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  1. So frustrating to debate with. Zero long term view. People are talking about next year like we're the Cheifs or something. Team isn't winning the Superbowl next year, they're not close.
  2. I have Wilson a touch higher atm but passing on Wilson or Fields would a terrible decision.
  3. Harris at 8 should be a fireable offence for TF. Drafting RBs high is dumb af.
  4. Watt wants to go to a Superbowl contender, he isn't coming here.
  5. Probably because none of the packages traded for those QBs would get you close to the top 4.
  6. Only way you trade down with the Panthers is if Brian Burns is attached to the 8th pick. This is the only scenario I'd get behind where I'd consider passing on a QB this year.
  7. Just shows how valuable QBs are. Definitely not a bad trade for the Rams if Stafford can flirt with top 5 QB play.
  8. OSU QBs have never been highly regarded coming into the draft. There's a reason none of them ever go high. Yes Fields isn't a perfect prospect, he has his problem, processing the game is a big one, and I've been saying for a long time that Wilson will go higher. Still Fields is the best prospect coming out of OSU as a QB and it isn't close. He's much different from all those past guys like Haskins, Pryor, Smith etc. He can make all the throws, great arm, fantastic athlete. Can he process the game at a high level? That's the question. If he can he's a legit franchise QB with El
  9. If the new regime drafts a QB he busts they're gone regardless of Matt Ryan success.
  10. Only if Wilson or Fields is available. New regimes usually like to get their own QB, gives them a little longer leash.
  11. It wasn't spread over two years. Also Matt hasn't won jack in years either and he's 36
  12. **** your right, good thing the Ravens didn't draft Lamar Jackson and instead kept Flacco because of that huge cap hit they would have incurred by releasing him...... Oh wait.
  13. You'd still save 15 mil against the cap and acquire draft capitial while potentially locking down the most important position by far for another 15 years.
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