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  1. Aub....You’re explaining this to a bunch of folks who also want a QB. FWIW, I love Pitts. He definitely would be BPA at pick 7.
  2. Exactly, see also last year’s #1 Joe Burrow of bengals getting his knee blown up.
  3. Truth. David Carr never recovered after 2 years of shell shock in Houston. Tim Couch/Heath Shuler/Andre Ware were a few other ‘Cant miss’ QBs who never recovered from the accelerated speed of nfl pass rush > college. Weren't they all part of this (in)famous new age ‘dual threat’ QBs too?
  4. Spot on. It’s the part about Ryan people in here don’t fully grasp/appreciate. He literally has someone in his face on every throw, something Wilson/Lawrence et al have yet to experience.
  5. Cant speak for kiwi, but here’s a pic of my own personal blown up TD doll. Dont judge. 🤪
  6. Very tue. That’s what I look for in a QB, how he performs when there’s pass rush pressure. Its why I’m not even 100% sold on Lawrence, much less Wilson/Fields. He’s a phenomenal talent, but how he performs under constant harassment on a very bad Jax team in the big boy league is an unknown.
  7. You know I’m just messin’, G. We differ on our approach, which is cool. You know I respect your opinions. But come on, nobody knows what TF is thinking. He’s not that dumb to tell us through the media what his plans with Matt/Julio/draft will be.
  8. I’m assuming coming into draft that DE/corner/RB are 3 biggest priorities.....so unless we do a trade down, which I believe we will...I’m doubtful he’s still there in Rd 4....
  9. LOL bro, that’s why it’s called a bias.....everybody sees it but you. 🤪
  10. He definitely should be up there. Surprised he’s not getting more love in here.
  11. “Nobody in football should be called a genius. A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein”-Joe Theismann https://www.google.com/amp/s/syndication.bleacherreport.com/amp/1020540-the-dumbest-quotes-in-nfl-history.amp.html
  12. Or maybe you’re just taking classic GM speak and turning it into confirmation bias?
  13. Hennessy, Davidson, Walker and Hawkins will be starters. Based on our drafting position, so will 3-4 upcoming draft picks. Falcons will be doing what most everyone else will be doing, churning the roster over by replacing older/weak players with younger/stronger and hopefully better ones.
  14. Well , his contract runs through 2023, so my guess is he’s here until then. At least I hope so. Which is why I push back on you guys in such a rush on finding his successor. Next 3 years build a better roster so that when you are ready to draft a QB, he’s surrounded by a good team, which can’t help but give a rookie QB a higher likelihood of success. Agree with you about 2016. I hope Arthur brings a more balanced run/pass attack than we’ve seen the past few years.
  15. Re: our discussions all last year. And yes sir, it honestly explains a lot.
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