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  1. Fukk off fagg bag. Go root for the Bucs and take your top 5 pick. Negative, pissy lil punk.
  2. He's built like a heavier randy gregory. Just saw a pic of him. Freakishly long.
  3. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000494369/article/darrius-caldwell-intends-to-apply-for-2015-supplemental-draft Get him with a 4th or 6th 6'6" 245, and productive
  4. https://mobile.twitter.com/PaniniAmerica/status/604701747185983488 https://mobile.twitter.com/NFLPA/status/604701900047392769 Both fill out well. Coleman has a similar build to DeMarco and hardy reminds me kinda of Antonio brown.
  5. Great player, but waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay tooooooooooo early bud. Definitely think we get a game changing FS in the 1st next year though. I like jalen ramsey more though. Covers more ground, better football IQ.
  6. I'm going to start this off by saying some thing that some have overlooked: Even with Smith's TO debacles, our poor front 7, lackluster run game, and a shady OL due to talent and injuries; we still finished 2 games from .500. Our 4 biggest reasons for failure last season, and what we did to fix it: 1) Front 7 - A combination of scheme and lack of talent was the reason this group caused this team to keep it's head above water. How we fixed it: - Signed WLB Justin Durant - a leader and much needed voice for a group that lacked that veteran leader. Had a great season (until injured) and is the perfect WLB for Quinn's scheme. Will have no problem tackling, or covering TE's or RB's out of the backfield. - Signed SLB Brooks Reed - Due to MLB Brian Cushing getting hurt year-in, and year-out, the Texans were forced to move Reed to MLB. Contrary to his stats, Reed is actually a pretty suitable pass rusher. His pass rush production was hindered, due to playing out of position more times than not. He is another veteran leader, that is arguably the strongest player on the team. Great in coverage, and another wrap-up tackler. - Drafted LEO Vic Beasley - While he may not see the field every snap at first, what he brings as a pass rusher will make it seem like he is on the field every down. He is an elite pass rushing specialist prospect. Whether standing up, or with his hand in the dirt, Quinn will let Vic pin his ears back, and move the QB off his spot with regularity. Doing so, will bring more sacks, and more ill advised throws. - Drafting DT Grady Jarrett - Jarrett reminds me of Aaron Donald and Geno Atkins in so many ways. He is the long term running mate for Hageman at DT, and will be a great short term, and long term investment. - Signing DE Adrian Clayborn - This may be the signing I'm most excited about. He is a pass rusher that wins with pure strength, while also being a standout performer in the run game. Young, and a great long term solution at LE in Quinn's scheme. - Moving DE Maliciah Goodman back outside permanently - the one whose growth may have been hurt most by Smith and Nolan, would be Goodman. He can line up at either DE spot, on every down. He has great strength, motor, and the best length I have seen in years. His 37 inch arms will be a great when a Goodman needs to create seperation from the opposing OT. 2) Run Game woes - When our pass game was going cold at times last year, the main cause of that was usually the lack of fear our run game put into opposing defenses. How we fixed it: - Added OC Kyle Shanahan - If there is anyone who knows how to kick start an NFL rushing attack, it is ZBS guru Kyle Shanahan. He has had great success statistically in the run game pretty much every year he has coached. He also does it with very little "on paper talent" as well. While some may be worried about the passing games production dropping off, I'll point to Shanhans days as with the Texans, when he schemed Matt Schaub to an NFL leading 5000+ yard season, and had his career years when Shanahan was with Houston. Just imagine what he will do with Matt, and our 2 headed monster at RB. - Drafting RB Tevin Coleman - We already had a RB in Freeman, that had an MJD/Ray Rice type skillset. Now we have a bigger, faster RB in Coleman, that can bring in a Arian Foster/DeMarco Murray type skillset. Not to mention, Antone Smith has that Darren Sproles type skillset. All these RBs do something extremely well, that the other one isn't as talented in. We will be running a RBBC, and that is going to be keeping defenses guessing. We essentially have 3 different styles of RBs, but all are tailor made for the ZBS. Coleman is going to bring that big play ability to this offense, causing defenses to always remain honest. Now that the defense must respect the run game, it opens up our pass