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  1. The most depressing thing about this is how bad the upcoming QB class is. The outlook is bleek.
  2. You made it sound like we'd have to eat 40 in one year. The Ravens did something similar with Flacco, having to eat dead cap over two years when they decided to go with Lamar. I'd say they have zero regrets about that.
  3. Bro are you serious? You don't think teams can plan and agree to a trade at the start of the offseason, then execute it in June?
  4. No he wouldn't. Post June 1st he could cost 25 million in 2022 and 15 million in 2023.
  5. 1) Not a valid reason to pass on Fields. Who cares what other teams have done? I don't see any reason why Fields couldn't get playing time towards the ends of the year if you want him to get some playing time. 2) You obviously agree to a deal at the start of the offseason. Both teams would plan accordingly. 3) Not a valid reason to pass on Fields. If TF thinks like that he shouldn't be our GM. 4) Obviously not the ideal situation but good QB prospects like Fields don't grow on trees. When you have a chance at one you have to take it imo. Especially when the following class looks like garbage. We've seen the Ravens do exactly what is proposed with Ryan/Fields with Flacco/Jackson. I'd say they have ZERO regrets taking Jackson and having to eat a few years of Flaccos dead cap space.
  6. Indy would have been an amazing fit. Arguably the best oline in football, strong running game and a top 10 defense.
  7. 50+ million on QBs, where are you pulling that number out of? Trading Ryan as a post June 1st move would result in his cap hit being 24.9 million in 2022 and 15.6 in 2023. Fields cap hit would be the same as Pitts which would be 8.9 in 2022 and 10.4 in 2023. That would result in the combine cap hit to be roughly 33 million in 2022 and 26 million in 2023. Not even close to your 50+ million number. You would actually be saving money in 2022 with the combined hit compared to Matt's full hit (40 mil) and then paying 10 million more in 2023. A year in which if Fields does pan out will almost assuredly be better than Ryan and way under market value for a top 10 QB. While getting full benefit of the rookie contract in years 4 and 5. Using your same thought process the Raven should have passed on Lamar Jackson as they had Flacco under center and releasing him the year they did resulted in two straight years of a big dead cap hit and not being able to take full advantage of Jacksons rookie contract. And honestly who cares if you can't take full advantage of his rookie deal? You're getting a young franchise QB. The hardest and most valuable thing in all of football to find. You're telling me you wouldn't trade the #4 pick for the likes of Kyler Murray, Josh Allen, DeShaun Watson (pre scandal), Patrick Mahomes etc?
  8. I don't get why Ryan's contract would prevent them from drafting Fields. It shouldn't have had ANY bearing. Let Fields sit on the bench for a year and then trade Ryan as a post June 1 move next offseason. The staff (like most on this board) wasn't willing to not get production out of our #4 pick this year because they were so h*ll bent on "competing". I'm not sure what they were competing for 6 or 7 wins max?
  9. Yup. Exactly this. Moving Ryan this year was near impossible but moving him next year as a post June 1 trade is easily doable. Ryan and his contract should not at all have given this staff any pause at drafting a QB. They wanted to compete now with a bad team and their impatience is going to bite them.
  10. How does that mean there's a "can't miss" prospect every year? All your stat tell us is that QB is the most highly sought after position and for good reason.
  11. Exactly perfect situation for Fields as he could sit on the bench and develop this year. Matt Ryan is tradeable as a post June 1 move next year. Use those cap savings on the oline. Also with a QB like Fields you don't need as good of an oline as someone like Matt does. Watching Kyler Murray last week and you see just how insanely valuable a QB who can scramble is (when they also have good passing ability). All the best new generation guys can scramble and we had a chance at getting our guy but we passed it so we could "compete" this year. Shameful.
  12. You could trade Matt Ryan as a post June 1st move next season, which would allow us to take our time to develop Fields slowly. Honestly a near perfect situation for a young QB. AS and TF refused to rebuild and this is what we get. Sure it's been one game but anybody looking at this roster could see it wasn't doing anything this year. It's a middling roster without much room for improvement next season with similar cap issues. Just insane to pass on a QB in this situation. Especially one as talented as Fields. But hey we might win 5-6 games this year instead of 4-5 we would have this Fields and him developing on the bench!
  13. Fields should have been the pick, hindsight or not. You have a Middling roster and a 36 year old fringe top 10 QB. When you're in this position and you have a QB as talented as Fields available you take that chance every time. Especially when the following years QB class looks as bad as this one does.
  14. He's been fired in NE and Baltimore with similarly talented defenses (arguably more).
  15. No, which is why I wanted to rebuild. However if you decide to go all in with Matt then you have to try and win now. Wasting a year of your 36 year old QBs career is just stupid.
  16. Go all in with your 36 year old QB while your defense is a joke. Trade your elite WR1. This franchise is just so dumb. Team is going to be average as **** these next couple years.
  17. Julio derangement syndrome in full effect. Y'all gotta chill. I'll be back when the season starts. ✌️
  18. I've asked this question and nobody has answered. What do you want Julio to do when he's running open down field and Ryan under throws him? What more could Julio do, not be so open and slow down? If Ryan has a strong arm like people here are trying to argue than it shouldn't be an issue. Also these video's posted are completely misleading as to Ryans long ball capabilities. These are all highlights, to accurately judge we'd need to see ALL his long throws. His long ball strength is extremely inconsistent. He'll have throws like those ones against Denver and Green Bay. Then he'll have throws that are straight up moon balls that the intended WR has to literally stop running and then run back to the ball.
  19. First off where did I say this? What I did say is that Ryan has struggled to lay the ball out in front of a wide open Julio deep down field countless times. Why do you think Julio (If the reports are true) is saying this? I remember a few years back there was a round table discussion where Julio stated that he'd like to play with a QB like Daunte Culpepper because he "has a big strong arm" and that he's a "fast guy" and could "go get the ball". I thought that was pretty telling at the time. Found the video peep the 4 min mark.
  20. Great. Now post all the wide open missed throws to Julio.
  21. https://youtu.be/f8Do9W1dnM4?t=51 Watch the two throws back to back starting at 51 seconds. Both are TDs if Ryan has the arm strength lay it out it front of Julio. We've seen these throws countless times over the years.
  22. What do you want Julio to do when he's wide open and ball the underthrown? Julio is an easy 10+ TD a year guy with a QB like Rodgers, Mahomes, Stafford. Doesn't mean Ryan is a bad QB but one of his knocks is that deep ball arm strength. He's the same guy that couldn't hit the endzone on a 55-60 yard hailmary against the Colts a few years back.
  23. They consider a deep ball any throw that's 20+ yards. I think it's pretty clear that nobody thinks Ryan struggles on those 20-30 yards throws. It's those really deep passes 35+ yards that he struggles with (at least when targeting Julio). We've seen it countless times where Julio literally has to stop running and come back to the ball.
  24. Or he wants out cause this team isn't very good and he wants a chance at winning before he declines.
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