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  1. Nobody could have foreseen what happened to Lindsteom who has looked solid so far. This is coming from someone who wanted Brian Burns who's looked like a monster for the Panthers. We needed young oline talent and from what I've seen so far from Lindstrom and McGary looked like great picks. It's actually our veteran Matthews and Brown who looked like garbage yesterday.
  2. I think we could have made Clowney work long term. It would have meant the end Bealsey obviously and guys like Sanu, Free, and Carpenter over the next few years but a guy of Clowneys caliber is well worth it imo. He was a terror yesterday for Seattle and has that dog mentality.
  3. Said it back at the start of the off season that we should let Beasley walk and try making a trade for Clowney. Would have been a massive upgrade to this team. Clowney is exactly what we need on that dline. Beasley just isn't a dog. He plays to soft and that play is a great example of who he is.
  4. It's a valid complaint. QBs of his caliber should make those throws.
  5. That should have been 6. Terrible throw. Ryan really struggling deep today. 2 easy TDs left on the field so far.
  6. Just exposing yourself as a cry baby.
  7. What an absolute stupid play call. Take a shot at the endzone.
  8. I'll bet you anything we win more than 5 games. $1000?
  9. Stupid penalties and missed throws. This game should be closer than it is.
  10. A QB of Matt's caliber has to make that throw.
  11. The amount of missed wide open deep TDs for Julio is insane. He'd should score 13+ TDs every season.
  12. Zimmer defenses are Ryan's kryptonite..
  13. Still remember the depression on this board after that loss to the Bucs. Good times.
  14. Pat's function of a different level than everyone else.