game immensely. You now have to put at least 8 in the box, and that's when you can take deep shots to Julio, Roddy, etc. on early "run" downs. Coleman is the RB that this offense has lacked for many years. A bug plus for Coleman also, is that he is arguably at his best when he is running between the tackles. He is a one cut and go RB. This running game should be very fun to watch. - Releasing RB Steven Jackson - Not rooting for someone to lose their job or anything, but Steven Jackson was getting fed the ball repeatedly, and he is clearly no longer a productive RB. There is a reason we weren't seeing 100 yard games, even 3-5 times a year. 3) Improving OL to fit ZBS - While injuries were clearly an issue on the OL last year, most the players that got injured were lacking talent already. How we fixed it: - Health - This may be obvious, but the health of LT Jake Matthews and C Joe Hawley are the two most important factors to the success of our OL. Matthews will be healthy, and with a year of experience under his belt. Hawley, was the leader and heart of this line, and his return will add a lot of fire to the group. The best part about having these 2 healthy, is that they are both absolute ideal fits for Shanahans scheme we will be running. Both are extremely athletic and mobile for the position. Our offense will go as far as our OL will let us, and our OL will only go as far as these 2 allow it too. - Signing OG Chris Chester - Not only was Chester a consistently solid starter, but he worked with Shanahan during his stint in a Washington. He may be 32, but that is still not too long in the tooth for the OG position. His mobility and football IQ will be a huge asset to this group. 4) Game Management and Team Leader - while Mike Smith was a great guy with high character, he was a buffoon who constantly over thought things and out smarted himself. He was indecisive and lacked the qualities to develop the young talent brought into this organization. He couldn't adapt to current days NFL, and it showed in his schemes and performance over the last couple years. How we fixed it: - Signed Dan "Muthafuggin Fired Up!" Quinn - it's hard to put into words all the things I like about this guy. He knows exactly what he wants, and he knows exactly how he wants to execute it. He has a great eye for talent, and sees things others will never think of. He doesn't let the game get too big, and has this quiet swagger to him. He is positive, and a true motivator. He is exactly the coach we need at this moment, and should be here for quite a long while. He is a defensive guru, and knows how to build a team, and defend a team in today's NFL. He adapts to different personalities, but is true to his beliefs. He is a flat out home run of a hire! Bonus Individual Stat Predictions: OFFENSE - Ryan - 4800 YDS / 33 TD / 12 INT - Jones - 1600 Rec YDS / 13 TD / 16 GS - White - 1000 Rec YDS / 8 TD / 16 GS - Hardy - 500 Rec YDS / 5 TD - Freeman - 600 Rush YDS / 6 TD - Coleman - 800 Rush Yards / 7 TD - Matthews - Pro Bowl Alternate DEFENSE - Trufant - 24 PBU / 5 INT - Beasley - 9.5 Sacks - Clayborn - 7.5 Sacks - Hageman - 6.0 Sacks - Reed - 98 Tackles / 4.5 Sacks - Alford - 14 PBU / 4 INT - Jarrett - 3.5 Sacks - Durant - 84 Tackles / 3 INT - Moore - 82 Tackles / 2 INT - Worrilow - 144 Tackles / 1.5 Sacks / 2 INT - Goodman - 5.5 Sacks
  7. Bartu: "You cant be the new head coach!" Quinn: "Why is that?" Bartu: "Because your not wearing a faggy hat, and you are actually acknowledging me, and teaching me!"
  8. Sweep sweep sweep. Sweeping up all the crumbs we see as hawks. Sweep sweep sweep
  9. Die hard falcons and cavs fan, both over a couple decadese.... #ToldYaSo #W/oKyrie&Love
  10. Lol such a child. Knowledge of the team is clearly that of a newbie.
  11. Lol youre pathetic. Because you disagree, you be a ryde ***, without giving definitive proof of a deeper team? Smith was awful at bringing out potential and developing. Saying 2012 Turner is better than our current RBBC is "dUmb". The depth on those front 7s were horrendous. You sir, are the "Dumb". Your argument holds zero weight. I meant this is our deepest defense. The offense far more lethal without the hamburglar getting 1.7 ypc. These wrs and oline are far deeper and more talented as well. Good argument. Go back to your babysitter.
  12. Lol yes. My bad. newborn has kept me on zero sleep the past few days.
  13. Colin mccarthy is a versatile fb we signed. Shanahan utilizes fbs more than any other offensive coordinator
  14. Id like this on passing downs: DE - Schofield DT - Jarrett DT - Hageman LEO - Beasley LB - Reed LB - Durant CB - Trufant NB - Collins FS - Ishmael SS - Moore CB - Alford
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