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  1. Now y'all now why I wanted Ed Oliver and/or Brian Burns so badly. This dline is trash.
  2. It shouldn't be hard to consistently be good with the arguably the GOAT level in talent QB. **** the Steelers have had similar results over the last 10 years with a lesser QB. I'm not sure if you've kept up with McCarthy over the last 10 years or watched the Packers especially in the last couple years but their offense was essentially Aaron Rodgers playing back yard football. He carried those teams year after year. The offensive play calling got worse year after year, teams adapted and McCarthy had no answer. He was terrible. Terrible play calling, terrible play designs, refused to run the ball and even when he had a clearly better back in A Jones the last couple years he was adiment in giving Jamaal Williams and other much less talented RBs the ball until he was essentially forced to let Jones take the bulk of the carries due to Rodgers calling him out and injuries to the other backs. McCarthy is another dinosaur coach who couldn't keep up with the evolving leauge.
  3. Insert throwup emoji Mike McCarthy continually underachieved with prime Aaron Rodgers. We need a forward thinking offensive coordinator. None of these vanilla guys like Koetter and Sark.
  4. Been defending Koetter all season (not that I'm a huge fan of his offensive philosophy but he's put us in position to score multiple easy TDs every game) but this truly his first bad game of the year. You could see Matt consistently going through his reads and nobody was open. Inexcusable with how stacked our WRs are. No idea why he didnt keep Lafeur. Koetters offense feels dated.
  5. Alex Mack wtf are you doing?
  6. Sarks offense was extremely up and down. He had tons of games like this one.
  7. Koetter looking like Sark so far. Not good.
  8. This is what it looks like what the coach has lost the team
  9. Likewise bro!
  10. Straight up!!
  11. Yep. People are frustrated with the loss and are trying to blame players they dislike for it. Seeing the same thing with Koetter. Biases tainting reality. People gotta learn to remove emotion from judgement.
  12. I was against the Freeman signing, pretty vocal about it but anyone who thinks Freeman had a bad game against the Colts or has to "go" based on it is straight up delusional. Arguably his best game since 2016 imo. He looked really close to old Free.
  13. Matt was 29/34 with 3 TDs. He had what 1 incompletion in the 2nd half? We were in scoring position on all 6 drives. Koetter called a fantastic game. Who cares if Ridley only has 1 target if the results are what we got? If the defense played half decent we win this game with ease.
  14. Scored on 4/6 drives. Were in scoring position on 5/6. Somehow it's Koetters fault. Smh
  15. I remember I got flamed for not wanting to resign him. My reasons were that he was propped up in Shannys system, couldn't handle a workhorse load, is injury prone due to the way he runs and plays the easiest position to find. Dont get me wrong Freeman is a good back but we could have used that money so much smarter.
  16. The thing is we dont know if Stocker was the initial read on those targets or not. On the INT it seemed like Ryan's first look was Sanu but he tried to look off the safety and go to Stocker for the big gain. Secondly when you look at the box scores and see Ridley had one target you definently think he should be getting more but let's not forget Matt only threw like 5 incompletions. The offense barely touched the ball in the 1st half and were basically flawless aside from penalties in the 2nd half. I really don't understand that hate Koetter is getting after this game. He wasn't perfect but was pretty **** close. If the defense could had played half decent we win this game easy.
  17. His INT% under Koetter isn't that much higher than his career average. When you consider the abomination of talent we had on this team from 13/14-14/15 and it makes sense why Matt would throw more INTs. Actually his 14/15 season of a 2.2 INT% is pretty impressive all things considered. Even Shanny with terrible surrounding talent in 2015/16 lead Matt to tie his worst ever INT% in a season.
  18. Firstly Matt had 16 INTs in 2015, his first year with Shanny which was the 2nd most in his career and tied for 1st on a per attempt basis (INT%) Secondly the reason why Matt throws more INTs under Koetter is because Koetter calls more passing plays. Matt's 3 highest pass attempt in a season have all came under Koetter. More passing attempts = more INTs. Matt's INT % under Koetter isn't that much higher on average than his other seasons. Also I'd argue that from 13-15 Matt had his worst surrounding talent to work with. Bad teams + bad surrounding talent + more pass attempts = more INTs. I also don't think it's fair to blame Koetter for not knowing Ryan's tendencies. The INTs he's thrown this season are just straight up terrible decisions. Something a QB of his caliber and experience should not be making. I'd really like someone to go through each INT and tell me how it's Koetters fault. I've failed to seen mentioned from those that dislike Koetter/his system the amount of absolute walk in TDs he's set up for Matt so far just for Matt to miss the throw or not see it completley. I've counted at least two per game. Game 1: Ridley + Julio Game 2: Ridley + Hardy Game 3: Hooper + Julio. That's 6 TDs right there. Who knows how week 1 plays out but Matt connects on 50% of those and all the sudden Matt is leading the NFL in TDs and we're 2-1 at the very least. While Koetter isn't Shanny he isn't a problem. He's shown that with arguably less talent that we have this season, he could lead a Matt Ryan lead offense to the NFCCG (and should have been the Superbowl if not for some classic ATL luck).
  19. I feel like I'm in bizzaro world. Why do people think Koetter has been a problem? How many easy TDs has Matt missed this season (I've counted at least 6)? How many terrible INTs has he thrown in scoring position? Koetter is calling plays that are getting WRs open. The biggest problem so far this season is Matt's terrible decision making, missed throws and the defenses ability to get off the field. Koetter is the least of our worries.
  20. Wasn't really a trap game. Colts were favored actually. Sure they're down Luck but the team is talented. Brissett is a solid QB and that oline of theres is elite. Still should have won but the Colts aren't a bad team.
  21. Lol you're on crack. Ryan has missed like 5-6 easy TDs this season. Koetter has been fine.
  22. Gilmore is a stud but he's 29. Ramsey is only 25.
  23. Ramsey on the Ravens D would be nasty. By the way Hayden Hurst was such a terrible pick for the Ravens. 25 year old TE who wasn't elite at anything going in the 1st? Smh. Ramsey is a stud tho. Probably the best young CB in the leauge. Not sure I'd take any other CB over him if I'm starting a team (from a on the field perspective).
  24. Nobody could have foreseen what happened to Lindsteom who has looked solid so far. This is coming from someone who wanted Brian Burns who's looked like a monster for the Panthers. We needed young oline talent and from what I've seen so far from Lindstrom and McGary looked like great picks. It's actually our veteran Matthews and Brown who looked like garbage yesterday.
  25. I think we could have made Clowney work long term. It would have meant the end Bealsey obviously and guys like Sanu, Free, and Carpenter over the next few years but a guy of Clowneys caliber is well worth it imo. He was a terror yesterday for Seattle and has that dog mentality.