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  1. Great work of better offseason plans I’ve seen.
  2. Lost-in-Mexico was found Drunk-in-Mexico.
  3. Well, we all do that my friend, nobody more than myself. At the end of the day, we’re all amateurs with our amateurish opinions. To Vel’s point (I think) we gotta trust Quinn et al that they know what they’re doing. And I do trust Quinn overall. Still Doesn’t mean we have To Be lemming fans and agree with EVERYTHING falcons are doing. It’s part of why I come here, to debate these very things. Bottom line, I did not like our 2017 draft, and still don’t and won’t until the players drafted prove me otherwise...
  4. IMO We need(ed) a thumper...not a Debo-wannabe.
  5. I hear you G, but Because he’s played on very bad defenses for most of his career, Cam Jordan has for years been a vastly underrated pro-Bowl caliber DE.
  6. LOL...Not by me they weren’t. Not that I’ve got it figured out, been wrong plenty, but those two picks (Neal/Debo) made perfect sense to me, and I said so at the time. There’s plenty of super fast/undersized LBers In college. But most ...including Duke...don’t have Debo’s instincts. You guys undervalue who Debo is by comparing Duke to him, they are dissimilar in so many aspects. Duke frankly should have been a 5th-6th rounder for backup ‘depth’ and special teams. As should have saubert/Harlow/Hill...that’s why I said they were all reaches, as we could have gotten better value with those Picks, IMO. As I stated earlier, this draft was reminiscent of our drafts in 2009-2012, many were called “depth drafts” then too. A couple more “depth drafts” in a row like this one and falcons regress ala 2013-15.
  7. You guys need to grasp that Duke isn’t Debo. And I never considered Debo a reach, ever.
  8. I understand all of that, I expected that too. But There’s good depth and then there’s Meh depth. That’s where we disagree, I thought most of our picks.... duke, Harlow, saubert, Hill ...were reaches. Kazee looks like a potential contributor. And I've never downplayed rico.
  9. We don’t need to be doing Bobby bonilla type contracts....
  10. LOL at folks always calling meh drafts “depth drafts” ... and Duke had more than “some struggles”.
  11. Me thinks you are embellishing what will come from this draft class. Hope im wrong.
  12. You guys don’t really believe that, do you? What upper echelon talent was ahead of our draft picks? Riley was given the starting LBer job day 1 he was drafted, and he was so awful we had to move Beasley out of position to replace him. Wes was a below average OG. Not only couldn’t Harlow replace him, he couldn’t even replace a bottom tier Garland when Levite went down. Kazee showed some promise in preseason, but is playing behind a league average safety and league average Nb. As is Saubert. i fully understand it takes draft picks time, so I don’t need the normal board lectures about all of that. But you guys are making a whole lotta excuses about a draft class that on paper and in field, so far (other than Takk) looks meh.
  13. Not sure what you guys think you are seeing. Me thinks it more far more Hope/faith than reality, 2012. Takk had a nice 1st year, Riley stunk up the field, Harlow didn’t see the field even though we had horrible play at OG for most of year. Kazee looks like he’ll possibility be groomed to replace poole (not Rico) if he can stay healthy. We can hope, and I hope I’m proven dead wrong on this. But I said it at the time I hated our draft man. Nothing in last year’s play changed my mind on that.