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  1. DQ and TD have to hold their laughs in when he trips over his words to barely get a sentence out. He's great for comedic relief during press conference. Smart move by the team for letting him in.
  2. Really like this hire as long as we fix the oline or else Matt will be dead. Lol You need to aggressively attack downfield in todays game and Koetter system is made for that. Plus he lets Matt run the no huddle which will be huge for us. Koetter with these weapons should be filthy.
  3. Lol no proof. Didn't think so.
  4. Correlation doesn't equal causation. You need a way bigger sample size to draw a conclusion that winning games at the end of the season directly affects next seasons results.
  5. Im talking about teams out of playoff contention.
  6. Im just like you bro draft time is my favorite part of the NFL season lmao. We kinda weird haha. Keep in mind we have to re up a bunch of players over the next two years while extending Julio and replacing whoever we cut. Our cap room is tight. As for draft positom while its not going to a HUGE difference I still believe drafting higher has a way bigger impact on this team than winning these meaningless games at the end of the year. I have yet to see any proof that winning those games has any bearing on the next season. While getting better players does. Obviously its no guarantee you will get a better player drafting higher does give you a better chance. When I look at 2014 and see we missed out on Mack and Lewrance, two players we coveted over some meaningless wins it makes me sick. But whatever it is what it is. Need a big offseason. Hope we nail it.
  7. Depends how you look at it. 2016 we had a 25 point lead in the Superbowl. 1998 we didn't even make the game close. So I look at the 16 season as our best. I want to make one thing clear. I'm in no way wanting or thinking the players will throw a game to help our draft positon. I do think however a loss will be better for this franchise as going foward since drafting higher gives you a better shot at landing your players. Also I've asked multiple times but have yet to be given the data. Do you have proof that winning some meaningless games at the end of the year actually help you the next season? I keep seeing this mentioned but with zero proof. Surely if winning meaningles had any bearing you wouldnt see multiple teams benching their stars today.
  8. Exactly. All these people claiming draft positon doesn't matter curiously omit that in 2014 we missed out on Khalil Mack and DeMarcus Lewrance (both players we were targeting) because of two meaingless wins aginst Washington and Buffalo. What do you think was more beneficial for this franchise. Those two wins, Matthews + Hageman or Two of the NFLs premier pass rushers?
  9. The best season we've had in this franchises history was after we finished the season like 2-9.
  10. I somehwhat agree. However the potential to trade down and load up on assets really takes a hit by winning today. A cap strapped team like us would have really benefitted from a deal like that. Also drafting higher in every other round is something never mentioned but its a big benefit of drafting higher. Im just of the opinion of winning meanignless games has zero bearing on the next season and have yet to see any statistical evidence to refute my claim. While a higher draft position will actually help this team next season. Whatever though. It is what it is.
  11. Any proof of this actually being true? I've herd in mentioned alot here.
  12. In terms of draft position it was "unclutch".
  13. I want a better team next year. I know, weird.
  14. Hahahhahah. This team is so **** unclutch.
  15. Its funny. As soon as I asked for proof that winning meaningless games at the end of the season has any bearing on the next season everybody went quiet.