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  1. Key to beating saints (and everyone else) is to win the turnover battle. But especially the saints . It appears this saints D is built similar to their 2010 SB team D, designed to capitalize on turnovers.
  2. Will need freeman Back.
  3. Nah, we screwed our selves in both games.
  4. I think so too. Reminds me a lot of Rod Woodson at this stage of his career. (Now on’t kill me PMF ...we both know Ramsey has a long way to go to get close to woodson’s Level)
  5. Yes. Both have been playing at very high level.
  6. I know you do. Same here, at 61 still learning and getting better. Folks forget (or don’t care) he never had a father in his life. I admire MV the man now more than I ever did when he was playing in Atlanta. By all accounts He’s a good husband, father, citizen, and role model. Better than most ex-players. Appears Life taught him a great lesson. I’m proud for him.
  7. That’s kind of a TAFT myth/embellishment about the importance of FS athleticism though, isn’t it? Best D in NFL so far this year (Jax) does not have what I would call an elite FS. Also, much like Jax, we surround our FS with a lot of elite young talent ...Trufant/Alford, Neal, D Jones, D Campbell, Jarrett, Beasley et al may not all be ‘superstars’, but they are an up and coming unit. I do agree we need to upgrade. Apparently Quinn has never seen the urgency of it like this board tends to do.
  8. Has Mark Bradley ever gotten anything right about falcons....ever?
  9. Except for those parents whose kids have made serious mistakes already. He is a great example of turning a life around through determination and persistence, no matter ones previous mistakes.
  10. Plus it would show up in stats of defensive yards allowed. Falcons are 6th best in NFL in that category.
  11. Jalen Ramsey maybe is close to one ? The Lattimore kid in New Orleans has played lights out so far.
  12. Pretty much where I’ve been on Rico all along. It’s not just athleticism, it will take a combination of athleticism and football I.Q. In order to get better it’s gonna most likely take a 1st or 2nd round pick (or more expensive FA) to even have a chance to upgrade him IMO, and we all know there’s no Guarantee...that’s a lot of draft capital to spend upgrading a guy his coaches and teammates love... but other than DT (assuming poe leaves) that’s the position I see on D that is most logical to address
  13. Pretty evident based on evidence Weinstein and Stacy are guilty. the other celeb/political stuff/ and Winston shouldn’t surprise anyone, although as you said not enough evidence out there....yet.
  14. Wow. Losing both Sherman and now chancellor are huge losses. Hard to see Seahawks making playoffs without them, especially if they lose Sunday. Makes monday night an even bigger must win game for both teams.