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  1. Payne is the guy I want at 26. Its rare to find a player who can shut down the run while providing pass rush from the NT spot. Players like that are extremley valueable. Not to mention his freaking 10 yard split time. The guy is a beast.
  2. @g-dawg Overall solid mock. Love the Bryan pick. Hoping for Payne or Bryant at 26. Moore is a great value pick. I think he has a pretty high floor and will worst case be a big matchup nightmare from the slot. Griffin pick is intriguing. I just have my reservations about the missing hand. I have questions about how effectively he'll be able to shed blocks in the pros. If its not that big of an issue than sign me up. The athleticism and talent is there. Dimirti Flowers - Personally I'd go with another positon here. I see the need but I'd rather target one for Dlineman in the top 4 rounds. Quinn likes to rotate alot and one injury to either Takk or Beasley and we're in trouble. Don't know enough about the rest of the guys to give my opinion but overall well done. Good job!
  3. This is the issue I have with alot of your comparisons. Just because players test similarly does not mean they play the same style of game. While Kirk tested similarly to Diggs, they do not compare. Kirk plays a near identical game to Randall Cobb. Krik will not be able to consistently win on the outside like Diggs does. He's strictly a slot WR in the NFL. Im a big fan of DJ Moore myself. But to say his floor is Roddy White is just nuts. Roddy was a top 5 WR in his prime. I have Moores ceiling as Roddy White and his floor as a poor mans Jermey Maclin/Pierre Garcon What makes you think Moore will have an OBJ type affect in his first year? OBJ had one of the GOAT rookie seasons for a WR. I don't see the same explosion/ level of athlete ON THE FIELD from Moore as I do with OBJ. Not to mention OBJ is way better with the ball in the air. Also Moore has a big learning curve when it comes to route running as that offense in Maryland is not even close to a pro style offense The best WR in this class is Antonio Callaway (character issues aside) and hes also the best to come out in a while. Now hes a guy who can have a huge day 1 impact and who actually looks explosive on the field.
  4. Keep in mind those 3 ex divison winners we faced were missing several key players when we faced them. We were a sizable favorite vs GB and DAL while being I believe a 3 point favorite in Seattle which shows you just how banged up they were. I don't see how anyone can say we're the team to beat in the NFC. The Eagles just beat us with their back up QB and they've improved the roster even more this offseason. The Vikings who also beat us in the regular season are significantly improved and keep in mind Mike Zimmer has owned Matt Ryan in his career. Then you have the Rams who have also improved quite a bit and the Saints who should be that much better due to being so young last season. We have our work cut out for us. The NFC is stacked.
  5. Without a doubt the offensive players underachieved. However Sark was a much bigger problem imo. His gameplans routinely sucked, he struggled to scheme players open, rarely made in game adjustments and the creativity in his play calling was seriously lacking. With how stacked our offense is the drop off we had was unacceptable.... even with the drops. What makes me uneasy is that Sark being an under achiever is something that has followed him around his whole career. The guy really shouldn't be in the NFL based on his past. While I think we will improve next year I just don't see Sark ever being able to get the most out of this offense. He just isn't a good offenseive coordinator.
  6. Gesicki is more like Jimmy Graham, essentially a tall *** WR. Goedert is more in that Kelcee/Gronk mold. Hes my #1 TE.
  7. Huge fan of James, Vea and Payne. With that being said I wouldn't trade up for them unless the cost is 26th + 4th. We need to keep adding cheap talent to this team especially with all the upcoming extensions. Look at what constantly trading picks did to Seattle.
  8. I think it would be crazy to pass up on someone like Mayfield or Jackson in hopes that Lynch can somehow make a dramatic leap in his development. He was absolutely terrible in the games he did play in last seasom. Brock Osweiler looked alot better than he did, and that's saying something. Its not like Lynch was some highly though of QB prospect, he was another QB who looked the part and was an all potential type pick.
  9. They should, Paxton Lynch is absolutely terrible. They'd be wise to take a QB. Mayfield would be a great fit.
  10. Dont you have Jackson rated as your 6th QB?
  11. You wanna pay Curry 9 mil a year?
  12. There has to be more to this. Mabey a suspension incoming for something serious? If not, releasing him doesn't make any sense. He was outstanding last year.
  13. What? This is ridiculous, what are the Colts thinking lol. Hankins was outstanding last year. Hes honestly the perfect fit at NT in this scheme. Doubt we can afford him but he'd be awesome.
  14. I don't get the thinking of taking Barkely at 1 and taking the best available QB at 4. The chances of the top 3-4 QBs all panning out is extremely small. Do your research, pick out the QB who you think will be the best and draft him at 1. The way its looking right now Barkely should be available at 4, id be shocked if he isnt. The only team he has to get by is the Giants who I cant see passing up one of the QBs or a potenial massive haul (Bills 12, 21, +) so they can take a RB.... as talented as Barkley is.
  15. ^^^^ The truth. I wasnt expecting much out of this FA period however those deals all could have been made without affecting our future contracts. All would have filled a huge need for great value. The Bennett and Richardson deals especially sting.