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  1. I've been alive long enough to have learned to "choose your battles ". Football is entertainment. If I want to get upset I watch the idiots in Washington.
  2. I guess I just have never understood people who hang out on internet message boards and slam and insult people they have never met before because they may disagree with them over an issue. There is something about the Internet that causes some people to lose their civility.
  3. Wow you are something else. Why all the anger?
  4. I used to post regular here 8-10 years ago before they merged the boards with the Falcons web site. I had a job then where I had time to follow along. Now I really don't. I honestly don't follow football that closely during the offseason. For obvious reasons the PSL issue is important to me so I started to follow some of the discussions. I tried to resurrect my old account but could not remember the password or get it changed so I just started a new one.
  5. I question why are YOU on this board? At least he is a Falcons fan. I have nothing against the Bucs except when we are playing them, but seriously I have zero interest in checking out their message boards. And if you consider you have 19,350 posts here which assuming each took 5 minutes to read and make your response that is about 1612 hours. Now assume you could have spent your time working at a modest job of $25 per hour during those 1612 hours you could have earned about $40,321 which could have paid cash for 4 club level PSL's.
  6. I saw this article. If you assume most put down 10%...doesn't make sense to pay more at this point...and average PSL sold was $20,000 figuring they are $10, 15, 20, and 45k, 20k seems like a good average means they have sold about 3750 seats. This would be about half the club which probably isn't bad for first go around.
  7. Obviously PSL's are hoing to be a hot topic for the forseeable future. Someone may want to start a poll to see what everyone does after their PSL presentation. Perhaps something like: Following your PSL presentation did you: 1. Walk away without purchacing any seats 2. Purchace the seats which were reserved for me 3. Purchased the seats which were reserved for me but signed a relocation request for other seats if they become available. 4. Purchased seats but not the ones reserved for me. 5. Did not purchase seats but made a refundable deposit for other seats if they become available. I think those are essentially your choices. Would be interesting to see how it plays out.
  8. You are correct. The only reason we got better seats if you want to call them that is someone else had already passed on them. If you pass on your "assigned" seats they will become available to others if they like them better. If you pass and call back in a week and they are still available no problem. If not you get back in line. I also never felt pressured, but arrived with the expectation we would most likely buy.
  9. In the presentation they gave the history of PSL's. I think the Panthers were first in 1996? Steelers early 2000's. As I recall the Steelers have had the largest increase in value. Seems the Titans have done the worst remaining fairly level. Probably a greater reflection of what the Falcons will do, but I did not do it for an investment.
  10. According to Stadium web site it is Legends Global Sales.
  11. You have to purchase Falcons tickets. You can sell your PSL at any time, or give it to someone if you like. It is my understanding if you fail to purchase tickets it will revert back to the stadium to re-sell.
  12. I don't know if I totally agree. I wanted aisle seats. Other people may not care or may not want an aisle at all. When I asked about getting an aisle seat he left and came back with one.
  13. LOL. We all want the same thing. A Super Bowl, and hiring of a new coach always gives great hope of that.
  14. I know. How many games did Arthur guarantee you in his suite? Seriously, we love going to the games. Drive about 3 hours each way. Can't believe a city of 3 million can't sell it out as many people sitting around us drive several hours.