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  1. I will take the Patriots 1st rounder and Sony Michel.
  2. Please tell me the brutal parts of it. I don't see them. And I am not trying to be a smart a**.
  3. I would throw Andre Rison on the list just because he won a Super bowl. Really only had one good season after leaving.
  4. Pretty sure if we were 7-0 the uniforms would be amazing.
  5. I had to post 100 times before being able to make a topic.
  6. I don't care if the guy is yellow, green, or purple. He has been caught 3 times with drugs with the intent to distribute. He obviously doesn't understand between right and wrong.
  7. Calvin, Tak, Neal, Matthews, Beasley, Trufant, and Julio.
  8. You are right. But that doesn't happen often.
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