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  1. Ryan is slighty above average in getting the ball out of his hands. Also even if him getting it out extremely quick was true that doesn't have any impact on our running game where the oline is top 10. Jake Matthews and Ryan Schrader are both above average. Alex Mack is elite. You're severly over estimating the talent around the leauge on the offensive line. Its the weakest positional group in the entire NFL and has been for years.
  2. Trying to compare Shanny and Sarks 1st season is just straight up lazy and wrong. Why? Shanny first season: - No Mack, Sanu, Gabriel, Hooper - Matt Ryans first ever year in a WCO. He had to learn a completly new system. Also Shannys team didn't have issues moving the ball. It was more untimely turnovers and lack of redzone success killing us. Also just because its your first year in a "new" offense doesnt mean there has to be a huge regression or learning curve. Jared Goff and Jimmy G both handled it extremely well. What is the common theme between those two? They're coached by two of the best offensive minds in the world. Sark clearly isnt close to that. While I agree Sark should stay another year only because of familiarity there is no denying hes been pretty bad as a OC. 7 games under 20 points with arguably the most stacked offense in the leauge outside of Pittsburgh is just insane. His game plans suck for the most part. Wth was he doing against Philly? Playing right into their strengths. Lastly this premise that our oline was below average last year and bad this season is so out of touch with reality. Our oline has been top 10 both of the last two seasons.
  3. The Vikings never cut the field in half go back and watch the play. Second Julio made 3 catches on the final drive one of which was a huge 4th down conversion. Julio has made clutch plays his whole career. The 4th down and goal play was extremely unfortunate in which he slipped due to the wet field. Yes he should have caught the jump ball but keeping his feet in bounds would have been a miracle. The jump ball on 1st down was a really poorly thrown ball in which Julio didn't have much of a chance to catch. This premise that Julio isnt clutch is just wrong. He one huge drop against the Panthers and one iffy play against the Eagles and now hes a "choker". This board has an extremley short memory when we lose games.
  4. Even if Ward catches it one the Eagles LB was right there to tackle him. That play wasnt going anywhere.
  5. Somebody made a video of all of Ryans long balls a few years back. His deep ball lacks velocity and hangs up in the air for a long time. How many times have we seen over the years Julio having to slow down and stop when targeted deep? Big Bens deep ball blows Ryans out the water.
  6. The deep ball stat is considered anything more than 19 yards. I think when most of us talk about deep balls we're talking about throws traveling farther than 40 yards.
  7. Hold up werent you defending Sark like all year?
  8. Jacksonville showing how you close a game. Very impressive by the offense.
  9. Matt Ryan cant make those two throws that resulted in a TD to Brown. If Julio had a QB that could throw deep like that his TD numbers would be insane.
  10. Mike Tomlin is such a dumb coach. Terrible game managment.
  11. That was a solid catch but the throw was an absolute dime. Ryan cant throw deep like that and Julio has way better deep speed than AB.
  12. Bortles is so bad.
  13. I understand where you're coming from. I wanted us to lose against the Panthers in Mike Smiths final game because I knew that team wasnt doing jack in the playoffs, I wanted a top 10 pick instead of a pick in the 20s and I wanted Smith gone. That loss ended up netting us Dan Quinn and a top 10 pick, with an early selection in each round. If we won that game who knows where we'd be today.
  14. Not disagreeing. Its why Ben is able to maximize AB unlike Ryan with Julio.
  15. That Marcel Dareus trade was such a steal for the Jags.