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  1. Anything under 40 yards Matt can do. It's once you start going higher than 40 yards that he starts to struggle especially with how much air he puts under the ball (To compensate for his arm strength). Don't forget Matt couldn't even get the ball to the endzone from his own 39 off a hail mary attempt against the Colts back in 2015. The ball landed at the 7. You compare his 40+ yard throws with guys like Ben, Rodgers and Wentz and it isnt close. AB + Ben seem to have no issue connecting on at least one deep shot every game or 2. Its not like AB sees less coverage then Julio or hes faster. So something isnt adding up over here. Imo it comes down to Matt being alot more conservative and not having a big arm which effects his long balls.
  2. Not really.
  3. Some plays might be like that, sure. But for the most part it just comes down to Ryan not having a big arm to lay it out infront of Julio deep downfield like some other QBs in the leauge can for their WRs (Rodgers, Big Ben, Wentz etc). Just look what Julio was able to do with Sanu laying out a perfect deep ball. Now imagine if he could play with someone who has that in their arsenal.
  4. Its easy to say under no circumstances should he get a certain amount of TDs and putting it on Julio. But someone posted a video of all his targets inside the 10 yard line. There was one (Panthers) mabey two if you want to count the 4th down Eagles play, where Julio should have came down with a TD. The rest of the throws he either had no chance on, was open and Ryan missed or Ryan was late with the throw. Julio does deserve some blame for sure but alot of it falls on Ryans and Sarks shoulders as well.
  5. Don't get me wrong Ryan does throw to Julio deep. But how many times have we seen Julio wide open deep and having to slow down to catch the ball allowing to defenders to catch up to him. For example that game Julio went for 300 yards against the Panthers. He was open deep 3x in that game. Ryan missed him on one and the other two he had to slow down for the ball allowing the defenders to make a tackle. If Ryan just put it out infront of him all 3 should have went for TDs.
  6. I agree athletic ability is just one aspect of talent but its not like Julio is lacking football skills compared to his peers. Julio has actually developed into a really well rounded polished WR. His route route running for example is very underrated and near elite. Then you have things like YAC ability and blocking which are very good as well. You match his athletic profile with his skillset and I don't see how he isnt one of the most talented WRs ever. He has the stats and advanced stats to back it up. I disagree with AJ Green being on Julios level. The only WR on Julios level currently is AB. Personally I have Julio as the best WR in the leauge. I feel like Matt holds him back a bit with his conservative playing style and average deep ball strength. Imo if Julio got to play in Pittsburgh with a QB like Big Ben who could really take advantage of Julios long speed he'd be the unanimous WR1. Look at those deep throws Big Ben made against Jacksonville in the playoffs. Julio would kill with a QB like that. This might be a "hot take" but I truly believe it and have stood by this statement for years.
  7. I'd disagree about point 1. Julio is freakishly talented. How many hall of fame WRs have his athletic profile?
  8. Our defense always gets slept on. "and they have an edge rusher" Ok.... what about our LB core? What about our secondary?
  9. You think if half or more of the team doesn't come out for the anthem that it won't leave an impression? What better move could the NFL had done?
  10. Well said. Whether you're against the act of protesting or not ( Personally I could care less. Surprised me that people take offense to it) its pretty much irrelevant. This comes down to the NFLs bottom line. They were losing money of the protest. The players can still protest in other way (Staying in the locker room during the anthem or kneeling after big plays or TDs). NFL did the best they could out of this situation imo.
  11. Dam*!
  12. Mabey they really care about the earth and want to be 100% recyclable.
  13. That defense wasnt as good as the numbers indicated. As soon teams committed to throwing the ball on us they usually had success. Just look at the 2nd half vs the Seahawks and 49ers. They couldn't stop a nose bleed. I remember telling my cousins that if I was an opposing offensive coordinator I would throw the ball 80% of the time on that defense.
  14. People have lossed it. I get not wanting to redo Julios contract, im in that boat. We need to all the cap space we can get with all the pending UFAs in the next two years. A few mill more for Julio might be the difference im retaining someone like DeVondre. But trading him? WTF! This is the best team we've ever assembled and we're on the doorstep of a Superbowl from a talent prespective and some of you want to trade our 2nd most impactful offensive player, arguably the best WR in the leauge whos in his prime, who opens up the field for everyone on top of stepping up in almost every big playoff game we've ever been in? For what, a 1st round pick? How does that makes us better? Come on guys. Think this one out. Trading Julio at this point in time is almost as dumb as those Matt Ryan to Denver proposals a few years ago.
  15. Exactly, everyone saying just pay him seems to not be taking the salary cap in account. A few million more for Julio might be the difference in keeping someone like DeVondre Campbell. Look at all the expiring contracts we have coming up in the next two years. We need ALL the cap space we can possible have.