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  1. Same house would cost over 1 million here in Vancouver. You guys got it good.
  2. **** he's still pretty good. Seattle, Dallas or New Orleans should be all over this.
  3. Hilarious that the Pats were onside kicking in the 3rd Q, we recovered and still loss.
  4. If you consider Engram a WR then the Giants have the best WR group in the leauge imo. OBJ, Marshall, Engram and Shepard is just nasty. All compliment each other really well too.
  5. Not really it was the linebackers and safeties who got killed in the passing game.
  6. Tru and Alford are top 5 (as a tandem). But the Broncos are clearly #1.
  7. The only loss on offense that gives me even a little pause is Shanny. Hate him or love him that guy can call a game (unless it's the 4th Q of the Superbowl). We'll be fine though and we have the best offense in the leauge until it's proven otherwise.
  8. Smh
  9. You have no idea what you're talking about. You say he isn't good under pressure yet you can only point to two games over the last few seasons. I've already addressed the Broncos game. No QB in the leauge would have played well under those circumstances. You really think if you swapped out Brady for Ryan the result would have been any different? Thats leaves us with the Superbowl game. So because Brady struggled for two and half quarters in the Superbowl he now sucks under pressure? Also for what it's worth every QB will struggle under pressure. Even in Brady's prime the Giants defense gave that offense fits because of the pressure they could create rushing four.
  10. Get your reading comprehension up. I proved he's good under pressure by posting an article showing he has the best numbers while being under pressure in my original response. Yes he was bad in the Superbowl under pressure. We can agree on that. But doesn't mean he's generally a bad QB under pressure (in the last few seasons) liked you claimed.
  11. I wonder what his mindset was at the start of every game. Knowing your about to spend the next hour just getting clobbered and risking significant injury. Would be interesting to know. Cool article. Man thats dedication. Eating the same meal for 3 months. Kelvin Benjamin is probably having nightmares just thinking about that!
  12. Mabey you should try not being so biased. It's FACTS that Brady hasn't been bad under pressure the last couple seasons like you said. It's funny how you make that claim yet can only point to two games. Now that AFCCG game you bring up against the Broncos. There isn't a single QB in the leauge who would have done well playing behind the Pats oline that day. The Broncos had a combined 41 sacks, hits and hurries. He was hit 19 times which was the most in a single game since 2006. When you have less than two seconds to throw the ball against the best secondary in the leauge your not going to have a good game. Even with all that against him he still led the Pats down the field at the end of the game for a TD to put them within 2 points. As for the Superbowl. Yeah he was bad for about 2 and a half quarters. But guess what? The game is 4 quarters long. Brady was flawless from mid way thorugh the 3rd quarter and onwards. Sure our defense was tired but it's unfair to him to say that was the only reason he started to play well. He's notoriously clutch in the 4th quarter and who's to say he wouldn't have lead a comeback regardless of how tired the defense was? We just don't know. Brady is one of my most hated players. But saying he sucks under pressure is just a dumb statement. You should try to be more objective in your views. The homer is really strong on this one.
  13. Pressured on 47.3% of his drop backs. Crazy!!
  14. False.