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  1. Kazee is a stud. Flying around the field making big tackles. Impressive.
  2. ****. Guice is a beast really wanted to see him play this season. Hope we stay healthy this preseason. Edit: *** Whats wrong with the word d*mn? Do people honestly consider it a bad word? Lol. World is turning so soft these days.
  3. Pretty much. The only thing that's a bit telling is Ortiz over McNitt.
  4. **** I had no idea he was even sick. RIP bro.
  5. You wanna take the 4/1 odds? I agree with most of your post though. However using most of our little cap space on Fusco is pretty telling how the front office and DQ thought about our need at RG.
  6. I'd be willing to bet anyone 4/1 odds that Fusco will win the job barring injury. The team decided to target Fusco as our "big money" FA acquisition which shows how much they wanted an upgrade considering how cap strapped we were.
  7. One of the most stable franchises in all of sports. Couldn't be happier with managment.
  8. Except Matthews isnt medicore. You're overrating the LT talent in the leauge. There's a reason why two medicore tackle prospects went in the top 15 this year. The leauges is starved with tackle talent.
  9. Well last offseason you said you'd take them over Matthews. I'm just pointing out how you underrate Matthews and how hard it is to find and develop good LT's no matter the round.
  10. Finding a good LT is hard, finding one late in the draft is just that much harder. Tackle is one of the weakest positions in the NFL. There was no need to try and find Jake's replacement. He's a good LT and we've had much bigger needs. You seem to underrate Matthews quite a bit. Would you still take Jake Fisher and Jason Spriggs over him?
  11. Fair market value. This had to be done.
  12. Its big we got this done before camp. Huge year coming up for this team, starting the year on the right foot is key. Seems like someones side must have caved on their demands or else this would have gotten done much sooner imo. Anyways cant believe training camp starts tomorrow, the years just go by faster and faster lol
  13. I read your original post as you saying d coordinators would rather play Ryan than Julio haha. My bad. This hot *** Vancouver weather is getting to me. I agree with you though, Julio is out best player. Matt is the most valuable and more important to our teams success.
  14. Matt had 3 TDs in that Rams game and we milked the clock for most of the 4th Q. I thought he missed 2 more games. But he was used as a decoy in those games. Anyways I don't think a single coordinator would take pick to play over Ryan. There's a reason why QBs are paid so much more than WRs. They affect the game so much more. If Julio was more valueable than Ryan he'd be getting paid more.
  15. I gotta disagree with you here bro. We went 4-0 without Julio in 2016. No way we do that without Ryan. QBs are so much more important to a teams success than a WRs. Its why they get paid so much more.