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  1. Is there any way to implement a thread limit? You can only create so many new threads per year…or if a thread you created is on the first page, you can’t create a new one? If Matt Ryan wasn’t so bad and Julio wasn’t the worst thing to happen to Atlanta sports, I feel like every thread would be asking us to predict the future!!
  2. All I see is another penalty not called on NE. Looks like clear Illegal Contact. Obviously he caught it and they got the 1st, but had that been Alford on another NE failed 3rd down, refs woulda thrown another flag to help em. Crazy how disciplined Belichick coached teams are!! Oh wait... Edit: Hard to tell in the video, but it looks like Ryan is still in the tackle box when the DB makes contact with Julio.
  3. I heard Berman say it and lol’d. My wife looked at me like I’m stupid. Had to explain it to her. Then I logged in to see if anyone else heard it. And here we are...lookin stupid. This thread will be our little secret. Thanks for sharing the real reason behind the name tho. We aren’t mean, misery loves company!!
  4. I’m not too sure anyone in here knows what “apart” means...
  5. Serious question cuz I’m too into this game to look it up. Is it possible to give Matt Ryan a Bobby Bonilla contract and convince him to the 53rd man on our roster til he’s ready to retire? Vet minimum for life to go away peacefully. He could even take over the Schaub Coach/backup role if he’s up for it.
  6. I’m not the biggest Matt Ryan fan, but I’ve always wondered why he gets the “if he didn’t have Julio” doubt from the same people that say “Hopkins would be better than Julio if he had a good QB”. If Matt Ryan is good enough to put Julio on another level, how is Julio the only reason Matt Ryan is still in the league? And also to your point, how come only Falcons fans realize if he had the same OC for more than a couple years, we might not be having this discussion.
  7. This need to be asked in the “Predict the Future” sub-forum.
  8. In his defense, he didn’t ask us to predict the future. Still tho...
  9. OP needs his own sub-forum. “Prediction Central” has my vote. In this forum anyone can post every random thought that pops in their head. You just have to pose it as a question and ask for predictions.
  10. Never been happier to lose a $50 bet!!
  11. Shipping was $400. Understandably, nobody wanted it at that. @falconjam is gonna come pick it up after New Years. Thanks for your help!!
  12. At this point I feel like some people are just trying to speak it into existence. @Falcons Fan MVP should start a prediction thread asking how many Fire Dan Quinn threads will be made until he’s actually fired.
  13. Especially after watching him pad his stats for years on bad teams. I feel like once him and Payton got a ring, they moved on to finding records they could break. Starting with dinking and dunking down the field to complete a high percentage of passes. ****, it’s working for them now so how can you blame them.
  14. Congrats!! You found something to complain about. I bet you’re fun to be around. You aren’t wrong tho. That room made my 55” tv look small.
  15. Sold in 2015. Built my new house in 2017. Couldn’t afford the retractable roof tho..
  16. I honestly don’t know. Bought it 8 years ago. Did a quick google search of “Atlanta Falcons Field Rug” and found a smaller version of what I have.
  17. Georgia Dome. Sad day when we sold the house and the buyers made me take it all down. Buddy owns a sign shop. I took the photos after a game and he printed it on a vinyl that he uses to wrap cars. We striped the ceiling like the old dome.
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