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  1. Rams O looks like ours did in '16. McVay is an amazing play caller. Rams should be the heavy favorties to come out the NFC.
  2. I feel you bro. Its why I haven't been posting much lately. Place is just getting toxic.
  3. No idea what they see in Richards. He's just trash and has been since his rookie season.
  4. Is it? ****, I'll change the title.
  5. I've been hard on Sark but the man deserves his due. We seem to be turning a corner. Let's hope we can keep this up!
  6. So far this season I've counted 3. One in each game.
  7. Ryan doesn't have the arm strength to lay it out in front of Julio. Simple as that.
  8. Reddit NFLSTREAMS
  9. ****!
  10. I said predraft hes like a mix of Brees and Wilson. Just a beast. He has IT.
  11. 100% He should have 120 yards at 2 TDs if Tyrod could throw deep. So electric.
  12. Did Matt Ryan Hijack Tyrod's body? Horrible deep throw. Also Callaway is a stud. Best WR prospect to come out in years. Mayfield is going to kill it with him.
  13. Outkast would have been dope.
  14. Unless Ryan gets a new arm there's not much Julio can do about that.