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  1. What does that have to do with them being supposedly exposed in one half of a game? Hahaha.
  2. So a bad half (Still scored a TD) means they were exposed? This is one of the dumbest things Ive seen on this board and thats saying something. Hahaha.
  3. I watched. So tell me how they were exposed?
  4. How exactly were they exposed?
  5. You can think what you want but saying nobody thought he could be a bellcow is wrong. That thread I pointed to didnt age well for alot of people. Lol.
  6. Some players are more susceptible to certain injuries than other. Freeman for example will be more prone to concussions with the way hes built and his playing style. Freeman has had 4 or 5 concussions in his pro career so far (That we know about). Thats alot in such a short span.
  7. Not saying he ever was. But in one of the offseason threads when we were dicussing how much money Freeman could get there were more than a few people who thought he could handle a bell cow role if given the chance. Some highly respected posters on here thought soo as well. ** I found it. Right here: Bellcow = more touches = more chanced for injuries. The way Freeman plays and his stature make him more susceptible to concussions. Its really just common sense but common sense isnt so common around here.
  8. Told y'all Freeman wasn't able to handle a bell cow role. Couldn't believe some of you were putting him on the same level as Bell. His concussion issues are going to put us in a really tough spot when it comes to resigning Coleman. Freemans had what like 4-5 concussions in his NFL career so far? Thats scary. I think he should be pondering his NFL career going foward.
  9. This team is broken and boring as **** to watch. Even if they manage to pull this one out they arent going anywhere. Im out.
  10. Sark loves his curls. Smh.
  11. How many RBs in the leauge are as good as Zeke? Like 2 or 3? Plus him being suspended had alot of bearing on his future contract and endorsements. So appealing wasnt just about not being able to play.
  12. Who cares this team is broken. The hangover is real.
  13. The NFLs lead investigator recommend no suspension due to there being almost zero evidence against him. Goddell is just power tripping and hes getting away with it due to the terrible CBA the NFLPA agreed too.
  14. **** this team. Pathetic chokers.