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  1. Maybe, but I think both Tru and Neal have an argument. but bigger picture....This defense is gonna surprise a lot of so-called 'experts' this upcoming year.
  2. I hear ya, it will be interesting to see how he's used. Maybe sorta like Percy Harvin? Or how Darren sproles was used by Aints?
  3. Give me Tru over half those guys....but this is Bleacher Report after all, so there you go. him missing a chunk of last season probably is biggest reason they 'forgot' how good he is.
  4. Agreed...Hill wouldn't have changed a **** thing on that. And nobody (including coaching staff) knows if Brian Hill is even a keeper yet.
  5. Julio has always reminded me of Larry Fitzgerald, my all-time fav receiver before Julio. No diva, just class.
  6. I have always not so secretly wanted him here as well....
  7. Agree completely. A healthy Poe together with Jarrett and hageman is gonna make a huge difference in our pressuring the qb from the middle which will create the kind of mistakes we saw good QBs Wilson and Rodgers make in last year's playoffs.
  8. Then why are you here?
  9. Says who? Bell hasn't "handled" it in 2 of his last 3 seasons JD.
  10. Sure he is, right here and now. And there's already signs we've seen the very best of Bell as he begins to deteriorate. Thanks to Coleman, free most likely is gonna have a longer career than the Bell/Johnson/Elliott type 3-5 years freeman will have far surpassed Bell career-wise in just about every statistical RB category. And I would take elliott right now over Bell. This board gets silly when matt Ryan isn't ranked among top 5 NFL players by some dumb tv show, but amazingly vastly under- rates one of its own best players in not grasping just how good D Freeman truly is.
  11. On San Fran game, Me too Andy. Plus we were an aging team and I kinda knew it was very possibly it's last hurrah for Turner/Abe/tony G et al Nothing's guaranteed of course, but feels like this team's just getting started.