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  1. Haven’t seen the Worst of this yet. Check back in two weeks.
  2. They are being careful. And that’s the plan, starting hopefully in may.
  3. Exaggerate/Embellish much? And if it saves meaningful numbers of lives, for most decent folks the sacrifice is worth it. And again, at least here on Planet Earth, that Superman/woman epidemiologist does not exist. And even if it were true, you put all of that on Fauci? Again, although not a fan of this administration, I think they’ve done an overall impressive job dealing with this. But don’t let me stop you, continue with your navel-gazing blame list.
  4. And media runs with it. It’s all a shot in the dark. Weathermen are a good comparison, actually.
  5. We’ll sign Clay out of some of Trufant cap savings in June. Bruh....31 ain’t old!
  6. My point is, as has everyone else. Did you see all the ‘credible’ doc predictions on how many would die from Ebola? How did that turn out? Swine Flu? SARS? All The headlines coming out of Britain in 2016 of “Britain prepares for 1 million deaths”? These things are impossible to predict.
  7. Glad you’re not in charge of our draft. Although it wouldn’t shock me. On second thought....TD, is that you? (sorry, Ikie)
  8. One thing I’d like to say....This is a crapola post. It’s foolish for anyone to make predictions on the unknown, other than to scare the crap out of folks to get their attention. And they’ve gotten it.
  9. Like I said, some early confusion and messy at first, which is understandable. But overall, I’ve been impressed how everything’s come together in this short of time. Unprecedented, actually.
  10. Where are you coming from with this ‘ignorance” narrative? There was some early missteps by leaders, and there’s the usual idiotic few who are always clueless, but overall most people have been scared ****less from this virus by the 24:7 news focused on it. And we had way more lead-time on this than Italy had, so it’s not the same. Plus Italy doesn’t have near the quality healthcare system America has.
  11. Not saying that won’t happen, as it certainly potentially could turn out true....but way too soon to be throwing those kind of numbers out as well as the low-balled ones were. Nobody really knows how these things will turn out. For example, One therapeutic drug....and as you know there’s several promising ones on the crusp.....much less a vaccine...would be a game changer.
  12. Here you go bro.
  13. And he knows what he’s doing with all that. Not near the fool media portrays him out to be.
  14. I’m “seeing you” make a clown of yourself over this. As much **** as brown has brought upon himself over the past year and put a nail in this fantasy argument, you revisiting this debate based on some tweet by him is pure entertainment.
  15. Stop with what “nonsense” exactly? People who claimed brown was the better WR always pointed to his TDs. As I clearly stated, TDs aren’t the only variable, and are dependent on several other factors than just the WR.