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  1. a gun control advocacy group said Wednesday. Stopped readin after that.
  2. If Steven Jackson can't get through our O-line what makes you think Gurley can?....lol
  3. http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnn/dam/assets/141218074009-pkg-breathe-easy-shirts-sale-soar-00011706-story-tablet.jpg
  4. Like this?....lol http://rightwingnews.com/democrats/black-judges-gives-armed-robbers-light-sentence-saying-three-year-old-white-victim-is-racist/
  5. That's why I carry...even at the zoo.
  6. Yall keep forgettin we have Shanahan now....dude can turn any RB into a pro bowler.
  7. There is bad blood between Glenn and the dude that stole Rick's Glock though....I'm jus sayin
  8. Yall gotta use a lil common sense....the episodes they are shootin now are for this FALL.....derp So...he may go then.
  9. Daryl aint gonna die tomorrow. They will finally meet up with a person that has been following them though.
  10. Coach Smith "had a plan" as well....LOL
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