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  1. Definitely not a cheap shot and will be shocked if suspended. Kazee did a great job of not using his helmet as a weapon. Let’s not forget Cam can take it to the house, so not easy for a defensive player to hold up like some you guys think he should of. The officials had to manage the game bc of how Carolina reacted, so ejection not that big of a shocker. I still think the ejection was harsh.
  2. Yeah you’re probably right. Guess the Patriots aren’t making the playoffs this season bc the Redskins dominated the Patriots starters in the first half.
  3. I don’t see Riley making the 53 man roster. There was a miss tackle inside the 10 that Kazee had to clean up bc Riley was hesitant. I will actually be shocked if he makes the cut at this point. Sometimes you have to admit that you missed on a draft pick and move on, especially if you run the risk of losing better players at that position.
  4. Looks like a clean hit to me, so the Back Judge will get dinged on Monday during film review. The WR wasn’t defenseless and the safety kept his head up.
  5. Yes High School football and Youth. I will never understand the hate towards officials in general for all sports and it definitely rubs me wrong. We are losing way too many good football officials each year bc the abuse can be through the roof. It’s crazy!
  6. Yes it is ok, the rule only applies to players over 188lbs
  7. SMH, you guys are hilarious. How about make a play on the ball?? You can’t take your 200 lb body and launch into a player when he can’t defend himself. Those days are over.
  8. It has always been about player safety and not dictating games. The officials and the ref enforce the rules, not create them.
  9. Funny video, especially the part with the officials
  10. Once again, Illegal helmet contact is not some new rule, just hasn’t been enforced like it should. That video, doesn’t relate though, bc the DB launched himself into a player that couldn’t protect himself
  11. He launched at a defenseless player, easy call.
  12. Not if he leads with his helmet
  13. Definitely a lot of buzz about the kid plus Quinn called him by name, along with Wes for really working hard to improve during the offseason at the first players meeting before Camp started. I don’t agree with hoping a player to fail, so you can say that you were right about said player, especially any Atlanta Falcon.
  14. Guys, spearing in football has been illegal for quite some time, so the NFL should of made this a point of emphasis a long time ago. The game is changing, because it’s under attack. High school football will be eliminating the kickoff in 8-10 years and the number of youth football teams are getting lower each season, so wake up. The game and the players must be protected if we want to continue watching football decades from now. I know I do.
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