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  1. that's why they win and go to Superbowls. Dang it Atlanta take a chance on Hardy
  2. Looks like the Cowboys are trying to sign him. We should have who cares about the PR you're going to get bad PR if you lose anyways
  3. I suspect Hardy doesn't have a big market but I'd give him a flyer and see how that goes for a year and make a decision next year.
  4. You guys act like he is the next best thing. He is an AVERAGE football player. Better than what we have? Absolutely but the $$$ needs to be right. I don't know about the Hardy situation all I know is the guy is a BEAST on the football field and would fit perfectly here as a player. Doubt that happens though.
  5. would have loved him back. Good player just doesn't play much always in the training room.
  6. they're not a true LB. Rush 3-4 LB Graham is pricing himself way too high. Say something that he wanted around $35-$45 mil no way
  7. its a little different. Grimes got hurt once Spoon has been hurt every single year. Wish he was staying like his game but I trust what we are doing. I believe in Quinn and his ability to coach guys up
  8. not a whole lot of options as LB goes this FA.
  9. they literally have NO money I believe they are still $20 mil over the cap.
  10. maybe we snag Malcom Smith and Lance Briggs and look in the second round for another LB.
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