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  1. Agreed. Secondary should be way down the list of position worries.
  2. Oliver was drafted to replace Alf, kazee and/or Allen easily replaces Poole. So we aren’t drafting a mid-round corner to replace either as a starter. We need 2 corners for depth ...we’ll sign a Vet corner and draft another in 4th or 5th round. I understand what you’re saying, there’s No sure thing. But neither Alf nor Poole were anything special last year, in fact they both had down years.
  3. I understand, but we can easily address dime/corner with a cheap FA + mid-round draft pick. We’ll probably draft another WR with a mid-to-late pick too. Yet One could argue our secondary, along with WR, are the two strongest position groups on this team.
  4. As you both know, this offseason we have a Great opportunity to do exactly that ...with some available cap space/free agency + upper half of each round in draft. Last year proved You never know how things will turn out, but it’s an Exciting time to be a falcon fan.
  5. You don’t draft “early draft capital” for dime corners, which is where Poole would be slated for on this team in 2019.....if we had kept him.
  6. There’s a few other of us roaming around...but only if the price is right. Sign Clowney or Fowler, move Vic to LBer...
  7. You’re being too kind, JDave. Spurrier was embarrassingly bad in Washington.
  8. **** right you will, my friend.
  9. Sanu/Jones catch % comparisons are for Much the same reason Ridley caught 10 TDs to julio’s 8 or whatever last season. I guess that means Ridley’s “more reliable” in Red Zone than jones is.
  10. You supported your opinion Mono with an isolated (cherry picked) stat, and I countered with another isolated (cherry picked) stat. And you’re right, there's no one statistic out there that will change my mind over what my own eyes see on a weekly basis. Love sanu, and believe you’re an awesome poster. We just disagree on the interpretation of what “reliable” actually is on this one, my friend.
  11. I pay attention as much or more as anyone in here does. I also understand the protocol more than most novices do. i’ll say It again, if he’s not your ‘patient’, then you and anyone else in here are full of **** in claiming you know the specifics or the extent of his injuries. It’s all speciation on your part. And if head trauma injuries are indeed your profession, you more than anyone should know that.
  12. Rough year brother. Perseverance is my friend/virtue.
  13. Unless you’re proclaiming freeman’s One of your ‘patients’, then your full of ****. All concussions are different, and you don’t know the severity of freeman’s. Even I as a medical novice know that.
  14. **** good spot on post, jazzy. Where you been lately? We need more on point posters here versus folks posting gibberish from their emotions.
  15. LOL.... And you’ve examined Freeman? So even if you were a “medical specialist” who “partially owned practices”, then you would know advice without doing due diligence is called malpractice. LoL. Shows what you know.