first few years”. If you draft him, he plays day 1.
  10. Maybe, although much of that is speculative. But come on, there are way more (and much more serious) risks of long-term health consequences playing football to players than Covid. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29648271/nfl-positive-test-rate-all-personnel-stands-046 https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nba.com/amp/league/article/2020/08/12/nba-nbpa-coronavirus-test-results-official-release And even though my comment was in direct response to a football related topic, if you want to take my comment in a general context, I’m good with that too.
  11. Great points. I was a big Rico fan those first few seasons he was here. He was young & inexpensive, smart and coachable, and bought into what Quinn was doing. He was serviceable FS until other positions of need got addressed. But I always knew the defense would never evolve into a championship caliber D without a talent updraft at free safety. It’s way past time in doing that, IMO.
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