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  1. Ryan had a wide open Gage on 3rd down for an easy 1st then misses Ridley for an easy conversion. Smh
  2. Didn't rate arm strength at all. Just pointing something out. Why you getting so defensive?
  3. That drive was on Ryan. He had Julio for a TD but like usual under threw him. Julio would be an easy 10+ TD guy with a big arm QB.
  4. To all the people who says cap doesn't matter, the Terrell pick shows it does. We had to cut a solid corner in order to address another position which forced us to reach in the 1st. Yes you can manipulate the cap year after year but eventually it comes back to bite you.
  5. Dimitroff burner account confirmed.
  6. I would be so down for Simmons. Generational level versatility, elite athlete. Could affect the game like no other player in history.
  7. Legitimately one of the worst jerseys in the league now. Our last ones were dope no need for a huge change. This looks like some created in Madden/XFL/Arena league garbage.
  8. So bad. Look like some Arena league or Madden type jersey.That red one might be the worst in the league. How hard is it to whip up a nice jersey?
  9. Quinn's deal is really only two years when you look at the guaranteed money.
  10. Going to be interesting to see what Clowney signs for. Fowler is solid but if Clowney gets something close I think we he would have been the better option.
  11. Bradys arm is shot. Weird fit with a coach who loves to attack downfield. Don't see this ending well for the Bucs and Brady.
  12. Quinn was legit one of the best and most efficient DEs in the league last year. The contract he signed is more than fair compared to peers.
  13. What an absolutely stupid ******* trade. F this team I'm out.
  14. I'm surprised people haven't learned that you should almost never draft a RB in the 1st or pay them big money.
  15. He lightly "kicked" a women who called him the N word. Shouldn't have done it but to call him a women beater is an overreaction imo.
  16. Prince Shembo passed the Falcons filter. Also Hunt didnt "beat" a women. Stop with that overreaction.
  17. Why not tag and trade Hooper for Kareem Hunt? If the Browns value Hooper as highly as they do then I don't see why they wouldnt do this trade. We'd fill our RB position with one of the best backs in the league. Seems like a miss opportunity.
  18. There were reports that alot of teams had interest in him at the deadline if made available which shouldn't be surprising at the least. At that particular time him actually hitting the FA market wasnt even close to being a sure thing.
  19. While I agree with the move, why wasn't Hooper moved at the Trade deadline? Horrendous asset management.
  20. Dementia kicking in I see. Nobody thinks the players or coaches will intentionally lose game. That's just crazy talk.
  21. Remember when you said winning at the end of last year would carry momentum into this season? Lmao.
  22. Jets won today. Plus all the teams in front of us all play each other. We just had to do our part. "Winning" today pretty much puts an end to us getting a top 5 pick.
  23. This team cant do anything right. Choke themselves out of superbowls, championship games and high draft picks. Forever stuck in mediocrity.
  24. Bengals aren't passing on a QB for Young. Highly doubt the Dolphins would either.
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