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  1. All while waisting 3 min a game to bad clock skills only too challenge a 1 yard third down ball placement.
  2. hes the best owner we have ever had stop *****ing just to *****! ****
  3. but ...but .... he always liked dancing in the locker room!lmao
  4. if that's the case they need to be shocked to **** near to death for not fighting and see how they feel if they get another chance.!!! its all about matt being white and not black point blank!!!!! and how in the puck did we do him wrong?? what q.b EVER do a year in jail (and on top of that maybe not being reinstated) and come back to his team like a waiting little heartbroken girl go ahead ill wait!!!! some of you really need to get a grip on reality!
  5. i am pretty sure i would get banned if i said i wanted _______ for coach cause hes white.wtf how is this tool still around????
  6. you are trash just trash!!!! how fast you guys forget the bad days that is if you're sad a55 was even alive yet. Did mommy make you mad this morning?
  7. weather you like or believe it ill beat it starts to hurt when the a55trash fan base starts ripping you 24/7 why would he want to give a photo to them?
  8. i used to live in downtown area of l.a and the only falcon friendly place i found was bw3.(and i use friendly lightly)lol
  9. why cant i see these good *** videos?all i see is links.and yes i tried clickin them
  10. And does anybody think tuggle comes out in garrets #?
  11. i just see that ****** flappin his wings in that **** cowgirl blue and gray now made me hate him. my bad but oh well.lol
  12. "does howdy doody have wooden balls?".....sorry had to.. but **** that dudes legs are the size of my waste **** near that's crazy
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